It's gone, everything's gone. You slowly sit up and look around anxiously, desperate for escape. You don't find any. While frantically looking around you find a pile of tree [[bark|Grab it]].\n
\nQ:Will there be a sequel?\nA:Yes there will be a new short sequel. It will come unannounced and unexpected with an unpredictable theme.\n\nThank you for reading the FAQ's\n\n[[Back|Start1]]
You can then pinpoint their ages. Not exact though. Both of them seem to be the same age, around the 20 mark. Near your age then (19).\n\nYour hands start to ache as your weaker hand (Your right hand) begins to lose its grip on the rock. You grunt as you try to haul yourself up. Your hand loses grip completely, you are now hanging with 1 hand.\n\nYou shout even louder tensing your muscles, pushing yourself harder. You swing your arm towards a nearby rock narrowly missing it, grazing your hand.\n\nYou move your right hand towards your mouth and messily lick it clean. You continue with your struggle for a few moments. and start to feel your left arm weaken. You swing your legs around trying to land them on a ledge. You can't find one.\n\nEach finger starts to unlatch itself from the rock until you are left with three. You say to yourself "I hate my life" as you look up towards the heavens hoping that is where you'll be going. You then look downwards to see the location of your [[death.]]
You jog up next to her and Brian does the same. Her and Brian count down from 10. They ask if you're ready and you reply looking frightened "Ready"\n\n10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. "GO!!" Brian yells as him and Laura race off and leap off the mountain. You follow closely and jump gracefully into the air spreading out your arms.\n\nTime slows down, all you hear is the air around you rushing past. Your altitude drops. Below you, you see two parachutes open; minutes later they land. You pull your chute, nothing happens. You yank at the rope again, still no response.\n\nYou continue tugging at the rope until you stop completely. You slam into a ledge on the edge of the mountain. You can still see Laura and Brian looking up at you in shock. You look up and see your parachute has been caught on a rock; it's slowly ripping. You don't have long to [[react]]....
<html><font size="2"><p align="right">Version 2.4</p></font><font size="5"><center>Fading Embers<p></font>'A story of survival and strategy'</center></html>\n'Created in Twine, powered by TiddlyWiki and presented on TextAdventures Fading Embers is an immersive emotional story plunging you into the Abyss of the world of survival. Fading Embers is the latest game of the Twine series by ErnestJR. Play as Jerry Arthur - another victim of disaster as he fights for survival.'\n\nRead about the latest development news on Fading Embers by clicking the 'News' link.\n\n[[Play]]\n\n[[About]]\n\n[[FAQ]]\n\n[[News]]\n\n
It, the reason you are here. Consumed in the trainwreck often entitled 'life'. Anything that went wrong in your life after you met it would be because of it. You've always despised it but kept it in your heart patiently building up the courage to say it, so afraid of the future, not enjoying the present; regretting past.\n\nAnd of course, you and it were once friends. You refer to that thing as 'it' as you were so disgusted by it you thought it wasn't worthy of being granted permission to have a name.\n\nYou were friends from a young age, you went to the same school. Friends for life. Or so you thought. At the age of 16, you and it were walking down an alley after a party you had just been to. It was about 3 AM when you encountered 2 older looking boys. They started pushing you around, throwing punches. You look to your left and see an incoming fist from it. It joined the attack on you. One of the boys knocks you to the ground stealing your phone. You rise to your feet after they leave and see it walking on the other side of the street. Filled with rage you dashed across the road to attack it.\n\nYou lashed out at it almost knocking it out of consciousness. You were caught in a brutal fist fight with your once best friend. A passing bystander quickly pulls out her phone seeming to call the police. Evidently, the police arrive breaking up the fight. You are taken into custody and released on bail. It stayed on your criminal record. No College wanted to take you. Nor any University after looking at your criminal record. You life was over and you've held a grudge ever [[since]].
