"It is why I created this dreamscape. My perfect world." She laughs bitterly. "I even [[recreated Detrius|Fool]] as he would have been, sixteen years old."
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/lair.png"></html> \n\nThe Wraith's lair.\n\n"You'll have to go in by yourself," Meer says. "Me and the Wraith have an unspoken pact - I don't give it any trouble, it don't give me any neither."\n\nBracing yourself, you [[sneak into the lair.|Into Lair]]\n
Her face hardens. "You're on your own, then. Good luck findin' your friend."\n\nYou watch as she storms away, disappearing between the trees.\n\n//Good riddance//, you think before [[setting off the other way|Hunt Alone]].
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/wraith.gif"></html> \n\n"[[Behind you|Behind You]]!" you shout.\n<html><center><iframe width="0" height="0" src="https://static.wixstatic.com/mp3/8d1221_3f96b8541a7e4701abc43d9cf4558a1a.mp3?autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></center></html>
"Nonsense!" Noble Alcerus says. "There's already an army of Guardians pursuing the Wraith. If they can't catch it, what makes you think you can?"\n\n"You can't expect us to wait around while our families die," you protest. "We have to go."\n\n"I'll join you," [[Glenna|You]] says.
She nods slowly. "It seems the least I can do."\n\nThe clouds begin to melt, their colours raining down as you and the Goddess [[sink into the dissolving grass|Final Awakening Two]].
//"Tell them I'm [[sorry|Final Awakening]]."//
She shakes her head. "When he became a Discord, he was no longer the Detrius I loved."\n\n<<if $accepted_meer eq "yes">>[["You're mistaken."|Mistaken]]\n[["Then you owe the rest of us."|Running Away]]<<else>>[["Then you owe the rest of us."|Running Away]]<<endif>>
You wake up, gasping.\n\n"About time," says a dry voice. "You've been lyin' there for hours."\n\nA young woman's face hovers above you. \n\nYou stagger to your feet, still shaking from your dream.\n\n[["Who are you?"|Meer]]
You and Woodrow follow the path for miles. \nThe sky is darkening when [[you reach a rocky outcrop|Outcrop]].
"Just tell me where my friend went," you say.\n\nMeer scowls. "Aren't we high-and-mighty? The Wraith must've taken 'im to its hidey-hole. If you ask nicely, I'll show you where it is."\n\n[["Could you take me there, please?"|Please]]\n[["Hurry up and take me there."|Hurry Up]]
"The Wraith must've taken 'im to its hidey-hole," she says. "I can show you where it is."\n\nAs she turns around, you notice [[a mark on her ankle|Meer Insignia]].
"You must be destined to find her," Noble Alcerus proclaims. "Go, seek the Goddess! Only she can save our village."\n\n<<if $scared eq "yes">>[["What? I can't do this."|Scared]] \n[["You're jumping to conclusions."|Ridiculous]]\n[["I'll do my best."|Quest Accepted]]<<else>>[["You're jumping to conclusions."|Ridiculous]]\n[["I'll do my best."|Quest Accepted]]<<endif>>
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/aurix.png"></html>\n\nHow extraordinary it would be to become an Aurix! \n\nYou'd be master of the elements, able to control the weather and merge with fire and air. \n\nImagine becoming:\n[[A Tracker.|Tracker]] \n[[A Guardian.|Guardian]] \n[[A Discord.|Discord]]
His outline is just visible, lying at the back of the cave.\n\nYou [[stumble towards him.|Encounter Three]]
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/detrius.gif"></html> \n\n[[Continue >|Ending Three]]
A satisfied smirk appears on her face. "Follow me then."\n\nAs she turns around, you notice [[a mark on her ankle|Meer Insignia]].
He guffaws. "If only my Tracking skills were that good. No, I can only sense the Wraith."\n\n[["We're supposed to look for the Goddess."|11Goddess]]\n[["Hitting the Wraith directly ... good idea."|Hunt]]
He rounds on you. "Leave? Why?"\n\n[["This place gives me a bad feeling."|Encounter Two]]
"... he became a Discord."\n\n[["What did you do?"|Abandon]]
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/meershoe.png"></html>\n\n"You're a Discord!" you exclaim.\n\nShe tenses. "What about it?" \n\n[["...Nothing."|Accept Meer One]]\n[["How do I know I can I trust you?"|Trust You]]\n[["Get away from me, filth!"|Reject Meer One]]\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $accepted_meer = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>"I imagined a Discord would be more..." You grapple for the right word.\n\n"Evil?" she offers. "There's a few of 'em around - givin' the rest of us a bad reputation. Most of us are just more impulsive than average folk."\n\nYou walk on, processing this in silence until Meer signals for you to stop.\n\n"[[There it is|Lair]]," she whispers.
