Hello, I am Egoraptor Weinerfarts, and you are about to play a game totally endorsed by me. [[Play->Screen_1]] [[Options->Options]] [[Credits->Credits]] Hey gais, I is Arin "Egofaptor" Handsome. We is abowt to record a Grump seshin. Life with mei and ekspereince mai live. [[Begin->Screen_2]] You don't need fucking options.Shout out to Jeebus, for taking the wheel. Hah, just kidding, hail Satan.What gaime shood wii Pklay? [[JO Crystals: A Bro to the Past->Screen_3]] [[Call of Duty: Advanced Modern Combat Warfare: Remastered Edition: Gold Version->Screen_4]] You decide to play "JO Crystals: A Bro to the Past," a hit Turbografx 69 game by Craigslist Games, LLC Inc. [[Continue->Screen_5]] You choose an XBox 3 game called Call of Duty... Fuck. I forgot. It plays the same as the other ones, so it doesn't matter. [[Qwikscop3 Nub3Z->Screen_8]] [[Attempt to Reason with People->Screen_9]]Dan is wearing a JO crystal to celebrate. You began to tremor in your booties. [[Continue->Screen_6]]"Hello, and welcome back to Sarah Palin's expediction to Mount Kiliminjaro." Dan: "I fucking hate you." [["I love you to."->Screen_7]] [[*Lick eyeballs slowly to a Metallica song.*->Win_2]] [[Have a calm, reasonable discussion to find a solution.->Lose_1]]"I love you too." Dan: "I'M SO SORRY!! PLEASE FORGIVE MEH!" "Yes, my love. Now we play this gane, and we JO to see if your JO crystal works." Dan: "I think it's working already!" [[Continue JOing while you play.->Win_1]] [[Have a foursome with Kevin and Suzy.->Meh_1]]Dan: "Yeeeess.... Faster... FASTER... FAAAAAASTER!!" *You both activate your special JO crystal power, and become succesful pornstars for North Korea.* YOU ARE WIN "They have porn in North Korea, right?" [[Continue->Ending]] [[Replay?->Replay]]Just kidding! You go to marriage counseling, scream about how the magic of the relationship is gone, and get on a new, shitty MTV show called "The Grump Life." YOU FAIL, FUCKTARD. "Well, at least you have money." [[Continue->Ending]] [[Replay?->Replay]]You found the Neo D Club, and lead a revolution in Djibouti, before conquering the world, with your throbbing, steaming nacho cheesers. YOU ARE WINNER "The First Rule of D Club: you do not talk about D Club." [[Continue->Ending]] [[Replay?->Replay]]Wow, this is PolyGrumps material! NEUTRAL ENDING "You were meh." [[Continue->Ending]] [[Replay?->Replay]]You suck at games, and fail miserably. "HAHA YOU FAG ARE IS BAD AT THEN GAME, NOOB FAGGOT RETARD HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!" A little shit who lives in a trailer makes fun of you, while simeltaneously sucking at the game. [[Call the Fucking Cops->Win_3]] [[Tell His Parents->Lose_2]]You attempt to have a rational discussion. "FACK YOU YOU PIECE OF SHIT I HATE YOU FAGGOT I BET YOU LIVE WITH YOUR MOM YOU FAGGOT RETARD PIECE OF SHIT!!!" A 15 year old who was recently dumped by his online girlfriend vents his anger. [[Tell him to shaddup.->Screen_10]] [[Ask him to love you forever.->Screen_11]]The cops arrive, and murder his ass. They don't blame you, because they think you are Illuminati. You win a lawsuit against somebody for some bullshit reason, and retire to obscurity. YOU ARE WINNER. "Congrats, you killed someone indirectly. Hope you feel good about yourself." [[Continue->Ending]] [[Replay?->Replay]]His parents are rednecks, and go to your house with a shotgun, and say open carry laws allow it. YOU FAIL, FUCKTARD. "At least this didn't involve politi- Oh, shit." [[Continue->Ending]] [[Replay?->Replay]]"Oh... OK..." He begans screaming about how his priviliged, work free life sucks, and he is going to kill himself. [[Tell him to.->Win_4]] [[Plead not to.->Lose_3]]"Oh... Ok..." [[Continue->Win_5]]He pussies out, and you become best friends. YOU ARE WINNER. "Bet you didn't expect that, did you." [[Continue->Ending]] [[Replay?->Replay]]He likes the attention, but "unfortunately" fell "accidentaly" off a bridge when he was once again faking his suicide attempt. YOU FAIL, FUCKTARD. "Hope you feel good right now." [[Continue->Ending]] [[Replay?->Replay]]You have a polygamist relation ship with the child and Dan, and have multiple children. You lead a long, happy life. The End. YOU ARE WINNER. "Insert semi clever quip here." [[Continue->Ending]] [[Replay?->Replay]]DISCLAIMER: I don't care if I offended you. Also, what does this have to do with Game Grumps? It has Arin, and Danny, and Suzy, and even Kevin! Created by: Crusty Walrus Studios Thanks to: Game Grumps Thanks for playing!Wanna play again? [[Yes->Screen_Intro]] Sorry, yes is your only option.