The morning comes. You slowly open your eyes letting out a huge sigh. The rest was good. You sit up and gaze around scanning the terrain around you. It's flat. Except for the direction to your right. A huge mountain overpowers the rest of the island.\n\nAs you stare at it, a crazy thought strikes you. The thought is the unthinkable. The stupidest of the stupid. A definite suicide attempt. That thought is - to climb the [[mountain]].
4 Months, 2 Days. One Author.\n\nThis, is [[Fading Embers|Homescreen]]
You make light conversation then land on the topic of how you wound up here. You tell them your story; then Laura tells you hers, looking towards the sky "We were on a cruise to the Islands of the Andaman Sea in Thailand. After a while, the storm clouds rolled in. It wasn't normal. Nothing like ever before. A huge lighting bolt struck the ship, causing massive explosions. splitting it into two halves. We all ran for our lives. Sadly, some were consumed by the raging torrents. Fortunately, some made it to the highest point of the ship like us two. We leapt off the ship and swam for our lives. We've been here for about 2 days. The rest of the survivors died hours, even days ago. There was nothing we could do...." The rest of her speech was drowned out by the soon increasing sound of her weeping.\n\nYou try to comfort her, she stops crying for a few moments as she looks towards the [[sea|weeping.]].
Brian peeks through the tent waking you up. You prop yourself up as he helps you out of the tent. You exit the tent and see Laura gathering items. You walk up to her and place your hand on her shoulder. She greets you joyfully and says "We're goin' hunting!" "Hunting for what?" you ask "Food of course!" she replies.\n\nShe hands you a silver competition bow with a bag of arrows. "Wow" you say. She picks up another bow and a machette. She walks over to Brian to hand him the same.\n\nAfter a few minutes you ask Laura "How do we get down?" and she replies excitedly "With these!" she shows you a parachute.\n\nYou look at her blankly wondering if she's serious of if she's gone delirious. In reply, she smiles back mapping her run up [[point]].
You strike it against the tree bark igniting the scrap. You are now warm. You slowly watch the fire as thoughts shoot through your mind. They all come at once disorientating you.\n\nYou pull yourself together again with the thoughts still running through your mind. There's one distinct thought. One that seems to be screaming at you to be heard.\n\nThat thought eventually becomes clear to you as your stomach begins to rumble violently. You hear yourself mutter the word 'Food' as you slowly help yourself [[up]].\n
Bulging with confidence you slowly walk up to the huge rock and look straight up. You can't see the top but you immediately get the thought that something is there.\n\nYou position your right hand on a rock that is sticking out. You place your left hand on a hole in the mountain. Your feet follow closely behind.\n\nYou haul yourself up each lift you have to make, narrowly missing the margin of error. Your knuckles start to bleed, you start to sweat, your throat becomes dry. You power through this and advance up the mountain.\n\nYou reach a peak where you lay to rest yourself. While laying down you hear a distinct noise, it resembles a female character yelling at someone else.\n\nHer and the other person seem to be having an argument. When the woman finally stops shouting the other person then takes their turn to shout. It has a deep manly voice. You name it 'he'. You continue on climbing as you reach higher up the [[mountain|nap.]]
The scent of burning wood is overpowering. It reminds you that you don't have long [[left]].\n\n
<html><font size="2"><p align="right">Version 2.4</p></font><font size="5"><center>Fading Embers<p></font>'A story of survival and strategy'</center></html>\n'Created in Twine, powered by TiddlyWiki and presented on TextAdventures Fading Embers is an immersive emotional story plunging you into the Abyss of the world of survival. Fading Embers is the latest game of the Twine series by ErnestJR. Play as Jerry Arthur - another victim of disaster as he fights for survival.'\n\nRead about the latest development news on Fading Embers by clicking the 'News' link.\n\n[[Play]]\n\n[[About]]\n\n[[FAQ]]\n\n[[News]]\n\n
You run for miles and miles endlessly tripping over things. Your feet start to ache. You slow down while the other two continue.\n\nYou are in the woods.\n\nYou look around, trees. You look around once more. The trees are still there.\n\nAfter your break from running you reside to a slow walking pace. Picking your path through the woods carefully, you stumble over a snagging thorn. It pierces the skin on your shin, you look to your right and see a message carved into a tree. You read it aloud "No one leaves the Tigers Triangle". You get up looking confused. \n\nYou continue walking looking at the trees when you see more messages but this time they are all signed off with the name 'Emishi'. You're baffled even [[more|Credits]].