"Detrius was devastated. To give him strength, I put him in the Chrysalis early. I hoped he'd become a Healer, or a Guardian. [[Unfortunately...|Became]]"
She avoids your gaze. "I rode to a nearby town and left him sleeping at the orphanage doors."\n\n<<if $accepted_meer eq "yes">>[["You abandoned him."|Ten Years Later]]<<else>>[["You abandoned him."|Ten Years Later]]\n[["You should have killed him."|Kill Child]]<<endif>>
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Her sad eyes meet yours. "No, child. This is for the best."\n\n<<if $cruel eq "yes">>[["Stop running away."|Running Away]]\n[["Alright, if it's what you really want."|Goodbye]]\n<<else>>[["You owe it to Detrius."|Owe Detrius]]\n[["Stop running away."|Running Away]]\n[["Alright, if it's what you really want."|Goodbye]]\n<<endif>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $scared = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>"You overestimate your friend," Noble Alcerus says. "The Wraith has eluded even the Guardians for years."\n\n"Because they don't have my Tracking ability," Woodrow [[retorts|Blessing]].
"One who weaves other worlds. Dreamscapes like this." She gestures around her.\n\n[["I can't create other worlds."|Other Worlds]]
The Wraith wraps a shadowy arm around Woodrow's neck. \n\nHe struggles wildly, a strangled yell rising from his throat, a grey pallor seeping into his face.\n\nYou try running towards him, but your knees buckle.\n\n//Not again,// you think as [[a blinding whiteness crashes over you|Dream Two]].
A vision swims before you.\n\nCaspar writhing in the Wraith's hold.\nHis sword broken on the ground.\nDarkfire exploding around them, engulfing Caspar's body until his screams [[die|Wake Again]].
"He was still the same boy," you say. "Discords aren't menaces by nature - that's just what people think. I met a Discord on the way here, and she wasn't evil in the least. In fact, she helped me."\n\nThe Goddess stares at you, aghast. "You mean to say Detrius was innocent?"\n\n"You can't undo the past," you say, "but you can [[protect others from the same fate|Escape Together]]."
You wait until her footsteps recede into the forest gloom.\n\n//And she called// me //rude//, you think to yourself before [[setting off the other way|Hunt Alone]].
"Let's just keep moving," you say.\n\nWoodrow shrugs. "If you're sure. The Wraith can't have gotten far."\n\n[[Follow Woodrow.|Into Forest]]
"By the heavens!" Alcerus gasps. "The sign of the [[Lost Goddess|Lost Goddess]]!"
"If I wanted to cut your throat," she snaps, "I'd've done it already."\n\n[["That's true, I suppose."|Accept Meer Two]]\n[["This is just some vile trick of yours."|Reject Meer One]]
The image of Caspar vanishes. \nYou feel slightly sick.\n\nThe Goddess is watching you closely. "You're wiser than I was, all those years ago."\n\n[["You have another chance now."|Fix Mistakes]]
"Face the world you left behind," you insist.\n\n"I have no place there," she says. "Not anymore. Now [[go|Fade Away]]."\n
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/tracker.png"></html>\n\nMaybe you'll be a Tracker, like your friend Woodrow.\n\nYour senses would be a hundred times keener than before, and you'd be able to track down anything or anyone for miles around. You'd never lose your pet rat again.\n\nImagine becoming:\n[[A Guardian.|Guardian]] \n[[An Aurix.|Aurix]] \n[[A Discord.|Discord]]
Outside the village, a criss-cross of paths carves through the grassy expanse. \n\n"This way," Woodrow says, heading down the widest path. \n\n[["Huh? You know where the Lost Goddess is?"|New Goal]]\n[["You still want to hunt the Wraith, don't you?"|Know Too Well]]
body[data-tags~=silverbg] {\n background-color:#c0cad5;\n color: black;\n}
She raises her eyebrows. "No? You've never been caught in a memory or vision so vivid it seemed real?"\n\n[["Well..."|Visions]]
Woodrow lopes out of the lair, clutching his head. "How did -" He freezes as his gaze lands upon the Goddess. "You can't be...?"\n\n"You made it out!" Meer comes pounding out from behind the trees. "Who's this? And [[where's the Wraith|Encounter Four]]?"
