@@color:pink;<b>"Could I please have the black coffee."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;<b>(It's so demeaning to drink such cheap vending machine drinks in a high class hotel but it's part of being social.) </b>@@\n\n<b>"Yes, of course."</b>\n\nJack smiled awkwardly and held out the black coffee. \n\n@@color:grey;(Hm...I guess he wasn't so keen on getting stuck with the milk tea. Oh well ladies first.)@@\n\nI couldn't help to pry on the issue.\n\n@@color:grey;(After being forced to be a goody two shoes for the parties, my bitch mode is ready to burst out.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Something wrong? Don't you like milk tea?"</b>@@\n\n<b>"No that's not it..."</b>\n\nBut Jack was clearly stuttering and his hands shaking as he held on to the milk tea can.\n\n<b>"It's just that it reminds me... the milk...the white...reminds me so much of..."</b>\n\nJack didn't finished the sentence but clearly his eyes were near tearing up.\n\n@@color:grey;(Blah blah, milk reminds you of white roses and your wife. Sure, whatever. This is so much fun. Now my anxiety is all gone.)@@\n\nI knew what he wanted to say but I didn't feel like giving him any sympathy.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Oh, then let us drink."</b>@@\n\n<<display 'Hanging garden'>>
We got on a high speed elevator, and went down to a floor 65 meters below sea level.\n\nIt was a party room under the sea, with glass windows facing the ocean on all sides.\n\n[IMG[https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSTUnYFICif8vH1iQ7wgPz-_b22Ig1HujMEh9F396FHWb0UfxlX]]\n\n@@color:grey;\n(Just amazing! Incroyable! Asombroso! Oh whatever..)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"How beautiful... It's like an aquarium....No, it's like an undersea palace. Just like in Little Mermaid!" </b> @@\n\nBefore the reception party tomorrow, in which celebrities from all walks of life were to attend. There was to be a pre-party tonight for organizers and insiders.\n\nThe venue was already full of beautiful women in chiffon dresses, making the room look like flowers had bloomed everywhere.\n\n@@color:grey;(I just have to stand out from the rest of the crowd if I were to survive this.)@@\n\nThen, some silver hair touched my cheek, and I heard a disgruntled whisper in my ear.\n\n[IMG[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o3_400.png]]\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Don't do anything stupid and make me lose face. Even the tropical fishes look smarter than you." </b>@@\n\nI found myself unshakened by his remark.\n\n@@color:grey;(No matter what he says I'm staying here!)@@\n\nI found myself looking at the tropical fishes that were in the center of the room, when a gorgeous gentleman, who raised his hand and walked over.\n\n@@color:grey;(Are you looking for me? Wow... He's as tall and beautiful as a model...Who brought him here...?)@@\n\n!<b>"Ed...!"</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(What!)@@\n\n!@@color:purple;<b>"Ryan!"</b>@@\n\nThe man gave Edward a firm hug.\n\n@@color:grey;(Not again...)@@\n\nAnd the noblewomen all sighed at the sight of their beautiful embrace.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"You're here too, Ryan."</b>@@\n\nEdward's eyes and face were literally glowing.\n\n@@color:grey;(He's never like this when he talks to me.)@@\n\n<b>"Yes. All the linen in Andre's hotel is handled by us...By Barnier." </b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Did he just say Barnier! Does he work for that famous brand...?)@@\n\nBarnier is a world famous brand like Chanel, Versace, LV and they sell everything from leather goods, clothing to jewelry with fans all over the world.\n\nRyan spotted me and looked at me curiously.\n\nEdward lazily introduced me to Ryan.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"This is my fiance, <<print $playerFirstName>>." </b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Must make a good first impression no matter what and maybe I can get myself a good discount at Barnier by befriending this Ryan.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Nice to meet you... My name is <<print $playerFirstName>>.</b> @@\n\nI bowed.\n\n<b>"Yes." </b>\n\n<b>"Anyway..."</b>\n\nEven though I bowed respectfully like a high class lady should do but Ryan gave me a glance, and looked back at Edward.\n\n@@color:grey;(Did he just ignore me...? Bitch!)@@\n\n<b>"Ed. I just met him over there." </b>\n\n<b>"But this is Jack, the architect who designed this hotel." </b>\n\n<u>[[Led by Ryan, Jack bowed deeply]]</u>
<<if $Score eq 2>> \n!<b>@@color:yellow;"Congrats! Edward is finally going to have a happy ending!"@@</b>\n<u>[[CONTINUE TO ENDING|Nod in agreement and suck it up.]]</u>\n<<else>>\n!<b>@@color:red;"It's unfortunate that you condemned Edward to a Unhappy Normal Ending."@@</b>\n<u>[[CONTINUE TO ENDING|Grab the key and tell Edward he did nothing so he is not going with you.]]</u>\n<<endif>>
When I went back to the party, Edward and Ryan were chatting.\n\n[IMG[http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o6_400.png]]\n\nEdward noticed me, and glared at me.\n\n@@color:grey;(Everytime I see him, he's staring daggers at me.)@@\n\nUsing his hand, he commanded me to go over there.\n\n<b>@@color:purple;{{{"You, get over here."}}}@@ </b>\n\nEdward said it in a voice that can only be heard by me. \n\n@@color:grey;(What a gentleman...I'm just swooning over him now.)@@\n\nI walked over the and bowed slightly to Ryan.\n\nAnd then, Ryan's eyes widened slightly.\n\n@@color:grey;(Is something wrong? Never seen a beautiful girl in a gorgeous dress before?!)@@\n\nI wanted him to admit to it.\n\n<b>@@color:pink; "Um...Is something wrong with me...?"@@</b>\n\nI gave him an innocent looking smile.\n\n<b>"No...! You look beautiful...!"</b>\n\nLouis turned around looking surprised and then look down shyly.\n\n<b>@@color:green; "......"@@</b>\n\nLouis couldn't keep his eyes off me.\n\n@@color:grey; (Ha, two more innocent souls fall prey to my brilliant beauty.)@@\n\nEdward cleared his throat.\n\n<b>@@color:purple; "Ahem..."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:green; "I'm sorry!"@@</b>\n\nEdward on the other hand is immune to my beauty and showed no interest.\n\n@@color:grey; (I guess he was never intended for us girls.)@@\n\n<b>"Is that dress one of yours."</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink; "Yes. I designed and made it."@@</b>\n\n<b>"So, you weren't lying when you said you were a designer."</b>\n[IMG[http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o6_400.png]]\n\n<b>@@color:purple; "Why are you complimenting <<print $playerFirstName>>?"@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey; (Even though he's rude and stingy but I must admit he has good taste.)@@\n\n!<b>"That's not it!</b>\n\n<b>"It's just that...my great grandfather is the founder of Barnier so that makes me a thoroughbred of the fashion world ... that's all."</b> \n\n<b>@@color:purple; "But you're complimenting her on one her designs..."@@</b>\n\n<b>"Don't get a big head. I didn't go that far."</b>\n\nI looked at Ryan teasingly but he looked away with annoyance.\n\nEdward narrowed his eyes as if to look into my face.\n\n<b>@@color:purple; "Anyways, you were a little late...did you get lost?"@@</b>\n\nI knew exactly what it was that Edward was trying to ask.\n\nHe wanted to know whether I caused any trouble while he wasn't with me.\n\nSo I told him about my exchange with Jack.\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o4_400.png]]\n\n<b>@@color:purple; "Oh. I see...He must be in great pain right now...But remember not to cause any trouble!"@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink; "I know. I know."@@</b>\n\nEdward and I had made a deal even though we clearly don't get along but in public we act like a good loving couple. \n\n<u>[[READ ABOUT THE PAST]]</u>\n<u>[[CONTINUE WITH THE STORY]]</u>
The thick file the archtitect Jack had, had fallen to the floor, and his hand was shaking.\n\n@@color:grey;(What is wrong with this guy.)@@\n\n<b>"Jack, Is something wrong?"</b>\n\nAndre ran over, and Jack was pointing at the venue with a shaking hand, moaning.\n\n@@color:grey;(This guy is high on something.)@@\n\n<b>"I'm sorry...Could you please...Put those away?"</b>\n\nI looked, to see where he was pointing. \n\n@@color:grey;(White roses?)@@\n\n<b>"Alright...We'll get rid of them immediately."</b>\n\n<b>"You, get rid of all those flowers, and replace them with another flower."</b>\n\nAndre gave his staff the order, and the white roses immediately began to be cleared away.\n\n<b>"Thank you...I'll just go out to the hanging gardens to get some air."</b>\n\nJack then left the room.\n\n@@color:grey;(Jack...is obviously unstable.)@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Didn't he look sad when we started talking about snow yesterday...?)@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Snow...And white roses...It made no sense.)@@\n\nEdward reached out for a flower vase.\n\nHe took a single rose, and played around with it.\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o10_400.png]]\n\n@@color:grey;(His estrogen hormones are acting up again.)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I feel so sorry for them..."</b>@@\n\nSomething struck me as being weird about what had happen.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Um...I forgot something in my room...I'll just go get it.</b>@@\n\n[IMG[http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o5_400.png]]\n\nEdward raised his brow in slight surprise.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I...Still have to go over my speech."</b>@@\n\nEdward made an excuse so that he didn't have to escort me but Louis offered to take me back to my room.\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_meff512FDY1rung62o3_400.gif]]\n\n@@color:green;<b>"Um...Shall I take you to your room?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(In reality, not for my sake but wanted to keep a close eye on me...Louis, you're like an open book.)@@\n\nLouis, who had been standing in waiting by the back wall, came forward asking.\n\nI shook my head, and left the venue.\n\n<u>[[But...]]</u>
