"Welcome," says a voice. It sounds far away. You sit up and look around. "Welcome," it says again. Looking around you can see four walls, all colored blue, with a brown wooden door directly in front of you. You [[stay->Stay]] in the room. You [[exit->Exit]] through the door. You stay and wait for help. Someone must be wondering where you are, someone surely cares enough about you to come and look. Besides, you got into this room somehow, the person that brought you here might come back and get you. The person that brought you here might come back, you think about it again. [[Stay->Stay again]] [[Exit->Exit]]You make your way over to the door, it's a plain wooden door with a brass knob. You grab the metal handle, it feels cold to the touch. It opens easily with a slight creak. It opens into a hall, with plain white walls and white tile flooring. Go [[right->Right]] Go [[left->Left]]You lay back down on the floor and shut your eyes. They [[never->End]] open again.'Always go right' you recall someone telling you one time. 'If your lost in a maze, always go right and follow the wall until you get to the end.' Seems like a long process, but what choice do you have. Maybe this is a maze. So you walk on. Another choice comes, left or right again. Should you follow your original plan and go [[right->Dead End 1]], or do you decide to go fifty/fifty and take a [[left->Trap Door]].You walk on, trying to take in your surroundings. The walls are stark white. Everything is shiny, the place has an eerie sterile feeling hospitals always have. There is a sound. Sounds like a song. You listen harder, you've never heard it before. You [[push->Continue]] on, looking for a source.You open your eyes, take off the goggles and turn to the lady in red. "Well that was interesting" you say, "but I would prefer not die." "That's not for you to decide," she replies back.Following the advice you remembered, you go right and try your luck. No such luck was found. It's a dead end. You [[turn around->Fork]]. But wait, you think you see something. You pause and [[explore->Explore]]. You realize it is nothing a [[walk away->Fork]].Your watch was gone when you woke up, so you can't tell how long you have been walking for, but it feels like forever. Thinking of time, you wonder how long you have been in this place, whatever this place is. Has it been days, weeks? Maybe only a few hours. You try to think what day it was, what you were supposed to be doing, but you can't remember anything. Lost in thought you don't see what trips you, all you feel next is [[falling->Falling]].Back at the fork. Two options again. [[Back->Left]] down the hallway past the door again. The thought gives you the creeps. Or take a [[right->Trap Door]] and explore option 2.You lean in close, it's a small silver dot on the wall. You touch it, and a small puff of air comes out. That's all you [[remember->End]]. It's all black. All of it. You are falling, at least you can tell which way is down because of gravity, but that is all you can tell. There is no light, not from where you had fallen from, not from where you might end up. You try to reach out and grab something, there's nothing there. You flail harder, hoping for something to cling to to stop your rapid decent. Your hand strikes something, you can't tell what it is but you grab on anyway. It supports your weight, you let yourself [[hang->Hang]] and catch your breath.Now what? You can only picture two options. 1. Drop and find the bottom. You fell for quite a ways, and now that you have stopped, the last drop shouldn't be too hard a landing. From there you can try to find a way out. 2. Try to feel around the ledge you are gripping to and see if there is a way up. It feels small, just enough for a finger to grip, but probably not enough to pull yourself up and stand on it. You decide [[Drop->Drop]] or [[Climb->Climb]]You suck in a breath and push off. Down you go again, awaiting what you don't know. Hoping for the best. Then there was [[nothing->End]].You feel around with your fingers, trying to see if there is space to stand. You get to a ledge about a foot wide and leverage yourself up. Inching against the wall, you come to a hole, you [[climb->Hole]] into it.The hole is about half your size so you must crouch to enter it. The hole is dark too. Everything is dark. You keep going forward. The hole is getting smaller, you start to feel claustrophobic. Turn [[back->Return]] where you can breath normally again. Press [[forward->Dot]] looking for something new.You retreat back to the ledge. Anything is better than that tight cramped hole. You [[jump->Drop]].You see a speck of light. The first light you've seen since you fell. You [[crawl->Crawl]] towards it optimistically, each inch closer is closer to your escape from this place. The light grows. You feel yourself getting excited, hopeful.The volume doesn't change, no matter how far you walk. Eventually you come to a door. You try the knob, it sticks a little, it almost seems locked. The black paint is starting to peel and little flakes come off as you touch it. You press your ear to the door, listening for a source of the music, it doesn't seem to be coming from inside. It probably wouldn't take much to force the door open. [[Move on->Hallway]] down the hall to search for the music. [[Open->Door]] the door.The hole is getting smaller. You're just barely fitting through it now. Your claustrophobia returns, but the light urges your forward. So tight. You reach out with your hand, you [[grasp->Grasp]] something.It's small and warm. Like a tiny little sun. It burns. You want to let go but you can't. You feel hot, there's no escaping it. Suddenly everything goes [[white->White]].White. It's all you see, all you feel, all there is. You're staring at a ceiling. Bright florescent lights shining down in your face. You remove the goggles and turn to the blonde lady in the chair. "That was interesting" you say. She simply nods and continues to look at her screen. You get up to walk away, but you look back at her, something seems wrong. She doesn't look at you. "Good bye" you call to her, hoping for a response. Nothing. You walk out the door.You keep walking. There's nothing there. You walk off into [[oblivion->Oblivion]]. The ultimate question [[Push->Push]] or [[Pull->Pull]]You try pushing on it. It won't budge. You throw your shoulder into it. Nothing happens. But now you have a slight pain in your arm. Feeling like an idiot you try and [[pull->Pull]] the door instead.You tug on the door knob, there's a slight catch. It opens on the second tug. For one second all you see is black. The next second you're drowning in a sea of [[dark->Dark]] water. Everything is dark. You're swirling around like a rag doll in the pitch black that is the water that has filled the hall. Disorientated you try a direction, all you find is water. Water and darkness. You let out the breath you were trying to hold. You thought it couldn't be possible, but everything seems to become ever darker. The to darkest shade of [[black->Black]].You awake, coughing. The black is gone, the water is gone. You take off the goggles on your face, they feel heavy. "Thank you," says the lady by your side. Before you can say a word, she stands up and walks away.You're still walking, but your eyes become tired. You can't stop your feet, they seem to have a mind of their own, so you walk with your eyes closed. You slip into a [[slumber->Sleep]].You yawn. Taking off your goggles you face the woman at the computer. "That was the nicest one yet" you comment. "Not every death has to be a painful one" she replies. The thought seems peaceful, but the fact of death still presiding over it disturbs you and you give a slight involuntary shiver.