Alcerus pretends not to hear. \n\nHe turns to you. "You're newly transformed, aren't you? I'm afraid we can't hold the usual induction ceremony, but perhaps I can give you a quick blessing. Come, let's see your Insignia."\n\n[[Turn up your wrist.|Recognition]]
"The Wraith," she echoes. "At that moment, I realised my foolishness. My son was dead. Nothing I did could change that. So I returned here alone, where I've remained ever since."\n\n[["Why did you leave the Wraith behind?"|Left Behind]]\n[["Why didn't you destroy the Wraith when you could?"|Destroyed It]]
"He's fine," she replies. "Noble Alcerus and a few others made it too. We moved the infected to the Grand Hall."\n\n[["Take me to them."|Grand Hall]]
"People in my village are dying from the Wraith's darkfire infection," you say. "You can still save them!"\n\n"Darkfire? Detrius' shadow was not dangerous in the past..." The Goddess looks troubled. "He is not to blame for his destructive ways now. I banished him from here, the only place where he belongs. He must have deteriorated into madness after being kept outside the dreamscape for [[so long|So Long]]."
"Caspar was in it," you say. \n\n"Ah. Must be the Wraith triggering those memories." He pats you on the shoulder. "Don't dwell on it."\n\n[["You're right. Let's keep moving."|Into Forest]]
He produces a rat in his hands. "I can't bring Sir Scurry with me on the hunt. Take care of him, will you? He's yours now."\n\n[[Take the rat.|Wake Up]]\n[["This is just a memory, isn't it?"|Tell Me]]
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/approachgoddess.gif"></html> \n\n[[Continue >|Finally Found]]
You watch as the Goddess' form melts into the air.\n\nAs your feet sink into the dissolving grass, you catch [[her final words|Last Words]].
... is [[slipping...|Away]]
"No," she interjects. "That title, 'Goddess', carries no truth. I am merely a mortal woman who wishes to make up for her mistakes -" she glances solemnly at Meer - "and help those who I ignored before. Refer to me not as the Lost Goddess, but by my name: Yvonne."\n\n"Yvonne, then," you correct yourself. "Now, let's all head back to the village. We'll spread the news that the Wraith hunt is over, Yvonne has returned, and peace can finally be ours!"\n\n<html><b>The End</b></html>\n\n[[Credits >|Credits]]
It's dark. Your boots slide on slime.\n\nA groan drifts towards you.\n\n"[[Woodrow|Woodrow Unconscious]]?" you hiss.
"It is bound to this dreamscape," she explains calmly. "As long as it exists, the Wraith will persevere. And I could never let go of this beautiful world. It is where I belong."\n\n"Maybe it's where you belong too," says a voice [[behind you|Meet Caspar]].
"Maybe not alone," Woodrow says, "but I'm coming with you."\n\nNoble Alcerus sighs. "Very well, Woodrow, you may go too. Now hurry, both of you! These people's lives are in your hands."\n\n[["Wait, there's one more thing."|Sir Scurry]]
You've been in here for [[13 days|Thirteen Days]].\n\nThe numbness is lifting.\nYou're beginning to surface from your trance.\n\nSoon, it will be time to emerge - and you'll be transformed.\n\nImagine becoming:\n[[A Tracker.|Tracker]] \n[[A Guardian.|Guardian]] \n[[An Aurix.|Aurix]]
Woodrow stops in his tracks.\n\nHis eyes widen. "[[It's here|Encounter One]]."
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/caspar.png"></html> \n\nYou blink. "Caspar? But you're..."\n\n"Dead? In the common world, perhaps." He tilts his head back, lifting his eyes to the clouds. "The Goddess is right - this is a beautiful place. Much nicer than the real world."\n\nHe pauses. "You know, you don't have to go back. You could stay here."\n\n[["Okay."|Ending One]]\n[["I can't."|Refuse One]]
Woodrow slows to a stop, pivots on the spot and backtracks, only to stop again.\n\n[["What are you doing?"|Lost]]
His shoulders stiffen in indignation. "I tracked it down before, [[didn't I?|Encounter Two]]"
You're lying in a mist-blanketed field.\nFeathery grass presses against your face. \nAbove, the sky blooms with iridescent clouds.\n\nYou sit up.\nThrough the mist, you can see a [[figure in the distance|Figure]].