@@color:grey;(Oh no...I'm lost...)@@\n\nI looked up at the information board in the middle of hallway. \n\n@@color:grey;(Um...The hanging garden is...)@@\n\n<b>"Is something wrong?"</b>\n\nI turned around to see Jack standing there.\n\n@@color:grey;(Just the man I was looking for. I should try to make some excuse to make it less obvious.)@@\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Um...I forgot something in my room...But since I was already here, I thought I'd have a look at the hanging garden too."@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(This is the lamest excuse till yet.)@@\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"But then I got lost..."@@</b>\n\nI said this while using my puppy dog eyes.\n\n@@color:grey;(Men just can't resist a young and innocent lady.)@@\n\n<b>"What a coincidence...I was just about to rest for a moment in the hanging garden, why don't you join me."</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Not really a coincidence but he better not do anything funny, that dirty old man.)@@\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"If it's not too much trouble."@@</b>\n\nI politely bowed\n\n<b>"Yes, of course not..."</b>\n\nJack bought me a drink from a vending machine in the garden.\n\n[IMG[https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQcwS4AbTt5OtWKTujKp6wcoWn4u1DONZ0HO513K0oMSg47J6cNag]]\n\n<b>"I'm sorry...I just bought these."</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Like they always say, the richer they are the more stingy.)@@\n\n<b>"A black coffee and a milk tea, which one would like?</b>\n\n<u>[[The black coffee]]</u>\n<u>[[The milk tea]]</u>
You decided to nod in agreement and suck it up.\n\nEdward led me into the hallway, And we bumped right into Ryan.\n\nSeeing us, Ryan's eyes grew wide.\n\n<b>"Oh, Mr. goody-two-shoes Ed isn't sneaking out of the party, is he? And with this thing too."</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Did that bastard just called me a thing!)@@\n\nBefore I could give Ryan a long and painful tongue lashing, Edward interferred.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Yeah. Love might be a bad influence on me."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Gah...He's at it again. Disgusting.)@@\n\n<b>"I can't believe it...loving this thing?"</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Me neither...Wait what!)@@\n\n<b>"Hey, you."</b>\n\n<b>"But really, if you lead Ed astray, or do anything to hurt him-"</b>\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"What are you talking about?"</b>@@\n\n<b>"You were referring to her, about love being a bad influence..."</b>\n\n!@@color:purple;<b>"No, it's a misunderstanding!"</b>@@\n\n[IMG[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o3_400.png]]\n\nEdward was screaming it out but at the end he calmed down and looked around to see if anyone else was around besides us.\n\n@@color:grey;(As much as I wanted get back at him but he had already done a pretty good job making a fool of himself.)@@\n\n<b>"Anyways... I won't forgive you, if you ever hurt Ed."</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(I've done plenty already.)@@\n\n!@@color:purple;<b>"She...nevermind. I give up, let us be off."</b>@@\n\nEdward unable to say what he really wanted to say. His desperate cry for help would never be heard as long as she have his secret in her grasp.\n\nEdward hold on my hands tightly as tears dropped down his face.\n\nWhen I looked back at Ryan I could see clearly that Ryan had desperate look on his face too.\n\nI faced forward again and looked at Edward, my heart felt a slight tug.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Do you really want to be free?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Did you say something?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"No, nothing."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(For the first time in my life I felt I did something bad even though I did a good deed.)@@\n\nWe got to Jack's studio, and its design was very playful.\n\nThe small, cozy cottage stood on the ocean. And when you went inside, there was an elevator hallway that took us deep down below sea level.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"......"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"......"</b>@@\n\nOn the way down in the elevator, we did not say anything.\n\nThe elevator door eventually opened, and the ackward silence finally broke. We let out cries of admiration at the view we saw before us.\n\n[IMG[http://www.myunva.com/images/full/2013/12/10/aquarium-bedroom-interior-design-ocean-theme-bedroom-qrmawrnk-fish-tank-bedawesome-aquarium-bedroom-interior-design-ocean-theme-bedroom-qrmawrnk.jpg]]\n\nThe four walls of the room were made completely of glass. \n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Gorgeous..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Yeah..."</b>@@\n\nIt looked like we were actually at the bottom of the ocean.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"How beautiful...it looks like real snow..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(It must have been the scenery because my blizzard cold heart began to melt and first time in life have I ever felt so moved.)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I didn't think we'd get to have a white Christmas in the middle of ocean in the summer..."</b>@@\n\nEdward wiped the tear marks from his eyes.\n\nThe two of us were enchanted by the falling ocean snow, and I heard Edward say something quietly next to me.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Is something wrong?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I just don't know what to do with my life anymore. I feel so trapped."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Why is that?"</b>@@\n\n[IMG[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o3_400.png]]\n\n!@@color:purple;<b>"You know why!"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Every time I talk to you, I feel like I lose a few years off my life."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Is that right..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Even though we have our differences but we need to try to make this work for the both of us, if we're going to be stuck with one another forever."</b>@@\n\nEdward then pulled out something that looked like a jewelry box from his suit pocket.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I know how you're very fussy on getting presents on special occasions so this year I took the initiative to buy the present that I know you would love."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Good boy, you're a fast learner."</b>@@\n\n[IMG[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o4_250.png]]\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"After last year's punishment...anyone would learn fast."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Good...so from now on you know how to play the game properly."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Last year, Edward didn't bother buying me a Christmas gift and I made sure he got a tongue lashing from me and the King, who greatly approves of our engagement.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"But...if you are stingy on the gift, you'll know what will happen, right?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Yes."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(I had him in the grasp of my hand like an obedient dog.)@@\n\nI opened the jewelry box and to my surprise it was something worth more than I thought.\n\n[IMG[http://b-i.forbesimg.com/anthonydemarco/files/2013/03/LIncomparable-Diamond-Necklace-267x3001.jpg]]\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Hm...It's beautiful. Are they real diamonds?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(I was cynical about whether they were real, knowing Edward, he may try to get back at me.)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"You heard of Mouawad, right?