You two would occasionally meet on the street where your eyes locked on to each others. It would walk closer, but you would try to get away looking angrilly at it. You kept at it until you were up late at night in your apartment. You thought to yourself about what had happened the night you got arrested and the days where you would see it walking to you. You felt strong empathy with it and started to feel treacherous.\n\nTo make up for it you organised a sort of 'Exploration Holiday' cruise to the Islands of the Andaman Sea, Thailand with Seven Seas International.\n\nThe departure date came. 14th of March 2013, 11:45 AM. You called for cab to the Thames Estuary to meet up with it. As he arrives you greet him kindly and take your [[seat]] inside your cabin.
You exchange a few happy looks as you pull out your broken coconut. You break it equally into three pieces and give one to Laura and one to Brian. "Thank you!" they say simultaneously as they bite into it. You eat yours aswell only slightly filling your stomach.\n\nYou look to your left and notice their camp. "Nice place you got there" you say as Brian replies "Thanks, we took supplies from the sinking ship to set it up" They have two tents looking comfier than the ground you've been sleeping on.\n\nLaura then says, erasing the silence "It's getting kind of late, we should start getting ready for bed" you reply "Ah, I guess I'll be going then" the conversation then continues as Brian says "No no! Why don't you crash with us tonight?" "No no, I don't want to be a burden" you tell Brian "Please, it's no trouble at all" Laura replies. "Oh alright then, I'll stay" you finally say as Laura leads you towards the tents.\n\nShe enters first as you follow closely. Brian enters his tent. A dim torchlight flickers on and off as Laura shakes it, turning it off. She lies down saying "Good night" and you reply the same. You slowly fall [[asleep]].
Uh oh! It seems you have reached the end of Version 2.4..\nNO NO NO! Don't click away, don't go back to Facebook/Twitter! Because more updates will be released in the coming days. \n\nYou also may be wondering why the last time this was update was 18th Jan. That's because the latest edits I made weren't uploaded to TextAdventures.\n\nThis has been Fading Embers, a story by ErnestJR.\n\n[[Home|Homescreen]]
You slam into the cold sea and struggle to get to safety. You see land not so far away. Determined, you swim toward it. You would occasionally fall under the waves because the shear force of the sea would force you to. You reach land as the tide comes in strong. It swipes your legs violently causing you to collide with a nearby rock. Everything starts to [[fade|fades]] away.\n
You eventually reach the top and feel too weak to get up. You lie face down in the dirt. The two figures help you to your feet. Your legs are shaking. \n\nThey sit you down on a log and wrap a blanket around you. They ask you your name and you weakly reply "Jerry" the woman says her name in reply "Laura" and the man follows closely behind "Brian". You smile faintly looking paler than [[ever.]]
Using only your right hand, you pick your path safely down towards the ground where you collapse onto the terrain.\n\nLaura and Brian rush up towards you helping you to your feet once again. You make light conversation about your perilous ordeal when Brian notices your arm is misaligned with your body. He asks if you're alright and you reply swiftly "Yeah I'm fine, just a light scratch" "Um, if you say so" he says back.\n\n"So, you ready for hunting?" Laura asks "Of course" you say with excitement. Brian leads as he skips off into the distance with Laura following closely and you behind [[her]].