"Alcerus set us an impossible task," he says. "We should strike straight at the Wraith - once it's gone, all the infected will be cured. Come on, [[let's move|Follow Woodrow]]."
... [[away...|Dreamscape]]
Her shoulders slump. "I'd better show you."\n\nYou follow her through the hall, threading between rows of smooth golden shells, the empty Chrysalises, until you reach the heavy oak doors. \nHeaving them open, you step [[outside|Village]].
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/title.png"></html>\n<<silently>>\n<<set $accepted_meer = "no">>\n<<set $scared = "no">>\n<<set $cruel = "no">>\n<html><center><iframe width="1" height="1" src="https://static.wixstatic.com/mp3/8d1221_3f96b8541a7e4701abc43d9cf4558a1a.mp3?autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></center></html>\n<<endsilently>>[[Enter the Chrysalis >|Sleeping]]\n<html><center><iframe width="0" height="0" src="https://static.wixstatic.com/mp3/8d1221_da968e71a4b74b579a1aaf297f9bbf75.mp3?autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></center></html>
(function(){ var render2 = Passage.prototype.render; Passage.prototype.render = function () { var b = render2.call(this); var t = this.tags.join(" "); document.body.setAttribute("data-tags", t); b.setAttribute("data-tags",t); return b; }; if(state) { var tgs = state.history[0].passage.tags.join(" "); var fc = $('passages').firstChild; fc.setAttribute("data-tags",tgs); }}()); if(state) (function(){ var it = setInterval(function(){ var fd = $('passages').firstChild; if (fd!=fc) { clearInterval(it); fd.setAttribute("data-tags",tgs); } },0); }()); \n
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/lair.png"></html> \n\nThe Wraith's lair.\n\nBracing yourself, you [[sneak inside.|Into Lair]]
body[data-tags~=greybg] {\n background-color:#474b4f;\n}
"The Lost Goddess," you breathe. \n\n"Hello, child." Her voice washes over you like water. "I believe you are the first to visit me here."\n\n[["I was sent to find you."|Find You]]
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/wraith.gif"></html>\n\nThe Wraith materialises, obstructing your path.\n\nYou fight to keep your mind clear, but the [[world...|Is Slipping]]\n<html><center><iframe width="0" height="0" src="https://static.wixstatic.com/mp3/8d1221_3f96b8541a7e4701abc43d9cf4558a1a.mp3?autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></center></html>
13 days since you turned 21.\n13 days since you entered the [[Chrysalis|Sleeping]].
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/guardian.png"></html>\n\nGuardians, the country's valiant protectors. \n\nThey serve under the Nobles, dedicating their lives to exacting justice and preserving peace. It would be an honour to join their numbers - yet the thought makes you uneasy. You once knew a Guardian...\n\nImagine becoming:\n[[A Tracker.|Tracker]] \n[[An Aurix.|Aurix]] \n[[A Discord.|Discord]]
Glenna gives you a knowing smile. "Don't worry, I'll look after your rat while you're gone."\n\n[[Continue >|On Your Way]]
"So will I!" Woodrow chimes in.\n\nNoble Alcerus sighs. "Very well, Woodrow, you may go too. Now hurry, both of you! These people's lives are in your hands."\n\n[["Wait, there's one more thing."|Sir Scurry]]\n
The Goddess lowers her arms to her sides. Her worn expression transforms into one of serenity. "He will not terrorise the common world anymore. The infected you spoke of - they are cured."\n\n"I'll explain everything later," you tell the perplexed Woodrow and Meer. "Right now, let me introduce you to the Lost [[Goddess|Ending Three Two]]."
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/meer.png"></html>\n\n"I go by Meer," she says. "More importantly, who are //you//? And why were you and your friend stumblin' around my part of the woods?"\n\n[["Hunting the Wraith."|Hunting Wraith]]\n[["None of your business."|Business]]
You wander around the labyrinthine woods for what seems like hours.\n\nSomething is drawing you on, an irresistible pull.\n\nAt last, [[you find it|Lair Alone]].