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Yes, of course. Recently saw that the company owns the most expensive necklace in the Guinness World Records."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Don't tell me... this is from Mouawad?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Yes..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Well, you out did yourself this time."</b>@@\n\nI admired the necklace from all angles. \n\n@@color:pink;<b>"It's spectacular. No matter what angle, it radiants and shines as bright as the sun."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Right..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"The diamonds are so clear too. When I put it against the windows of this aquatic room, it becomes the same colour."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Yes..."</b>@@\n\nI noticed that Edward seemed to be bothered by something and was only responding to what I was saying with minimal effort.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"So, how much did this cost?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"......"</b>@@\n\n!@@color:pink;<b>"Don't tell me, it's less than a million. I won't take such cheap garbage as a gift!"</b>@@\n\nI was about to throw it on the floor but Edward took a hold of my hand.\n\n!@@color:purple;<b>"No! Wait!"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"It's more than that."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"It's valued at $55 Million according to the Guinness World Records."</b>@@\n\n!@@color:pink;<b>"!!!"</b>@@\n\nMy mouth hang open and I wiped the sweat off my forehead.\n\n@@color:grey;(I..I almost broke a $55 million necklace. Wait, did he just say Guinness World Records!)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"You mean, this necklace is that one on the news??!?!"</b>@@\n\nEdward nodded.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"$55 million worth. 18K gold necklace with a 407.48 ct in diamonds. The 'Incomparable' diamond, so natural fancy deep-yellow shield step-cut diamond so flawless...There's also 35 round diamonds, 27 pear-shaped diamonds, 9 heart-shaped diamonds, 5 emerald-cut diamonds-"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"OK OK, I get the point. You even memorized everything."</b>@@\n\nI continued to be in a dazzed as I stared at the necklace.\n\n[IMG[http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o5_400.png]]\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"You're drooling."</b>@@\n\nI quickly wiped the drool dangling from my mouth.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Wait...Why aren't you throwing some insults? Why are you being so nice all of a sudden?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(He's up to something... we usually bicker at one another endlessly. Everyday is a mental battle.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I didn't buy you any Christmas present, just so that you know."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"It is okay. The present I've been yearning for, is right here..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(I couldn't believe what I had just heard...Is he...trying to flirt with me?!?!)@@\n\n[IMG[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o7_400.png]]\n\nEdward continued to smile sweetly at me.\n\nFor a moment there, I was terrified at what he would do to me when it is just me and him alone in this room.\n\nI quickly distance myself from him at a safe distance.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"E-Edward dear, lets not be rash. You remember our deal. No touching, no kissing and anything more than touching hands is a no no without my permission."</b>@@\n\n[IMG[http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o5_400.png]]\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"What are you talking about?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"How you were coming on to me."</b>@@\n\n[IMG[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o3_400.png]]\n\n!@@color:purple;<b>"Are you crazy?!? That's unthinkable."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"You did admit that the present you were yearning for is right here."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Yes. Freedom, and you're the one that can give me that."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"...Oh."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Freedom as in breaking off our deal and throwing away my life of luxury. No way in hell will I do that.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"No."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Don't say no before you hear me out."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I don't think there is anything that you can offer me that would change my mind."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(You can't bribe me with money because by marrying you I already have access to an unlimited amount.)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I know what you're thinking. Money, right? Everything is about money when it comes to you."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"You know me so well."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"How about we call off this whole deal but I still pay you the money you want."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I don't see how it will work."</b>@@\n\nEdward walked a little closer to where I was.\n\n@@color:grey;(What is he trying to do.)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Think of it as some kind of alimony. I'm willing to pay you an allowance every month and I would even be generous enough to give a credit card under my name that you can swipe all you want."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Hm..."</b>@@\n\nI thought about it for a minute.\n\n@@color:grey;(It's not a bad deal but I don't see how it would benefit me more than my current situation.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"No deal. I also want the so called 'princess' title where everyone bows at my feet and worship me."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Gah! You're such a sadist."</b>@@\n\nEdward was clearly not pleased and started to lose his temper.\n\nI stood my ground unyielding and stared straight at Edward.\n\nEdward walked closer to me.\n\nBefore I could react, he had quickly took a hold of my hands and pushed me on the bed.\n\n!@@color:pink;<b>"!!!"</b>@@\n\n[IMG[http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2859/11917137436_e43e452ff5.jpg]]\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Don't think I won't dare do anything to you. With Viagra, I can act like a man."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Don't you dare!"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Try me."</b>@@\n\nEdward leaned closer to me as though to kiss me while his hands lifted my skirt.\n\nMy eyes were tearing up and I was too afraid to open them.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Hahahaha."</b>@@\n\nI could hear laughter, Edward's laughter.\n\nI slowly opened my eyes to see Edward laughing.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"......"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"See. Both of us don't want to be in this situation but if we really got married we can't avoid this."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Why don't you do us both a favor and stop it before we're forced to make it happen."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"......Yeah."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(It's true. The King won't allow us to sleep in seperate beds or live without bearing an heir to the throne. He'll find out eventually.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"What do you propose then?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Like I have said before, all your financial needs will be provided to you. I'll invite you to any VIP events that I get invited to."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Hm..."</b>@@\n\n!@@color:purple;<b>"What?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"What if I get lonely?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"That's nonsense. You and I know that you don't even enjoy my company."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"That maybe true...."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;(I have to think of something fast before she makes up her mind and declines my deal.)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"How about I introduce you to Prince Joshua? You two can get to know each other more better."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Oh! Me and Prince Joshua, my ideal good looking sexy prince. Plus he's rich and I could be a princess still. That's the perfect plan."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Yeah yeah."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;(Sorry, Prince Joshua. For the sake of Charles Kingdom and I, you have my greatest gratitude. My condolence to you and Dresvan Kingdom.)