Have you played the other parts? [[Yes]] [[No]]Play the rest at: http://textadventures.co.uk/user/view/5tmmx3zwy0g-u_ni2flxoq/iamawesomeness [[Retry]]You, Bob, and Dave, walk up to the white building. It's a tower that seems to go up forever. "Only those who can fight a battle shold enter." a voice says. "Then I'll stay here." Dave says. "See you later." You say, as you and Bob enter the castle. [[Continue]]In the tower, there's a circle on the ground. You and Bob step on it. Suddenly, it lifts of the ground, and hovers fourty feet from the ground. Suddenly, three aliens appear. They don't attck. "These are the enemies that you fight." the voice says. "Let's see how for you get without the power you need to stop them." The aliens raise up their lazer-cannons. [[Duck!]] [[run at one, and stab in in the lazer-cannon]]The lazer-beam goes over your head. [[Jump and kick one off the edge]] [[Charge]]You run up to one, and stab it in the lazer-cannon before it could fire. Bob just ducked. The other two aliens take out their claw thingys. [[Push off edge]] [[Block claws]]You try to push one off, but it brings you with it. You have died. [[Continue]]You block the claws with the shield, and kill him with your sword. Bob killed the other by throwing his knife. [[Continue2]]"You have done well." the voice says. "But you are not worthy yet." Four more aliens appear. [[Quickly kill one]] [[Duck ]]They never exspected you to do that. You kick one off the edge, and the another was killed by Bob and his knife. The last one desided that is was better to fall to his death, than have you kill him. [[Continue2]]You charge at one, it takes out it claws and kills you. You have died. [[Continue]]You quickly kill one, but you find yourself being pointed at by a lazer-cannon. [[Stab it]] [[Tackle alien]]You duck, and then you charge at the aliens. You kill one, and Bob kills one. You find yourself between the two aliens. [[Move!]] [[Duck ]]You quickly move as they fire. Their beams hit the other alien. They both die. [[Continue3]]They suppect that you'd do that, and they quickly reaim and fire. You are dead. [[Continue2]]"Vary impressive." the voice says. "Let's see if you can get through these ones." Five aliens pop out of nowhere. "There's no way we can beat five!" you say. "We've got to try." Bob says back. [[throw sword ]] [[Charge ]]You stab that one in the lazer-cannon, you kill one more and so does Bob. [[Continue3]]You try to taackle it, but the claws come out, and he kills you with them. [[Continue2]]The aliens nock the sword out of the air, and you are nocked to the ground. All of them aim their lazer-cannons at you. "You can't win without more power on your side." the voice says. The aliens back up, and disapear. [[Continue4]]You charge. Suddenly, you find yourself being nocked to the ground by a sixth alien. All of them aim their lazer-cannons at you. "You can't win without more power on your side." the voice says. The aliens back up, and disapear. [[Continue4]]You feel the ground slowly hover downward. You feel it as it stops. "May this power help you." the voice says. Something white fell out of the sky, and inbeaded itself into the circle. It was a white pole-like thing that glowed brightly. [[Take it, Bob]] [[Take it]]"Okay." Bob tries to take it, but he's thrown back by an invisible force. [[Take it]]You take it, and it glows brightly. "This is the Light-master." the voice says. "You know the story." [[No ]] [[Yes ]]"A thousand and three hundread years ago, the shadow sorcerer asked his older brother, the light sorcerer, to help make the night more interesting. And with this, he drew the stars on the canvas of the night. Do you remember that story?" [[Yes ]]"Well, now I'll tell you how to use it." [[Continue5]]"The Light-Master is powered by the souls of evil. Three souls can power a light strike. This can be used as a sword." Three aliens apeared. [[Attack]]You attck, and one swing cuts through all three of them. Fire more apear. [[Power strike]] [[Attack ]]You jump, and you hit one of them, and they rest die from the shear power of it. "You have learned the power strike." the voice says. "Now, you must find the rest of the blade. There's a hilt, florging flame, and a blade that you still have to find to finsh your sword. You must go to find them, you have no time to lose." [[Finish]]You run at them, but they nock you back. "What do you think your suppose to do?" [[Power strike]]Congratulations, you have finished Part Four.