//"HELP!"// \n\nYou know that voice, though you've never heard it like this before. \n\n//"HELP ME!"// \n\nThis isn't a memory. \nYou weren't there when [[it happened|Death of Caspar]].\n
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/glenna.png"></html>\n\nIt's your sister.\n\n"Never seen that Insignia before," she says. "Noble Alcerus might recognise it, though."\n\nYou sense strain underlying her calm tone. \n\n[["Glenna, is something wrong?"|Something Wrong]]
So that's where you've seen the symbol before: in an old portrait of the Lost Goddess.\n\nThey say she used to walk amongst mortals. \n\nThey say she conjured waterfalls from the sky, and called divine beasts from the ether. \n\nShe disappeared 30 years ago, just after the Wraith appeared. [[They say|Quest]] the Wraith kidnapped her and trapped her beneath the earth.
His smile fades. "You tell me."\n\n[[Continue >|Wake Up]]
Fog envelops your mind.\nGrass and rock blur into sky as [[the ground spins up to meet you|Dream One]].
<<if $accepted_meer eq "yes">>"And it won't return," you say, suddenly exhausted. "All the infected are cured. We should head back to the village - you too, Meer. I'll tell the villagers how you helped us. You'll have a home there. You won't have to live out here anymore."\n\n"I..." Her smirk gives way to a genuine smile. "Thank you."\n\n"Let's start walking then - I'll explain everything on the way," you tell them. "It's the most extraordinary story..." <<else>>"And it won't return," you say, suddenly exhausted. "All the infected are cured."\n\nWoodrow gapes at you. "How?"\n\n"Let's head back to the village - I'll explain everything on the way," you tell him. "It's the most extraordinary story..."<<endif>>\n\n<html><b>The End</b></html>\n\n[[Credits >|Credits]]
Inside the Grand Hall, sleeping bodies lie side by side on thatched mats. \n\nAmidst them are your parents, faces stone-grey from darkfire infection. \nIn a month's time, they'll have withered away to nothing. \nYou've seen it happen before.\n\nBy the far wall, Noble Alcerus and Woodrow are speaking in hushed, terse voices.\n\nYou approach them.\n\n[["What's going on?"|Quarrel]]
"It's the only way to help your parents," Woodrow interrupts, eyeing you levelly. "We have to do what we can. I'll go with you."\n\n"Fine," you relent. "If it's the only way..."\n\nAlcerus sighs in relief. "Good. Now hurry, both of you! These people's lives are in your hands."\n\n[["Wait, there's one more thing."|Sir Scurry]]
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/woodrowalcerus.png"></html> \n\n"You're awake!" Woodrow exclaims. "You've got to support me here. You know I'm the best Tracker in this place. Tell Alcerus I can hunt down the Wraith."\n\n[["No, that's crazy!"|Crazy]] \n[["Only if I can go with you."|Go With You]] \n[[Tell Noble Alcerus, "He can handle it."|Can Handle It]] \n
He chortles. "You know me too well. We don't need the Goddess - we'll find the Wraith ourselves. Once we get rid of it, the infected will be cured. [[Come on|Follow Woodrow]]."
You swing the Chrysalis lid open and climb out. \n\nYou feel ... ordinary. \nNo different or more powerful than you were 13 days ago.\n\nChecking yourself over, you spot a [[symbol on your wrist|Insignia]].
<<silently>>\n<<set $scared = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>> Noble Alcerus nods. "I'm glad I'm not the only sane person here. It's far too dangerous. Only Guardians have the prowess to defeat the Wraith."\n\n"It's a shame they haven't even been able to //find// the Wraith yet," Woodrow [[remarks dryly|Blessing]].
"I bear your mark," you say, turning up your wrist.\n\nShe smiles. "That is not //my// mark, child. That is the Insignia of a Dreamscaper."\n\n[["A Dreamscaper?"|Dreamscaper]]\n
You awake outside the lair's entrance. \n\n<<if $accepted_meer eq "yes">>"You fainted again."\n\nMeer stands over you, that ever-present smirk on her face.\n\nAs you rise from the ground, you see Woodrow beside her, swaying on his feet.<<else>>Standing up, you come face-to-face with Woodrow, swaying on his feet.<<endif>>\n\n"The Wraith's gone," he says, looking dazed. "[[Faded to nothing|Ending Two]]."