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Do we have a deal?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"But..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"What now?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"But..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"The whole world already knows we're engaged..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"No need to worry about it. I'll do something with the media and have a press conference. I'll even take the blame for breaking off the engagement. Is that satisfactory?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"You would be willing to look like the bad guy for me? I'm so deeply moved."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Edward would look like the big bad prince that broke the heart of this innocent caring princess, I would look like the victim and any gentle prince wouldn't be able to resist that.)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"You know I would do anything for you."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>{{{"As long as I can get rid of you and out of my life for good.."}}}</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Hm?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Nothing so do we have ourselves a deal?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"You got yourself a deal!"</b>@@\n\nI hold out my hands and Edward grabbed it and shaked it with all his strength while his eyes bleaming with tears of joy.\n\n@@color:grey;(I know how badly Edward wanted me out of his life so he knows how I would come back even stronger and more ferocious than ever if he did not follow through with the deal.)@@\n\n@@color:grey;(It was a joyous day and Edward has finally regained his freedom and I... gained a new opportunity to make more money.@@\n\n[IMG[http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5511/11916429423_3735c30678_n.jpg]]\n\n<b>AFTER NOTE:</b>\n\nEdward had done what he promised and sent me a check every month. The next step is for Edward to set up a meeting between Prince Joshua and I. \n\nI just can't wait!\n\n[IMG[http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3831/11918199243_ab95fe17d0_n.jpg]]\n[IMG[http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7325/11918376114_87b4838661_n.jpg]]
The next day, Edward and I got ready for the reception party and rushed over to the revenue.\n\nThe vice president was the guest of honor and was going to give a speech, but feeling under the weather, he'd canceled last minute.\n\nAndre had asked Edward and I to take his place.\n\n@@color:grey;(What a bother.)@@\n\n<b>"Friends are great things to have...You're really saving my neck."</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(And your wallet.)@@\n\n<b>"You too, Princess <<print $playerFirstName>>, thanks I guess."</b>\n\nAndre pointed to me.\n\n@@color:grey;(Your gratitude is overwhelming...)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I'd do anything to help..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(If it helps fatten my wallet.)@@\n\n<b>"The way you held yourself at yesterday's pre-party...astounding."</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(You don't need to be sarcastic.)@@\n\n<b>"You were undignified, uncultivated...please just don't catch too much unwanted attention tonight."</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(All of Edward's friends are just so amazing...I couldn't help but be spiteful towards them.)@@\n\nI couldn't tell him what I was really thinking so I smiled back at Andre while cursing him under my breath.\n\nA firm hand touched me on my shoulder.\n\nI looked up to see Edward's hard gaze warning me not to do anything stupid.\n\n<u>[[Just then, we turned around at the sound of something rustling loudly at the entrance.]]</u>
I took the drink, and we each cracked open our drink cans gand gazed out into the distance.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"This really is...A beautiful hotel."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"The building, the landscape around it..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>{{{"And the money."}}}</b>@@\n\n<b>"Sorry, what was that?</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Oh nothing, I was just so in awe at the beauty of this hotel."@@</b>\n\n<b>"Oh, I see.</b>\n\n<b>"There's...Only ocean here..."</b>\n\nJack looked sad again.\n\nI crossed my fingers hoping that he won't start telling me a long boring story.\n\n<b>"Actually I ... Lost my wife three months ago..."</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"My...Deepest condolences."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Noooo! This is what I most feared. Boring stories about him and his wife. I bet he'll throw in a story about how he met her too. My condolence to you, now SHUT UP!)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Time heals all wounds, so maybe, given some more time..."</b>@@\n\nI threw in more bullshit lines hoping that he'll eventually shut up but I was wrong.\n\nJack nodded in agreement.\n\n<b>"Exactly."</b>\n\n<b>"If anything, I feel the loss of my wife even more now, than right after it happened."</b>\n\n<b>"No matter what I do...All I can think of is my wife."</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"......"@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey; (Those lines...Haven't I heard of them from daytime soap operas? I couldn't believe what I was hearing.)@@\n\nI looked up at Jack, as he smiled self deprecatingly.\n\n<b>"I was always so busy with work, and didn't give my wife the attention she deserved."</b>\n\n@@color:grey; (There's more?!?!)@@\n\n<b>"But, I'd promised my wife that we'd take a nice vacation as soon as I finished this hotel." </b>\n\nI was struggling to be attentive as I listened to his story. It was neither interesting nor original. It was a story that can be easily made into mainsteam television. \n\n@@color:grey; (Jacky, it's a waste for you to be an architect...you should have been a writer for television sitcoms)@@\n\n<b>"We were both born in the tropics, so we wanted to go to a place where it snowed..."</b>\n\n@@color:grey; (Yadda yadda...)@@\n\n<b>"White roses were my wife's favorite flowers.</b>\n\n@@color:grey; (Oh dear lord. Why don't you tell us everything about your wife while you're at it.)@@\n\n<b>"The day I submitted all the blueprints for this hotel, I bought home so many white roses, I could barely hold them in my arms."</b>\n\n<b>"I decorated them all over our room to celebrate with my wife."</b>\n\n<b>"But...When I opened the front door, she was on the floor of the living room..."</b>\n\n<b>"And that was it...the doctors later told me it was due to the pollen that she suffered a severe asthma attack which resulted in suffocation."</b>\n\n<b>"I killed her. It was all my fault."</b>\n\n@@color:grey; (This guy is a murderer and yet he's trying to bore me to death with his story.)@@\n\nJack's calm expression twisted into one of pain.\n\n<b>"I'd always neglected my wife... Telling myself I'll get to her after I submit the blueprints, after I finish the hotel."</b>\n\n<b>"If I knew that was my last day with her, I wouldn't have left her side. If only I had tried to communicate with her more often, I would have found out that she was allergic to pollen...Yet she loves white roses."</b>\n\nI shook my head weakly.\n\n@@color:grey; (No...That wasn't his fault...Money comes first. I would have done the same thing.)@@\n\n<b>"That's why...When I see white roses, I'm reminded of just how useless I am, and It's so hard especially knowing that I was the one that caused her death even if it was by accident."</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"......""@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey; (Such a pitiful old man...Oh well, c'est la vie.)@@\n\n<b>"I'm sorry...I said too much."</b>\n\nI was so glad he finally noticed that he had talked too much. I couldn't bare another minute listening to his long story but I kept calm and continued to smile.\n\n<b>"Let me take you to your room."</b>\n\n<u>[[I went back to my hotel room, drained of my energy to think of any words to say to Jack.]]</u>\n
<<set $Score = $Score + 1>>\n@@color:pink;<b>"Could please have the milk tea."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(At least out of the two, milk tea tastes less like piss.)@@\n\n<b>"Yes, of course." </b>\n\nJack smiled softly and held out the milk tea.\n\n<<display 'Hanging garden'>>
