The bottle of whisky is on the floor. There is vodka all over the place. In your beard, there seems to be gummy worms everywhere. Your eyes are tired, and there is cold saliva in your bed. You are numb. You try to feel your hands. Now, you start to feel them. You go, " Uhhhhn... What the fuck ? It' s a fucking mess in here... " [[Stay in bed]] [[Stand up]]What a decision. You start to vomit. There is puke everywhere. It is falling like water falls from a waterfall. There are pieces of rock candy and french fries in there. You can also spot a hint of blood, whixh only makes the situation more ugly. You wipe away the puke with your hairy arm. [[Stand up]]You stand up from your bed, as dizzy as you could get get. You fall down the floor. You break a vodka bottle. There are shards of glass in your arm. You scream in extreme pain. Blood drips from your arm. You are still flinching, but you remove the shards. There is still blood dripping everywhere, but, you think it' s normal. You exit your door. You are still dizzy. You look from side to side, without a clue from what the hell is going on. You do some ridiculous sounds, until you fall down brutally. You hit your chin on one of the staircase' s steps. That hurts a lot. You try to stand up, but you faceplant on the floor. Your nose starts to bleed. You start to lose your conciousness. You babble nonsense out of your mouth, until... you feel numb again. You are dead.