Welcome to the news! Here you can get the latest development updates about Fading Embers!\n\n[IMPORTANT NOTICE] \nI know I said I would update my other games and I know I've developed a habit of not completing games/stories but I can guarantee you that this story will NOT be like the rest. It will be completed no matter what.\n\n[Update Log 1]\nIntro Scene\nNew theme!\nGrammar/Spelling Errors Fixed\nHUGE story rewrite!\n\n[What's coming]\nSequence 4\n\n[[Back|Start1]]
Your parachute rips as you hurtle towards the ground. The small specks that were Laura and Brian become bigger. You look towards the mountain, reach out your hands and grab two rocks that are sticking out from the mountain. You try to lift yourself up.\n\nYou tense all the muscles in your body trying harder then ever. You grunt louder and louder after each attempt. You look down once more and see the deep expression on Laura's face. She has anxiety written all over here it. \n\nYou shout even louder. You feel yourself weakening. Your injured left arm gives [[way]].\n\n
Jerry Arthur, a young intrepid man who was once betrayed by a once good friend whom he calls 'it'. \n\nAfter a huge encounter with a storm he is left stranded in the Tigers Triangle located near Japan. \n\nHe must use his heritage to his advantage taking on numerous fighting attributes that his ancestors had such as 'Survival Instincts', 'Parkour Mastery', 'Fine-tuned Warrrior Combat Skills' and 'Battle Hardness'. \n\nJerry Arthur also is met by a hostile tribe that has ruled the Island for centuries called 'Emishi'. \n\n\n[[Back|Start1]]
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After a measly pause to rest your fingers you resume climbing as the two people are still at it.\n\nYou reach about halfway when you can finally make out what they're arguing about. They sound drained. Voices weakening with each yell. They seem to be arguing about food. The man seems to have eaten the last piece and the woman is furious about it.\n\nYou smile to yourself letting out a small laugh. You then once again concentrate on the huge task ahead of you. You continue climbing getting ever so close to the top. The arguing becomes more [[distinct|clearer......]]
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You try to get up as the ledge you hit starts to shake. Rocks crumble off the edge as you feel the ledge tilting. You feel a sharp pain on your left side. You slowly stand yourself up and try to think of your next move.\n\nYou don't have long. The ledge continues to tilt getting loosened by the falling rocks. The ledge gives way as it tumbles towards the ground. You are now hanging by your slowly ripping parachute.\n\nYou hear shouting from below - it's Laura and Brian. You feel blood rushing around your body still wondering what to [[do]].
Fading Embers
You finally lose your grip and see yourself plummet towards a painful death. You look up once more and see a female figure toss down a hooped rope. You catch it cleanly and hold on for dear life.\n\nThe woman slips as your face drops. You see her fall towards you. You jolt and stop. Above the woman, you see hairy hands latch onto her weak looking ankles. You hear short bursts of grunts. You then hear another long grunt as you feel yourself rising. \n\nYou see the woman disappear off the edge of the mountain as you edge closer towards the top of the mountain now moving at a higher [[pace.]]
After a considerable amount of time, the ship's horn blasts loudly as you feel yourself being pulled along.\n\nPulling his head out of his newspaper, he looks toward you and smiles. He then turns back once again focusing on its task. You smile back a little confused.\n\nHours passed, the levels of civilization dropped. Your eyes start to flicker but then they are immediately opened by a sudden jolt. You look out your window and see a raging thunderstom attack the ship. A huge lightning bolt struck the boat across the centre severing many control cables and destroying the fuel lines. The damaged fuel lines feed a slowly increasing fire as you hear short explosions. One explosion flings you and it across the ship. The ship snaps in two as you open eyes once again.\n\nYou then run across the corridor and see it lying on the floor. Lifeless, in a pool of dark blood. You hear another explosion behind you as you see flames sprinting towards you. You continue running for your life as you emerge from the darkness to see the other half of the ship. You also see a male figure calling out to you to jump. You leap across as he grabs your hand. He slowly loses grip as you fall into the [[waves|nap]].\n
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You fiddle away at the tree bark as it slowly slips down the bark. Once you've moved all of the bark you see it glisten with a blinding luminescence in the rays of the sun.\n\nIt resembles the look of coal so that's what you name it. You smoothen it with the palm of your hand leaving a black mark. You try to rub it off on the ground - only smudging it and staining the [[ground]].