Jack slowly came walking over.\n\nHis arms were full of flower petals.\n\n<b>"I was about to lead a life I would have regretted."</b>\n\n<b>"I was going to let that one, sad day, destroy all the wonderful memories I had with my wife."</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"......"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Please no more of your long boring stories!)@@\n\nI rolled my eyes but Jack did not notice.\n\n<b>"I remembered why my wife loved these flowers so much..."</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Why? Because they are a good size to stuff it in your mouth to shut you up?)@@\n\n<b>"The first flowers I gave her on Christmas day, were these white roses."</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"......"</b>@@\n\nI was half asleep from his boring Disney wannabe cliche story but for my last effort I kept smiling and nodding.\n\n@@color: purple;<b>"I'm sure...That your wife is happy now too."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(I'm sure that she's happy now being free from your boring stories, Jack.)@@\n\nJack nodded at Edward's kind words.\n\n<b>"I feel as if ...I'm watching it snow with my wife."</b>\n\n<b>"It's the best Christmas present ever..."</b>\n\nI felt like vomiting after hear their cliche exchange.\n\nRyan then walked out from the stage wings, holding a microphone.\n\n<b>"Everyone. How do you like the Christmas present, From this hotel, Prince Edward and Princess <<print $playerFirstName>>?"</b>\n\n<b>"The party's not over yet. Please, enjoy the rest of the night."</b>\n\nThe party venue that had been completely silent, suddenly exploded in applause.\n\nRyan's quick thinking, everyone thought this was all a planned part of the party.\n\n@@color:grey;(Everyone here.... is an idiot.)@@\n\nRyan switched his microphone off, and whispered quietly.\n\n<b>"That was a good move on my part but remove those flowers from the floor before people stomp all over them and make a mess."</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"......"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Who the heck does he think he is... he's not even the organizer of this event. Demanding, rich bastard.)@@\n\n<b>"And...whatever 'good' deed you do, I'm pretty sure behind it is ill intentions."</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Ryan you say such cruel things..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(I bet it's due to Edward's influence.)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"That's right, Ryan. I can never comprehend what she is thinking. Never."</b>@@\n\nEdward nodded in agreement to what Ryan said.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"My darling Edward, how can you say such things about your own fiancee."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I have always wholeheartedly loved and cared for you. What have I ever done to you to deserve this?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Edward I know you'll never dare to say it out loud.)@@\n\nEdward sigh.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I'm just so tired of this. I don't know how long can I hold on. I don't know what to do anymore."</b>@@\n\n<b>"Stop playing mind games with Edward."</b>\n\nI'm getting irritated by Ryan's demanding attitude.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"What authority do you have over me, the future Princess <<print $playerFirstName>> of Charles."</b>@@\n\n<b>"!!!"</b>\n\nI could clearly see Ryan was bursting with anger and ready to snap at me but calmed down after noticing a few of the audience was staring over here.\n\nRyan smiled and waved at them.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Ryan calm down, lets not make a big scene."</b>@@\n\nEdward patted Ryan on the shoulder.\n\nEdward left Ryan to work the crowd with the microphone and escorted me off of the stage.\n\nOnce off the stage, Jack came over to where we were after he had gotten his coat from the coat check.\n\n<b>"Thank you so much for today."</b>\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Are you leaving already...?"</b>@@\n\n<b>"Yes. I've changed my schedule, and thought I'd go to my home town to visit my wife's grave...I want to place white roses on her grave this Christmas."</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"That would be lovely."</b>@@\n\nJack smiled and nodded, and took out a key from his bag.\n\n<b>"If you don't mind...I'd like to give this to the two of you, as a Christmas present."</b>\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"A...Key?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(YES! This is all it comes down to! A house or a castle...what amazing architectural gift do you have for us?)@@\n\nI moved closer to Jack so that I could hear more clearly.\n\n<b>"It's the key to my private studio, that I modeled this hotel on."</b>\n\n<b>"You can see how I played with the design as an architect..."</b>\n\n<b>"Please, use it to your heart's content."</b>\n\nJack raised a hand with a smile, and left the party. \n\n@@color:purple;<b>"This hotel is beautiful...I'm very curious to see how Jack designed his own studio."</b>@@\n\nEdward's eyes were beaming with life.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"<<print either("Yeah.", "Great.", "Sure.", "Hmm..")>>"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(I wonder how I should feel when my OWN fiancee is glowing while thinking about another man...because I'm feeling nothing right now? On the other hand if you told me my money dropped into another person's pocket... that's something else.)@@\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o10_400.png]]\n\nEdward smiled, a childishly mischieveous gleam in his eye and not even paying attention to what I just said.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I might take a page out of Prince Roberto's book...And sneak out of this party."</b>@@\n\nEdward said this to no one particular but then he looked at me.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Jack did invited the both of us... even though I rather go myself but you did do that 'good' deed so...you want to come?"</b>@@\n\n<u>[[CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT ENDING YOU GOT!!!|ending]]</u>\n\n@@color:yellow;*note: The ending is determined by what you have chosen in the multiple choice selections.@@
Christmas in Summer
@@color:gray;(No matter how pretty he is, he deserves a tongue lashing.)@@\n\nI looked up and looked straight at Ryan.\n\n@@color:pink; <b>"It's true, I may still have a lot to learn...But I didn't ask for your opinion."</b>\n\n<b>"I don't care who you are but we never asked you." </b>@@\n\n@@color:gray;(He's not worth sucking up to.)@@\n\n<b>"....." </b>\n\n<b>"Well... then I'll excuse myself."</b>\n\nRyan gave a disgruntle hmph and left Edward in a daze.\n\n[IMG[http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o5_400.png]]\n<<display 'After Ryan Leaves'>>
[IMG[https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQrBn87TpLSrKS7b1Yg-RZzU27L2aioHZ9Pt18iPSGXqoaytPzQMQ]]\n\nThe party was on a much larger scale than the pre-party the night before, with guests dress in expensive gorgeous designer formal wear.\n\nI looked around at the pink cattleyas that decorated every corner of the venue, And thought of the white roses that had been rejected that afternoon. \n\n@@color:grey;(Why didn't they use jewels and diamonds? I would have stuffed a few in my pocket.)@@\n\n<b>"Are you enjoying yourself, <<print $playerFirstName>>? Thought you were with Prince Edward...?"</b>\n\nI turned around to see Jack smiling.\n\n@@color:grey;(You idiotic old man, how can I enjoy myself when I don't even get paid.)@@\n\n<b>@@color:pink; "Edward had to talk to Andre..."@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;('Talk' in other words, flirting. It ticks me off, to make a sexy girl like me wait here all alone.)@@\n\n<b>@@color:pink; "But look how everyone is enjoying themselves in this beautiful party room."@@</b>\n\n<b>"That's very nice of you to say."</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Enough of small talk, I'll go straight for the kill.)@@\n\n<b>@@color:pink; "Um...Jack. About this afternoon..."@@</b>\n\n<b>"......?"</b>\n\nRyan was watching <<print $playerFirstName>> and Jack's interaction from a distance.\n\n(Is she trying to do something malicious again...?)\n\n(Why is it that watching her is so irritating, yet I can't take my eyes off of her...?)\n\nWhile Ryan talked to himself, Edward came rushing over.\n\n<b>"Ed..."</b>\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o4_400.png]]\n\n<b>@@color:purple; "W-what is she scheming this time?"@@</b>\n\nEdward was out of breath.\n\nEdward saw that Ryan was looking at <<print $playerFirstName>>, and he looked back at Ryan.\n\n@@color:purple;(No, another victim fall for that wrenched witch's spell.)@@\n\nRyan stuttered as he explained himself to Edward.\n\n<b>"She was trying to do something to Jack, so I was trying to watch her, but..."</b>\n\n<b>"Oh, someone's called him away... it looks like it didn't work."</b>\n\nEdward wipes the sweat off his brow.\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"Good."@@</b>\n\nA guest called Jack over, and I watched the back of him as he walked away.\n\n@@color:grey;(Dammit I didn't make use of my seductive tactics.)@@\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o2_400.png]]\n\nEdward then appeared with a mischievous smile on his face.\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"Are you alright? Is something wrong...?"@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"Or maybe... your so called skills didn't work?"@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Oh, you think you're so smart? You won't be smiling any longer after knowing what I can do to you. I'll set you in your place!)