Hit the road and drive. Drive until your legs get sore and your eyes fill with weariness. Drive for miles and miles;for hours and hours. Keep driving until every C.D. you have has been over played and every song is etched into your brain for what seems like eternity. Keep driving until the pavement runs out, and then drive a little bit more. If you drive for long enough, then maybe, just maybe, you will reach [[The End of the Road.->This is it]]When you reach a small town surrounded by magnificent mountains and a vast, open ocean, then you will know you are at the right place. There will be people walking down the dirt roads wearing tie-dye shirts and old men sitting in the diners, hiding behind their thick glasses and long beards. If you want, you could turn around and leave, but if you want you could stay. But if you stay you have to choose. Will you pursue the bounty of the sea as a [[Fisherman]], or will you capture the beauty of the land as an [[Artist]]. You could even just stay as a bit as a [[Tourist]].Fisherman were probably the first to show up at The End of the Road. Attracted by the bounty of fish and the promise of riches you join the ranks of many a weary man. Fishing is hard work, and if your not up for that maybe you should become an [[Artist]]. This profession is a role of the dice really. Some years you could make enough money to buy new cars and houses and such, and others you may hardly make enough to pay the bills. As mainly a summer profession, you may choose to spend your winters in [[town]] working, or just hanging out. You could also spend your winters [[elsewhere]].Artists are the toughest to put their finger on. Some of them have day jobs as a teacher or nurse or something. Others spend their summers [[Fisherman]]. What they all have in common is that they work with unprecedented passion inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of the quaint little [[town]].Tourists are the worst. As a tourist you just come to see the sights, spend some money, get in the way of everyone else, and then you leave... Unless you want to become a [[fisherman or artist->This is it]] Otherwise this is where your experience with The the End of the Road ends.Its a small town, really, and like all small towns, time seems to slow down. Locals spend their nights in the bars, while children count away the minutes until summer at school. There is no more 5,000 people, which may seem like a lot, but it really isn't when everybody knows everybody. At high school ball game or Fourth of July parade, you may see just about everyone there is to see. It quite contrasts the lifestyle of the big city; the most traffic you will see at The End of the Road will be at the only stop light. Ultimately though, you must decide to [[leave]] or to [[stay->Home]].If this is what you choose, your experience with this place has pretty much come to end. You have experienced almost everything you ever will here-- but you can never completely separate yourself from the pulchritude of the land and the people. Your life is what you make it. If you choose to stay, then The End of the Road becomes your home. Many people spend their days dreaming of hitting the road and leaving, to blind to see that the beauty all around them. But the ones who stay know that its not about hustle, bustle and complexity of life elsewhere. Its about the simpleness of friends and family. After all, home is where the heart is, isn't it?