"Think about it," he persists. "You've always wanted to be an Aurix. Here, you could be one - one more powerful than you could even imagine. You could set the sky alight, change the very constellations!"\n\n[["Alright, I'll stay."|Ending One]]\n[["You're just an illusion."|Refuse Three]]
Panic rises inside you, dissolving the last clinging tendrils of sleep.\n\nYour eyes snap open. Darkness greets you.\n\n[[Emerge from the Chrysalis.|Emerge]]
"All these years, and my mistakes continue to breed evil." Her mouth sets in a hard line. "There is only one way to mend this. You must leave. Now. When this dreamscape fades, only I shall stay and fade with it."\n\n[["Escape with me."|Escape]]\n[["Goodbye, Goddess."|Goodbye]]\n
body[data-tags~=whitebg] {\n background-color:white;\n color: black;\n}
"My family and friends are back in the real world," you say. \n\n"You can still watch over them," he assures you. "They wouldn't want to hold you back. If you stay, you'll have everything you ever wanted."\n\n[["Okay."|Ending One]]\n[["I don't want to."|Refuse Two]]
<<set $cruel = "yes">>"Perhaps, but my heart would not allow me," she says. "Ten years later, I returned to the town. He was gone. Exiled. They told me he'd died on the roads, attacked by bandits or wild beasts."\n\n[["Is that why you disappeared?"|Why You Left]]
"His father was a Healer. An ironic twist of fate - the only person he couldn't save was himself. He died of a fever when [[our boy was six|Son Fate]]."
"The Wraith attacked yesterday," Glenna says. "We put out the darkfire last night, but its smoke infected almost everyone." \n\nShe pauses, eyes downcast. "Including mum and dad. They won't wake up."\n\nYou turn cold. \n\n[["What about Woodrow?"|Woodrow]] \n[["Take me to them."|Grand Hall]]
Alcerus fixes her with a stern glare. "You, young lady? You're 13. You haven't even transformed yet."\n\n"But I have," you say.\n\n[[Show him your Insignia.|Recognition]]
"So enraptured I was by my own creation, I tried to bring him to the common world. But what followed me outside the dreamscape was merely a shadow."\n\n[["The Wraith."|Creation of Wraith]]
You watch helplessly as the Goddess' form melts into the air.\n\nAs your feet sink into the dissolving grass, you catch [[her final words|Last Words]].
You awake outside the lair's entrance.\n\nA wrinkled hand gently helps you to your feet. You find yourself facing an old woman. It takes you a moment to realise that it's the Goddess.\n\nShe smiles sadly. "We are [[no longer in my perfect world|Woodrow Meer]]."
Her eyes glaze over. "I had a son once, named [[Detrius|Father]]."
"I could not bear bringing that shadow back here," she replies, "an incessant reminder of my mistakes." \n\n[["You could've destroyed it!"|Destroyed It]]
She scoffs. "And wasn't your little huntin' trip a great success! You're faintin' over here, your friend's gettin' dragged off kickin' and screamin'."\n\n[["Did you see where he went?"|Where They Went]]
<html><center><b><u>Credits</b></u>\n<br>\n<br>\n<b><u>STORY AND ILLUSTRATIONS</u></b>\n<br>\nAmanda Li\n<br>\n<br>\n<b><u>MUSIC</u></b>\n<br>\n<b>"Oceanic Realm"</b><br>(CC) Brandon Fiechter\n<br>\n<br>\n<b>"Mystic"</b><br>(CC) Yannic Wilberg\n</center></html>
"I might have her mark, but that doesn't mean I'm //destined// to do anything," you argue. "It could be a coincidence."\n\n"A coincidence?" Alcerus blusters. "It is a sign from divinity, an indication that there may still be [[hope -|Ridiculous Two]]"\n
Woodrow swerves off the path, leading you north until you enter the [[forest|Into Forest Two]].
"The Wraith?" She looks blank.\n\n"The shadow demon who kidnapped you!" you say, baffled. \n\nShe laughs softly. "Ah, that one. He did not kidnap me. I chose to leave the common world."\n\n[["Why?"|Why Leave]]
"Yes," she murmurs. "Ten years later, I returned to the town. He was gone. Exiled. They told me he'd died on the roads, attacked by bandits or wild beasts."\n\n[["Is that why you disappeared?"|Why You Left]]
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/reunited.png"></html> \n\n"Forgive me," she murmurs as Detrius' shadow [[fades away|Detrius Fade]].