@@\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Oh Edward, my love, did you have FUN with Andre? Oh your zipper is unzipped."@@</b>\n\nEdward panicked and lowered his head to zip up his pants but noticed it was already zipped.\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Oops my bad."@@</b>\n\nI smirked.\n\nI flicked Edward's forehead and whispered in his ear.\n\n<b>@@color:pink;{{{"I have a pretty good idea what you and Andre did in the guest waiting room. It should be similar to what you did that night in the secret garden. Maybe I should twitter it and ask others for their opinion."}}}@@</b>\n\nEdward hang his head in submission.\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"No that is not necessary."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Speaking of the devil..."@@</b>\n\nAndre came to call us over.\n\n<b>"Edward...and <<print $playerFirstName>>." </b>\n\nAndre was blushing while taking glimpses at Edward.\n\n<b>"Ahem...We're giving Jack a bouquet of flowers after this, and then it's time for you two to give your speeches, so..." </b>\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"A-alight."@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Seeing these two make googly eyes at one another, makes me sick. A woman can only take so much.)@@\n\nI looked back and forth between Andre and Edward in disgust.\n\nEdward escorts me to a wing of the stage.\n\nI got my speech all perfectly in my head now I just have to wait for my time to dazzle the audience with my talent.\n\n@@color:grey;(So, Edward is giving his congratulatory address at the hotel opening. He sure takes his merry time.)@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Then I added a few words of congratulations to spice things up a little.)@@\n\nJust then, two big hands were placed on my shoulders.\n\nEdward whispers quietly in my ear while maintaining a smile for the audience.\n\n<b>@@color:purple;{{{"You...stop trying to make yourself look good."}}}@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Edward, what are you talking about?"@@</b>\n\nI gave him an innocent looking.\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"You're the woman I truly..."@@</b>\n\nThe audience started to talk among themselves and wondering what Edward and I were saying to each other.\n\nThis time Edward intentionally spoke louder so that the audience can hear.\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"So, believe in yourself. For my sake, the man who you love so deeply and will do anything for, believe in my belief of you. "@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(What a pile of bull.)@@\n\nJust then, the stage suddenly broke out in a commotion.\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"......?"@@</b>\n\nI looked, and saw that Jack had just dropped the bouquet of flowers the young female presenter had handed him.\n\nThe flowers that had been dropped to the floor...Were white roses.\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"......"@@</b>\n\nJack shook his head to the side, and spat out, painfully.\n\n<b>"I can not accept these flowers...I'm sorry, but I have to excuse myself."</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"What a drama queen."@@</b>\n\nI unconsciously spoke it out loud but luckily only Edward could hear it, who immediate shot me an angry glare.\n\n[IMG[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o3_400.png]]\n\n@@color:grey;(Oopsy daisy.)@@\n\nJack left the stage, and walked through the parted crowd. And walked away without looking back.\n\n@@color:grey;(How dare he interrupted my speech and make a big scene then just walk out like that. Who the heck does he thinks he is?)@@\n\nUnable to take it all, I found myself jumping on the stage.\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Please wait...!"@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;{{{"You shitty old man."}}}@@</b>\n\nJack then stopped with his back still turned, and the guests all looked at me.\n\nWhen I looked to the wing of the stage, Edward was there shaking his head frantically, as if to say "don't do anything stupid."\n\n@@color:grey;(Forget him.)@@\n\nI looked back at Jack's back. \n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Don't hate them."@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Just think of all the internal struggle I had when dealing with rich people.)@@\n\nThe guest began to buzz.\n\n"What's going on?"\n\nSome guest started to jump to their own conclusions thinking that I was having some lover's tiff.\n\n"What? The architect and the princess?"\n\n@@color:grey;(Annoying pests! If I could sentence all of you to death, I would.)@@\n\nI continued on, ignoring all the useless comment that were being thrown around.\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Don't let a tragedy, ruin your beautiful memories of your wife."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Don't destroy all your memories of your wife."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Don't hate the flowers that she loved so much."@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Think of all the money that could have been mines but isn't.)@@\n\nTears dripped down my cheeks.\n\n<b>"......"</b>\n\nJack still had his back turned, but he stood where he was and didn't walk away.\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Don't be sad about the snow that you promised your wife, you'd see together."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"That she dreamed of seeing with all her."@@</b>\n\nJust then, something white fluttered down and then fluttered down again.\n\nEveryone in the party held their breath, and looked up at the large domed ceiling.\n\nJust then, more and more of the same thing fluttered down on the ventilation breeze.\n\nIt was so beautiful, for someone who only has money on her mind,it moved me a little bit.\n\nThough they were beautifully white, they were fragranted white flower petals.\n\n@@color:grey;(How beautiful.)@@\n\nThe audience sighed in admiration. \n\nAnd Jack fell onto his knees, catching the flower petals with both his outstretched hands.\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Jack...I'm sure that your wife does not want the man she loves to be filled with sadness when he sees the flowers that she loved."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"I'm sure what she wants you to remember...Are the great times you shared...The snow that you both dreamed about together."@@</b>\n\nStill on his knees, Jack took the white flower petals that filled his arms. And held them tightly against him, nodding over and over again like he was performing some ritual.\n\nFrom the stage wing, Ryan could see clearly what was happening.\n\n<b>"I can't believe it...What kind of woman is she...?"</b>\n\nLouis stood next to him, smiling.\n\n<b>@@color:green;"I ensure that you ain't seen nothing yet."@@</b>\n\nRyan remained silent, and Louis continued on.\n\n<b>@@color:green;"That is the future princess of our country, Charles kingdom...And...I am deeply worried for our future."@@</b>\n\nHe watched as Edward walked slowly towards <<print $playerFirstName>>.\n\n<b>@@color:green;"That is...The future..."@@</b>\n\nLouis stood there looking dispirited.\n\nSuddenly, Edward was next to me, his amethyst eyes muddled.\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"It's so beautiful..."@@</b>\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o4_400.png]]\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I'm don't get it..."</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Hmm...?"@@</b>\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"You would never... never would I believe that you did something..."</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Good?"@@</b>\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Yeah..."</b>@@\n\nStill with a confused look on his face, Edward and I watched the silently falling snowy petals with bated breath.\n\n<u>[[Snowy flower petals fell silently.]]</u>
