The night before the fight, you lay on bed full of confidence and eager to get out there. Argon walks in and sees you smile. He asks you "What are you smiling about?" You reply "I finally get to make my dreams reality!" confused, he says "If I were you I wouldn't be that eager" "Why?" you question as he replies "Very high amounts of blood will be shed, I don't want any of it the be yours. You will be fighting the best around. If I were I would get a good night's rest and be up early preparing."\n\nA bit of worry seeps into your head but you decide not worry. You slowly fall asleep clearing your mind of any worrying [[thoughts]].
You use your shield effectively and block the incoming sword. He hits so hard that he bounces back when he collided with your shield.\n\n[[Finish]]
You swiftly spin round and swipe his legs causing him to fall\n\n[[Stamp]]
You repeatedly stamp on his body, he urges you to stop\n\n[[Continue Stamping]]\n\n[[Stop]]
You leap into the air and launch your sword at him. It penetrates his chest. Blood spews out of him as he collapses to the ground. He slowly dies.\n\n[[Finish]]
Gladiator | Legends Of Rome\n\nAuthor: ErnestJR\n\nPresented on\n\n"He has come to bring the truth along with living his dream"\n\n[[Play]]\n\n[[Instructions]]\n\n[[Credits]]\n\n
You kick the gladiator in his stomach. Clutching it he falls to the ground crying in agony\n\n[[Kill]]
Once there you are met face to face with another professional gladiator.\n\nHe hands you a shield and a bronze sword. And says "Good luck"\n\nHe walks away to the corner of the ring and you walk to the other\n\nAfter a countdown from 10 the battle [[begins]]
He lunges his sword at you cutting your arm. You lunge your bronze sword at him across his leg. He tries to hit you but you block his attempt with your shield.\n\nThe battle [[continues]].
You dive away from his sharpened sword and sneak up behind and slash him right across the neck. He falls to the floor.\n\n[[Finish]]
"Ancient Rome was an Italic civilization that began on the Italian Peninsula as early as the 8th century BC. Located along the Mediterranean Sea and centered on the city of Rome, it expanded to become one of the largest empires in the ancient world with an estimated 50 to 90 million inhabitants (roughly 20% of the world's population) and covering 6.5 million square kilometers (2.5 million sq mi) during its height between the first and second centuries AD"\n\n[[continue]]
You finish him off swiftly with a stab.\n\n[[advance]]
You swiftly dodge him then with your bronze sword slash him accross his heavily scarred back.\n\nThe battle [[continues]]
You stop stamping on him and help him up.\n\nHe says to you "Your pretty good mate" you reply "Thanks" as Argon (Who was watching from afar) comes toward you.\n\n"You've got good skills, and some discipline. But with my help I can make you the greatest warrior ever known to the Roman Empire, all you have to do is trust me. Ok?" "Yeah sure" you [[reply]]
After the match has been announced, you and the 9 other gladiators are led out to the main [[stage]].
You continue stamping on him as Argon walks towards you and yells "[[STOP!]]"
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You block his attack and lunge at him, you hit him slightly skimming his neck. He falls and cries in agony\n\n[[Stamp]]
Days, weeks, months pass by. Your skill increases. You reputation increases. You eventually become nationally acclaimed when the time comes for you to live your dream. Fight in the [[Colliseum]]
Argon grabs you by the shoulder and yanks you to the side.\n\nHe abruptly says to you "You hit him quite hard, he fell to the ground urging you to stop, but you continued"\n\n"I-I - i" You utter as he interrupts "I don't want you to kill anyone here, they're all valuable. Ok?" "Ok" you [[reply]]
You leap into the air but with one clean, swift swipe slices your stomach open. You fall to the ground screaming in agony. You slowly die...\n\nBut there is one other way...\nYou can use the Flashback feature to rewind all the way back to a certain waypoint. Select yours\n\n[[Start]]\n\n[[Facillity]]\n\n[[Colliseum]]\n\n\n\n
Instructions\n\nPlease pay attention to each scene as they hold important information\n\nTry your best to choose the correct decision in each scenario\n\nIn some of the scenarios each decision lead back to one point as it doesn't affect your in game stats.\n\nAs you progress some decision you make could kill you - Meaning you will have to start from the beginning. So choose wisely!\n\n
You execute him, leaving the crowd in awe. After a few moments pass the crowd roars with excitement at your triumphant victory.\n\nThe referee then leads you inside for an after-match [[banquet]].