"I don't understand," he mutters. "I can sense the Wraith, but the trail's all muddled."\n\n[["Maybe we should leave."|Leave]]\n[["And you call yourself the best Tracker in the village."|Taunt]]
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/wraith.gif"></html>\n\nHe appears, as if summoned. \n\nThe Goddess sweeps towards him and [[clasps his hands in hers|Clasp Hands]].
"'Course it's a good idea," he says, grinning. "We both know finding the Goddess is impossible. Once we get rid of the Wraith ourselves, all the infected will be cured. Come on, [[let's move|Follow Woodrow]]."
He makes a mock-stern face. "I'll be testing you on each of those as soon as I get back."\n\nReaching into his pocket, he asks, "Will you do me a favour?"\n\n[["What is it?"|Gift]]\n[["This is just a memory, isn't it?"|Tell Me]]
Amanda Li
She glances at you, her expression almost grateful. "Not many people accept our type. Think we're all demons or somethin'. That's why I live out 'ere, where nobody bothers me."\n\nShe begins [[leading you through the woods|Follow Meer]].
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/hand.png"></html>\n\nIt looks vaguely familiar, but it certainly isn't the mark of an Aurix. \n\nAs you swallow your disappointment, you become aware of [[someone else in the hall|Glenna]].
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/wraith.gif"></html>\n\nYou jump.\n\n"Quick, your weapon!" Woodrow yells, whipping out his dagger.\n\n//Daggers can't hurt the Wraith//, you want to say, but you [[can't form the words|Lapse]].\n<html><center><iframe width="0" height="0" src="https://static.wixstatic.com/mp3/8d1221_3f96b8541a7e4701abc43d9cf4558a1a.mp3?autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></center></html>
You're sitting by a brook. \n\n[[Caspar|Mentor]] is beside you, Guardian Insignia bright on his shoulder.
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/figure.png"></html>\n\nWithout thinking, your feet start to carry you [[towards it|Meet Goddess]].
<html><img src="https://amandaysanli.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/discord.png"></html>\n\nEveryone knows Discords are demon incarnates - thieves, liars, murderers. \n\nYou couldn't turn into one of them; it's impossible.\n[[Isn't it?|Awakening]]
"No manners at all," she sniffs. "If you're goin' to be like that, you'll get no help from me."\n\nShe starts to leave.\n\n[["Wait!"|Manners]]\n[[Let her go.|On Your Own]]
Murky leaves close in around you. \nBirds cluster overhead, their beady eyes following you.\nClammy air runs over your skin.\n\nYou [[shiver|Pivot]].
"Alright, alright," you give in. "//Please// lead me to my friend."\n\nA satisfied smirk appears on her face. "Follow me then."\n\nAs she turns around, you notice [[a mark on her ankle|Meer Insignia]].
"I guess I can trust you," you concede.\n\n"Not many people accept our type," she sighs. "That's why I live out 'ere, where nobody bothers me."\n\nShe begins [[leading you through the woods|Follow Meer]].
Over the decades, the Goddess teaches you to grow trees of silver, and fly by riding on the wind's back. \n\nMemory of your old life fades away - Caspar and the Goddess are your family now. \n\nYou're happier than you've even been, spending your immortal years in this everlasting paradise.\n\n<html><b>The End</b></html>\n\n[[Credits >|Credits]]
Eerie silence. Deserted streets.\n\nThe faintest stench of darkfire smoke tinges the air.\n\n[["What happened?"|Attack]]
"Wake up!" Woodrow is shaking you by the shoulders.\n\nYou bolt upright. It's morning again. "What happened?"\n\n"The Wraith vanished after you collapsed. You've been out cold since last sundown." His brow furrows. "You alright?"\n\n[["I'm fine."|Fine]]\n[["I had a weird dream..."|Weird Dream]]
"A couple of times," you admit.\n\n"In time," she says, "you will be able to control these dream worlds, and shape them to your desires. You simply need practice."\n\n[["I only have visions when the Wraith is near."|What Wraith]]
"I won't be your mentor for much longer," he says.\n\n"One more week," you find yourself replying, "until you join the Wraith hunt."\n\n"Oh, don't sound so glum," he chastises. "Just make sure you keep up your archery practice while I'm away."\n\n[["And sword practice, and lyre practice, and meditating, and bird calling?"|Birdcall]]\n[["This is just a memory, isn't it?"|Tell Me]]