<b>"I am so honored to meet you, your highness. My name is Jack Miller." </b>\n\n@@color:pink;(Jack Miller. Jack Miller the architect. Where have I heard of that name. My famous celebrity radar is ringing.)@@\n\nI ruminated in my head for awhile, and then widened my eyes and looked up.\n\n!@@color:pink;<b>"Um...Are you Jack Miller, the architect!?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Doh! That sounded stupid.)@@\n\n[IMG[http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o5_400.png]]\n\nEdward and Jack looked at me blankly.\n\nI quickly bowed my head.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I'm sorry. My Name is <<print $playerFirstName>> <<print $playerLastName>>... but ever since I saw Oriens Cathedral a long time ago. I've been a fan of your work, Mr. Miller..." </b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Sucking up to famous people makes the world go round.)@@\n\n<b>"What wonderful news.... So you have seen Oriens Cathedral?"</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Good good he's smiling! I'll get myself some bonus points.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Yes...I love your modern designs as well."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"But the way the soft light shone through the skylight in that cathedral, and the warmth and elegance of the decorative carvings...Moved me so much."</b> @@\n\n@@color:grey;(Like always my bullshitting skills is top notch.)@@\n\nJack nodded happily over and over.\n\n<b>"That building means a lot to me." </b>\n\n<b>"It moves my architect's heart to hear that you were so touched by it." </b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Yeah yeah... now reward me for my ass kissing efforts.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I went to a service there a long time ago on Christmas day... It happened to be snowing that day...And the cathedral looked beautiful in the snow." </b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Which was a story my friend had once told me. Thankful that I actually listened to that lame story now.)@@\n\n<b>"Snow...I come from the tropics, I've only ever seen snow in films and on TV..."</b>\n\n<b>"I'm sure the snow in Charles and Oriens is beautiful." </b>\n\n[IMG[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o7_400.png]]\n\nEdward smiled and nodded.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Yes. Please come see the snow in Charles some times." </b>@@\n\nJack thanked Edward for the offer but for some reason he looked down, and seemed somewhat sad and lonely.\n\n@@color:grey;(Whatever. Not my problem. I did what I had to do.)@@\n\n<u>[[Jack was called by a hotel guest, and he excused himself and left.]]</u>
You decided to grab the key from Edward's hand.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"You did nothing so you don't deserve to go."</b>@@\n\nI stomp out of the party.\n\n@@color:grey;(I had enough for today. I stank like a rich snob. I was suffocating in there.)@@\n\nThat night, I couldn't get to sleep. I felt dejected after doing everything, the only reward I got was a key.\n\n@@color:grey;(What does he expect me to with the lousy key, sell it?)@@\n\nI decided to take a walk outside and left a note for Edward.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>'I'm going out for a walk. Don't look for me. Don't want to see you neither.</b>@@\n\nThe coal black ocean melted into the night sky, and I could hear the gentle sound of the waves. \n\nI took a deep breath and filled my lungs with the night air and stretched.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"If only I could convert all this free oxygen to cash..."</b>@@\n\nI placed my hands on either side of my face, when I heard a voice behind me.\n\n<b>"Be quiet."</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Someone there?)@@\n\nI quickly turned around to see Ryan sprawled out on a deck chair.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Ryan..."</b>@@\n\n<b>"You're as free as anyone else to walk around at night, but can you think about what you're saying out in public."</b>\n\nRyan looked at me with annoyance.\n\n@@color:grey;(So he eavesdropped, what a rude man.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I could do whatever I want. I did not ask for your advice."</b>@@\n\n<b>"Fine. You're even more foul mood than earlier."</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"What!?"</b>@@\n\n<b>"Stop making so much noise. Just shut up and sit down."</b>\n\nRyan pointed his jaw at the deckchair next to him.\n\n@@color:grey;(Is he a masochist? He wants me to yell at him?)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Hm...Fine you asked for it."</b>@@\n\nI sat down on the deck chair, gallantly.\n\n<b>"......"</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"......"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Should I go straight for a tongue lashing for earlier?)@@\n\n[IMG[https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRWWLnycooMAn9MUiRuPevOaLn8IJxtdR3qnWLoZwHhWaCwlMpnfw]]\n\n<b>"The stars look beautiful."</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Right..."</b>@@\n\n<b>"I don't mind just staring at nature like this."</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Great..."</b>@@\n\n<b>"......"</b>\n\n@@color:green;<b>"Princess-"</b>@@\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_meff512FDY1rung62o3_400.gif]]\n\nI turned in the direction of the voice to see Louis at the entrance.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Louis."</b>@@\n\n@@color:green;<b>"And Ryan...What are you two doing together?"</b>@@\n\n<b>"It's just a coincidence. What are you doing here, Louis?"</b>\n\n@@color:green;<b>"I just finished a meeting, and I was on my way back to my room..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:green;<b>"When I saw the both of you from a window."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Edward is such a slave driver.)@@\n\n<b>"Why don't you stay here awhile too."</b>\n\n@@color:green;<b>"Okay."</b>@@\n\nWe sat on the deckchairs, holding the drinks that Louis had bought for us. \n\n<b>"This reminds me of the good old days..."</b>\n\n<b>"When me, you and Ed would stare at the skies or go fishing from that villa by the sea."</b>\n\n@@color:green;<b>"We even took a boat out and explored that uninhabited island."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(...What's with these boring childhood stories?)@@\n\nRyan started laughing.\n\n<b>"We got in such big trouble from the grownups after that."</b>\n\n@@color:green;<b>"Yes, we certainly did..."</b>@@\n\nRyan and Louis were talking endlessly about their childhood that I found myself just sitting there, staring aimlessly at the sky.\n\n@@color:grey;(This isn't going anywhere. My mood is even more worst than before I came out for a walk.)@@\n\nJust then, my cellphone rang.\n\n@@color:grey;(Eureka! Someone to get me away from this nightmare. Whoever you are, I praise you from the bottom of my heart.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"!!!"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(A text message from Edward.)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>'Burn in hell for all I care!'</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I'm sorry. I think Prince Edward woke up and ... Is wondering...</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>{{{"If I could punch him."}}}</b>@@\n\n<b>"Hm?"</b>\n@@color:green;<b>"Hm?"</b>@@\n\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Ahem, is wondering where I am, so I'll go back to our room, adieu.</b>@@\n\nI started to get up, when I felt my hair get pulled back.\n\n@@color:grey;(Huh...?)@@\n\nI looked and saw that my hair was caught in Louis's jacket.\n\n@@color:green;<b>"Oh!"</b>@@\n\nLouis did his best to untangle my hair from his jacket, but it was really stuck.\n\n@@color:grey;(Fuck! It gets better and better!)@@\n\n@@color:green;<b>"Um, I have some scissors with me."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Don't tell me he's going to cut my hair. I'll slaughter him!)@@\n\nLouis carefully cut the strings of his button.\n\n@@color:grey;(!)@@\n\n[IMG[http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5491/11922079746_3758cf2254_n.jpg]]\n\nI noticed that Louis' jacket was an expensive jacket made by Jean Pierre.\n\n@@color:grey;(This could fetch some money. Screw him for snagging my hair.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I'll sew the button back on, let me take the jacket with me.</b>@@\n\n@@color:green;<b>"No, I'll take care of this myself..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"No, let me do it. I'm the royal designer, it's my job.</b>@@\n\nAfter I said that with a smile, Louis took his jacket off.\n\n@@color:green;<b>"Ok."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I'll return this jacket to you by the morning but this jacket look a bit tattered. I might need to throw it out if I can't fix the button.</b>@@\n\nI bowed to Louis and Ryan, and left the garden.\n\nAfter she left Louis watched her go, and sat weakly on the deskchair.\n\nRyan was sprawled out on the next deckchair. \n\n<b>"What a strange woman...Not very princess-like..."</b>\n\n@@color:green;<b>"I thought she was going to kill me."</b>@@\n\n<b>"I could see that happening."</b>\n\n@@color:green;<b>"I think you being here, saved me."</b>@@\n\n<b>"Huh?"</b>\n\n@@color:green;<b>"Even for her, she won't be brave enough to kill someone with a witness present."</b>@@\n\nLouis forced a laugh.\n\nRyan gazed intently at Louis.\n\n<b>"Really?"</b>\n\n@@color:green;<b>"Yeah."</b>@@\n\n@@color:green;<b>"You'll never know what she'll do."</b>@@\n\n<b>"Edward wasn't lying then."</b>\n\n@@color:green;<b>"Nope."</b>@@\n\nLouis and Ryan looked at each other with their head slumped.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Achoo...!</b>@@\n\nI sneezed as I brushed my hair, sitting at the dress.\n\n@@color:grey;(Urg, I got split ends and snagged hair because of him!)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"You're back already?</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"!!!"