The morning sun burns your face and the sea breeze wakes you. You feel a sharp pain above your right eyebrow, blood pouring from your left [[arm|gone]].
You scoop it up with your hands. While trying to lift it a small knife appears and falls to the ground. It is bent scratched and blood stained (Obviously not stainless steel then). You step back and pause trying to figure out why the knife was in that state.\n\nYou couldn't figure it out so you walk closer, reach out for it and grasp it. It was cold and had murder written all over it. You decide not to worry about it and bring your new found items to where you were sitting earlier. You lay the tree bark around neatly and notice something black that has stained some of the [[bark|Pick it up]].
You slowly stumble to your feet, waddling around feeling pain in your left leg. You slowly walk towards the fruitless coconut tree. As you trudge your way towards it you notice something unusual under a leaf swaying gently in the wind.\n\nYou walk directly under the leaf and notice a misshapen roundish brown ball. It resembles a coconut. Filled with excitement, you leap for it only just missing it. You don't give up, instead you keep leaping shaking the tree just enough to shake the coconut off its one last vine.\n\nYou swiftly catch it as it lands cleanly into the interlocked palms of your two grazed hands.\n\nYou walked back towards your fire that you set up, you smash the coconut onto a nearby rock cracking it. Its milk pours out as you quickly tilt it towards your mouth. Its milk is refreshing as it lands on your dry tongue.\n\nIt is a constant reminder of what you could've had if you'd stay away from [['it'.]]
The sun illuminates it graciously as the sun lies gently above the sea level. The rocks are dispersed around giving the view an abstract look.\n\n"Beautiful" Laura says wiping the tears from her eyes.\n\nThinking about what happened to them you slowly start to realise that your story is similar to theirs. You ask what ship they were on "Seven Seas International" Brian replies. The same as yours. Baffled by the recent turn of events you ask what their departure date was. "14th of March 2013 at 11:45 AM" replies Laura. The exact time of your cruise's departure date. You reveal the fact that you were on the same cruise as them as their jaws drop. \n\nStill in shock they hug you tightly making you feel warm inside. After your firm hug, Brian says excitedly "Seems we're not the only [[ones|eyes.]].
Ernest JR
You let out a few rude words aimed at it filled with remorse and anger. You slowly get up and start pacing around flailing your arms around in anger.\n\nYou eventually calm yourself back down before night time as you settle down for a nice little sleep. Your first real rest after landing on this remote deserted island.\n\nYou grab a leaf from a nearby palm tree use it efficiently as a blanket. You lay your head as it gently touches the sand.\n\nYour eyes slowly flicker as they finally [[close....]]
The fire began to erase the darkness around you. The smell of the open fire entices you with the promise of warmth and safety. But you are quick to realise that isn't the case. The night air is heavy. Dank with the stagnant odre of decomposing leaves.\n\nYou cock your head and let out a huge sigh, wondering what to do with your life. You slowly slip away from reality into the world of dreams always saying to yourself if only this was reality. You would then slowly start focus on what was around you.\n\nTo your left would be some coconut trees. Swaying in the wind, begging for more coconuts to grow. You swivel your head to the right to see a tall overpowering mountain which slowly overwhelms you with it's mesmerizing height. You turn your head 90 degrees to face forward. You would see the sea which glistened in the sun slightly blinding you each time you look at it. \n\nThe sun would then be obliterated by the clouds as the darkness would reign victor of the battle. You then look to the fire. You watch it burn things in its wake. It reminds you of [[it]]