The other gladiators charge at each other yelling, the crowd roars. You hear the noise of screaming in agony and two bits of metal hitting each other. \n\nThe sun shines in your bronze sword. One of the gladiators discretely slips away and sneaks up behind you\n\nHe grabs you and holds his sword across your neck\n\n[[Kick]]\n\n[[Stomp]]\n\n[[Elbow]]
He slits your throat with one clean action. You slowly die\n\nBut there is one other way...\nYou can use the Flashback feature to rewind all the way back to a certain waypoint. Select yours\n\n[[Start]]\n\n[[Facillity]]\n\n[[Colliseum]]\n
He lunges his sword at you. Quickly, you block it with your shield and slash him accross the chest with your bronze sword.\n\nThe battle [[continues]]
The battle is getting closer to it's climax.\n\n[[Swipe his legs and Slash]]\n\n[[Roll and Slash]]\n\n[[Block and Lunge]]
You try to block him with your shield but he smashes right into you. The heavy impact knocks you over. You fall to the ground. He holds his shining sword against your throat. You beg him to have [[mercy]]
It looks like you have reached the end of the BETA, I hope you enjoy the new features and scenarios. But don't worry, more will be coming shortly. \n\nWhy not drop a review and/or comment?\n\nCredits\n\nTiddlyWiki\nTwine\nSugarcane\nTextAdventures\n\n\nThis has been Gladiator | Legends of Rome - A game by ErnestJR
You decide to leave him. The crowd gains affection towards you.\n\nThe referee then leads you inside for an after-match [[banquet]].
Gladiator|Legends of Rome
You elbow the gladiator in his face. He falls to the ground with blood pouring out of him mouth. He rolls over in pain screaming.\n\n[[Kill]]
You are walked to the feasting room where everyone congratulates you on your first victory. The Emperor personally congratulates you aswell.\n\nArgon pulls you aside and says "Well done mate! You defeated 9 other soldiers including Maximus Antonius!. Well, how did it feel?" "It was amazing and exhilirating" you reply.\n\nYou two then take your seats and start feasting on the lovely food that has been [[prepared]].
You wake up at dawn. Energetic and raring to go. Argon goes through the pre match tactics in your Massacre match (Where up to 10 gladiators battle it out with each other) He tells you to lay low then when you reach the final 4 go for the big hits.\n\nYou accept and agree to these tactics and are ready to [[fight]].
You assume your position ready to fight. The crowd counts down along with the referee from 3. The emperor blows his horn and the battle [[commences]]
He charges at you. You charge at him. He yells. You yell\n\nYour heart is pounding, your heart rate is rising\n\nDo you...\n\n[[Dodge and Slash]]\n\n[[Slash and block]]\n\n[[Block and Slash]]
The battle then becomes a 1 on 1 duel with the most renowned gladiator Rome has ever known - Maximus Antonius. You stand face to face with him, he's trying to play all sorts of mind games to throw you off track.\n\nHe then waves his sword at the crowd proudly and bows. He looks at you moving his thumb across his neck.\n\nHe runs toward you.\n\n[[Dodge and Stab]]\n\n[[Jump and Lunge]]\n\n[[Twist and Slash]]
You swiftly dodge him then stab him in the rib cage. It seems it hasn't affected him one bit. He walks closer to you filled with rage.\n\nAiming his sword in your direction, he charges at you with pace\n\n[[Dodge and Swipe]]\n\n[[Block and Stab]]
You arrive at the Facility after a bone breaking journey inside the carriage to meet your trainer Argon - A former gladiator champion.\n\nHe skips the chit chat and immediately and sends you to the testing [[ground]].
It is the year 4 BC, Ancient Rome - You are Spartacus Crixus, a young slave who is very loyal to his master. You serve him well and he is your favourite slave.\n\nHowever, you've always kept thoughts in your heart. You kept to yourself all these years and today was the day it was about to change.\n\nYour master always took you to see gladiator fights at the colliseum, just to fan him. You occasionally take a glimpse at the action. You enjoy the sport very much. You always say to yourself "One day, I'll be one of them".\n\nSo the day came where you decided to leave your work to see your master. He greeted you and you greeted him. "What do you need my friend?" he said and you reply quaking with fear "I've come to ask for leave" "Why?" as he continues the conversation, "I want to become a gladiator" you say proudly He laughs hysterically then stops and says "Well I advise you not to, but if it's what you want..." He then calls his guards to get you transported to the Gladiator Training Facility\n\n[[Facillity]]\n\n
You jam your sword into his rusty golden armour. Clutching at his stomach he falls to his knees. And then finally onto his front where he slowly fades into the darkness.\n\n5 Gladiators have been eliminated so far. The crowd screams louder than ever.\n\nThe most renowned gladiator takes out 2 of the other gladiators as the last one charges at you with speed. You race towards him aswell.\n\n[[Jump and Stab]]\n\n[[Dive and Slash]]\n\n[[Shield and Lunge]]
You twist away from his shining sword and slash his back severely. He turns toward you looking angrier as ever.\n\nAiming his sword in your direction, he charges at you with pace\n\n[[Dodge and Swipe]]\n\n[[Block and Stab]]
You dodge him cleanly, you then swing your leg across his legs causing him to fall\n\nYou hold your sword against his throat. He urges you to stop as you have already been named the victor\n\n[[Leave]]\n\n[[Execute]]\n\n[NOTE: This choice will affect your character's playing style]
You stomp on the gladiators golden boots. He hops onto one foot holding the other.\n\n[[Kill]]
You roll away and slash him accross the back. He shrieks and falls to the ground\n\n[[Stamp]]