Broken Dreams
You walk to the farthest chair and sit watching the stranges rant to each other and the little girl play with a small rag doll talking to it and the young man seems to be concentrationg on something very important to him.
You wonder around your room pointlessly and hope for some sort of sign to who you are. All you notice it the bedding and a nightstand bolted to the floor. You go to the door and see a man dressed as a doctor talking to a sobbing women and a tall dark haired man. You sigh and go back to lay on your bed and stare at the light above you until you hear the sound of a key unlocking your door and the knob turns slightly. The doctor steps in and stares at you for a moment.\n*[[Talk to the doctor]]\n*[[Run for the door]]
You open your eyes to the bright glow of the light above you. Rolling to your side, you lean your stiff body into a sitting position. You blink and look around the room dazed wondering where you are and how you got there. The room is white and glowing from the hospital like light. As your eyes start to focus you see a [[mirror]] and the only [[door]] to the room.
[[Start]]\n[[Mystery Of James]]\n[[Viona Mansion]]\n[[The Pivot of Civilization]]
You've awoken in a place you dont recall, you have no recollection of who you are or why your here. Your goals are to find out who you are, where you are, whats happening here and how to get out alive. Thus starts part one Broken Memories the [[Mystery Of James]].
It seems as though Dr.B has forgoten to lock the door. You open it slowly as it creeks ever so slightly. You peek into the hall, its pitch black except for a light on either end and a stationa few doors away light by the room to the left. You open the door more to see that the light to the left seems to glow from a large opening, the other only an opening like a closet door.\n*[[Go Left]]\n*[[Go Right]]\n*[[stay in your room]]
You unfold it ever so carfully as the paper seems so frail. It reads in shakey writing "Dear freind, I have been here for 4 weeks and still have the same to say, I know not exactly who I am, but the others call me james,or how I came to be here but I am sure of two things. Firstly this is not a hospital, I've heard my neighbors wailing and screaming for help as the are taking away never to bee seen again. Secondly I am most sure I am next to go. The doctors have not seen my books I hide them in the beding between the lines lays my story. If my time comes please save your self.\nSincerely,\nJames"\n*[[Check bedding]]\n*[[Put note back and look around room]]
The mirror is set into the white blocks but under the top corner of the metal frame you see a slip of [[paper]] folder and tucked between the wall and mirror. You stare at your reflection are you sure your you...but who are you to be sure its you? You glance back at the paper and the door.
[img[poc.jpg]]\nMargaret Sanger's 1922 argument for population control.
[img[Alli.jpg]]\nYou slip through your door and close it softly leaving a slight crack so it doesn't close completely. The feeling of the slight breeze from a window high up on the wall sends a shiver down your spine. You realize its dark out and there seems to be no moon light. Standing still for a moment you let you eyes adjust and begin tward the large opening to your left. As you get closer you hear the whispers of multiple people. You stop just befor the door and peek around the corner. You see a girl ,about 14 years old, wearing a blue dress with a purple ribbion in her hair, sitting in the floor singing softly. You glance around the room and see a few other people, a man sitting in a chair rocking back and forth mumbuling, an older lady talking to the wall and a young man who looks to be 21 staring at the floor. \n*[[Talk to the young girl]]\n*[[Talk to the young man]]\n*[[Sit seprately from them all]]
You smile at doctor B. and take the tray of food sitting it on your night stand. Quickly befor he leaves you ask him about calling the people in the Mansion subjects.\n"That is what you are, you are the subjects of many diffrent problems." he smiles calmly "So for your saftey your families place you in our care." You feel slightly uneasy as he says this. "For our saftey?" you ask. "Yes aslong as your in our clinical care you are safe and so are the others." He keeps his smile and heads back to the door.\n*[[Ask what was wrong with the blonde in the hall]]\n*[[Eat and ponder After he leaves]]
You dont take the time to check your food for seditives and begin devioring it. Sadly do to your lack of oversight you have been sedated and no longer remeber what you were to ponder about. You soon fall into a deep sleep.\n\nIm sorry that was the wrong choice you no longer remeber what youve learned and must start over.\n[[Mystery Of James]]
You creep slowly down the hall using the moon light to find your way through the long corridor. You reach the door your heart pounding in your ears. As you reach for the door the handle turns on its own you freeze and quickly flatten your body against the dark unlight wall. The door opens and a tall man steps out a nurse beside him.\n"What is the status on patient 312?" He asks the lady. Shes dressed in a typical nurses outfit from the 1920s.\n"He awoke earlier this evening and seems to have no recollection of the past few months and tests sir" she smiles holding her clip board to close to her.
[img[Viona mansion.jpg]]\nA Mansion built by the Viona Family in 1800s. It is a 6 story Mansion with three wings each of 365 rooms each not including the restrooms. The main building which houses 4 express kitchens, 5 dinning cafeterias,8 livingrooms and 7 spair rooms. This building is on a 380 acer land plot. Welcom To Viona have a nice stay.\n[[Talk to the doctor]]\n
You gather your courage and walk to the middle of the room to the girl. You kneel beside her and she smiles at you her pale green eyes showing somthing like sympathy.\n"There you are, your late again I thought youd never come." she smiles shyly and hands you a wraped bar that seems to be some sort of granola bar and you take it gently.\n"do you know me?" You ask slightly confused by the feeling that you know the young girl.\n"of course silly," she smiles "We've been here together for a while now." She continues to play with the a rag doll.\n"Hows that possible? Your just a child," you look at her and she turns her head to you a look of disappointment crossing her once sweet expression.\n"I'm 32, Thank you." she seemed to growl "my looks are a defect."\nYou look away and sit beside her "I'm sorry..."
You flip it open and it has the name James W. written on the first page. You skim through to the first chapter,\n"Chapter 1, A New Truth Emerges." its circled with the shaking pencil scribble,would this have a signifigance? You look down the page and under the quote from Walt Whitman "You are the gates of the body, and you are the gates to the soul" you see a mad scribble reading -to whom so ever reads this writting, I am sorry you are capable and in the possition of doing so. But thank you for finding and learning what has happened. As of now I ,James Willing am of able body and sound mind. I have not discovered what I am doing but I know of the terrible things I hear and have done. If you are in Viona Manison I have pitty on your soul for no other has pittied mine." You wonder what he means and slide the book back as the doctor comes back in.\n*[[Ask him what he ment by subjects]]\n
You hit the door as hard as you can but it seems to only make a quiet thump as if youd thrown a pen at the bed. You try again but still they can't hear you. \n"Some one please help, Where am I?" you scream but it only echoes in your room. Stumbling back to your bed trying to figure out whats going on.
[img[Asylum door.jpg]] \nThe door has a small window and seems to be locked. As you get closer you hear the sound of distant voices and peek out the window. You see a small blonde women crying on the shoulder of a taller dark haired man, she looks very familiar but you don't remeber how. A man in a white coat walks past them and disapears from your sight.Another man dressed as a doctor talks to the sobbing women. You hit the door with your hand and they don't seem to hear you.\n*[[Hit it harder to get someones attention]]\n*[[Jiggle the handel to see if they notice]]
You stand at your window and watch helplessly as the young girl is being draged down the hall. She looks tward your window and you feel as if you know her from some where. She kicks and screams for help as you stand in the "saftey" of your room. It hits you,How safe is it in this room? They drag the girl into the room at the far end of the hallway and her crys are lost behind the door.\n\nYou have lost a key person in the game, you may continue but you are more likely to get caught from here.
With What exactly? This just means you aren't paying attention to the room.You have no weapons or items but he does :). Want to try that again maybe?
You open your door and follow as the girl screams and thrashes her arms and legs trying to get out of their grip. You see a nurses cart to the side and the metal clip board and smack the doctor in the back of the head. The nurse looks up and pulls out a needle as you hit the doctor, she plunges it into our shoulder blade and injects. You eyes go fuzzy and you fall to the ground they begin to pull you and the young girl tward the solitary door at the end of the hall.\n\nYou have reached the end for this choice please go back or [[Start]] over. Thank you
Mystery of James
"Who are you" you say sitting up slowly, as the doctor closes the door behind him and steps closely holding a clip board.\n"Im Doctor B. Im going to examine you now.Will you comply this time?" He has you stand.\n"Okay..Why am I here?" He measures your arms and your waist.\n"For your saftey." he says bluntly and you watch him closely,\n"My saftey?" you say a little confused.\n"Yes here at [[Viona Mansion]] we are very concerned with the saftey of our subjects" He smiles and stands taking notes."Thank you for complying" he heads back to the door.\n*[[Stop him forcefully]]\n*[[Ask for food]]\n
Sitting the paper on your small nightstand bolted to your floor.You pull back the covering on your bed and it seems to be in tact. You slide your hand along the side and on the back tward the wall at the bottom you feel a slit. You slide your had into the bedding and pull out a blue book titled [[The Pivot of Civilization]].Then you hear the sound of keys and stuff it back in the bed for later. The doctor enters and stares at you.\n*[[Run for the door]]\n*[[Talk to the doctor]]
You look out the window at the women and her comforter and frantically shake the locked handle. The doctor who stands with them looks in your direction but turns away and keeps talikng. You sigh and turn leaning against the door looking for something more to do for attention. You walk lazily back to your bed.You notice the [[mirror]] again and the bolts hlding your nightstand down.
You politely ask Doctor B. For food and he nods and locks the door back. You then check the bedding and pull out [[The Pivot of Civilization]]. You crack it open and begin to [[read ]]the tiny penciled scribbles of James.
You close the door back and sit on your bed. You sit pondering whats happened and suddenly you hear screaming. You run to your door and see a young girl being drug down the hall to the door by a nurse and a doctor. You stare shocked.\n*[[watch]]\n*[[follow and help]]
You jump quickly from where you lay and head for the open door as hard as possible. The doctor seems not to be phased by your impulse to get out. He simply lifts his metal clipboard as if reading the notes on it and suddenly theres a sharp pain on the back of your skull and then every thing turns black. And thus rebegins the [[Mystery Of James]]. To bad...
"Doctor if I may, what was wrong with the women in the hall earlier?" You ask as you look over the food."She was given the news of her sisters dimise. I must go now, enjoy your meal. And remeber your safe in our care." He exits the room rather quickly. You look over your meal, the gravy sloped mashed potatos and brunt meat that resembles a burger patty. You notice that there are white sprinkles on the burnt patty and decide you aren't that hungry. Instead you turn back to the strange book.\n*[[read 2]]\n*[[go to the door]]
You turn to the next chapter and read along its margins.\n"Third day...Or so I hope, they seem to blur together or not come at all. All the meals are the same. I made the mistake of eating one, the only way i could tell was writting in the book, I do not remeber what I have seemed to have written but I will not make that mistake again. There is a girl in the lobby she goes by Ali. She is a dear friend to have she gives me food, She has long black hair and always wears a purple ribbion. I hope for her sake and mine we escape and don't get carried off at night. I meet her in the atrium to the left of the nurses station. To the right I dare not venture for that is the head doctors lab. Ali is a wonderful young lady sometimes I ponder on what has brought her into this horrific place. She seems so calm when you look into her green eyes. I must go now it is time for rounds,Good night, I hope."\n[[go to the door]]