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"You dare talk to me when I'm in a bad mood. You're pretty brave!"</b>@@\n\nEdward sighed.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"You and your mood swings. I will never know how to coup with it."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"How about by not sending me those garbage text messages?"</b>@@\n\nI shoved my cell phone at Edward.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"You were the one who started it. Telling me not to look for you because you don't want to see me."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"That's not a reason to talk back!"</b>@@\n\nEdward held his arms in a cross position to shield himself from any incoming attacks.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"You know I won't kill you. I need you to stay alive and live long to provide me with all my financial needs."</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"You're never going to let me go, are you?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Nope."</b>@@\n\nEdward's knees gave way and he crumbled to the floor. \n\n!@@color:purple;<b>"Nooooooooooooo!!!"</b>@@\n\n!@@color:pink;<b>"Shut up!"</b>@@\n\nBut Edward yelled and yelled even though no one could hear him through these thick walls that were deep below the ocean floor. \n\n@@color:grey;(Oh whatever, I'll just use my new earplugs that I bought before the trip.)@@\n\n[IMG[http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7292/11916149035_132b88660b_n.jpg]]\n\n<b>AFTER NOTE:</b>\n\nAfter that night...Edward started acting strangely. He was emotionally unstable and was later admitted to a mental institution in Charles. While he was in there I was still able to live in the castle and take advantage of my 'princess' status. \n\nI just love my life, time to swipe more credit cards.\n\n[IMG[http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3764/11922280665_9057cbfbd8_n.jpg]]\n[IMG[http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5480/11922738754_25277a9851.jpg]]\n
@@color:purple;<b>"Ryan maybe a little rude, but he has a point."</b>@@\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o10_400.png]]\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I don't know how he does it but he's always so on the mark when it comes to judging people."</b>@@\n\nEdward continued to shamelessly praise Ryan.\n\n@@color:grey;(Spare me!)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"He must be a genius! The way he acted he must have you all thought out."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Edward your feeble tactics are useless. I will not be shakened by your remarks. I will latch on to you till I get my money's worth.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"It's fine, I'm not at all bothered by it."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(In your face, ha! When it comes to money, I have nerves of steel.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"If he's your close friend...I want to like him too."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"So, I'll do my best to make him like me."</b>@@\n\nI smiled back, and Edward's eyes grew wide for a moment.\n\n[IMG[http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o5_400.png]]\n\n@@color:purple;<b>{{{"You really are a shameless woman."}}}</b>@@\n\nUnder his breath Edward mumbled something.\n\n@@color:grey;(I pretty much know what he was saying but I'll...)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Hmm...What was that?</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Nothing."</b>@@\n\nI couldn't help but chuckled.\n\nHe then narrowed his eyes as if blinded by his anger, and wrapped his hands around mine.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Just shut up and move along."</b>@@\n\n[IMG[https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTquG0RZDLFdbwidlj7V87P3FJuUC43QhNhOBGyi5lI4k1_mEde]]\n\nEdward took my hand and stood in front of the glass window facing the ocean and as he gazed at the swimming fish, he whispered.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I've fallen deeper into hell. What have I done to deserve this? I'm sanking and unlike those tropical fish, I can't swim back up. I can't breathe..."</b>@@\n\nEdward squeezed my hand, and I squeezed his hand back.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"It's so pitiful for a man to be so powerless."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(I'll be his princess...whether he likes it or not...So that I can stay by his side to indulge myself in luxury.)@@\n\n<u>[[The next day...]]</u>\n\n
<<set $Score = $Score + 1>>\n@@color:gray;(Is he trying to get me to admit that I'm all in it for the money? You'll just have to beat it out of me.)@@\n\nI looked up and looked straight at Ryan.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"It's true, I may still have a lot to learn...But I'm going to work hard to be a princess worthy of Prince Edward."</b>\n\n<b>"I don't care how hard I have to work." </b>@@\n\n@@color:gray;(For my money, I would do anything.)@@\n\n<b>"Well anyways...I'll see just how good you are." </b>\n\n<b>"I look forward to it."</b>\n\n[IMG[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o8_400.png]]\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Ryan...!"</b>@@\n\n<b>"Uh oh. I'd better excuse myself before I get Ed even madder."</b>\n\nRyan raised a hand and went back into the middle of the room.\n\n<<display 'After Ryan Leaves'>>
body {\n margin: 0;\n padding: 0;\n}\n#passages {\n margin: 0 5% 0 5%;\n padding: 2.5% 0 5% 0;\n border-left: saddlebrown solid 1.5em;\n height:auto;\n background: #3d1d08;\n background: -webkit-radial-gradient(center, ellipse cover, #3d1d08 0%,#000000 80%);\n background: radial-gradient(ellipse at center, #3d1d08 0%,#000000 80%);\n}\n.header {\n width: 25%;\n border-top: saddlebrown solid 0.1em;\n margin: auto;\n padding: 0 0 2.5% 0;\n}\n.passage {\n margin: 2em;\n font-family: "Georgia", serif;\n font-size:2.2em; \n color: peru;\n text-shadow: sienna 0.05em 0.05em 0.05em;\n}\na.internalLink, a.externalLink {\n color: burlywood;\n text-shadow: peru 0.05em 0.05em 0.05em;\n}\na.internalLink:hover, a.externalLink:hover {\n color: cornsilk;\n text-decoration: none;\n text-shadow: peru 0.05em 0.05em 0.05em;\n}\n#sidebar {\n display:none;\n}
After watching him go, I looked back to see Ryan with an indignant look on his face.\n\n@@color:grey;(What!? You have a problem or something? Lets play it safe and not piss off the pretty boy.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I'm sorry...To just interject like that."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Did he buy it?)@@\n\n!<b>"Really!?!?"</b>\n\nRyan clearly was displeased with what I just did.\n\n<b>"I was introducing him to Ed, NOT you." </b>\n\n@@color:grey;(His face maybe pretty but he's pretty stingy.)@@\n\nI apologize again.\n\nEdward intervened.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Ryan, forgot it. Let's not make a big scene. We don't want unwanted attention."</b>@@\n\nRyan unyielding.\n\n<b>"I'm just telling the truth."</b>\n\n<b>"Jack lost his wife recently, and has been feeling really down. This was his first time out in public in a long time... I don't know when I'll see him again. Thanks to her." </b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Is that the reason why he looked so sad. Poor guy. Oh well. Life goes on.)@@\n\n!<b>"Hey. Are you even listening?"</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Throw me some bills and I may bother to listen.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Uh, yes...I'm sorry!"</b>@@\n\n<b>"I didn't even want to tell you about it."</b>\n\n<b>"I'm sorry Ed...I'm not sure about your choice with this one." </b>\n\n@@color:grey;(No one asked you for your opinion!)@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"What do you mean...?"</b>@@\n\n<b>"She's dull. She's rude. She's boring and absentminded..."</b>\n\n@@color:grey;<b>(I wouldn't be so dull and boring if I had more money. I blame my absentmindness on you rich boring people. If it hadn't been for your money, I wouldn't even bother talking to you. </b>@@\n\n<b>"She doesn't even listen when people are talking."</b>\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o4_400.png]]\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Ryan...I don't care who you are, if you continue to remind me of her flaws...I'll really get mad.</b>@@\n\n<b>"Alright. Then I'll change the subject."</b>\n\nRyan then stared straight into my eyes.\n\n<b>"<<print $playerFirstName>>...Do you honestly believe that you are a worthy princess for Ed?"</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"......"</b>@@\n\nI looked down, looking for the right words.\n\n<u>[[Say that you'll work hard to be worthy of him]]</u>\n\n<u>[[I don't care about your opinion]]</u>
!@@color:Fuchsia ;<b>'Royal Christmas in the Palace - Christmas in Summer'</b>@@\n(rewritten version of Edward's 2013 xmas event)\nrewritten by: C.L\nRATED: PG \n(There may be some profanity and some depictions of violence or brief nudity.)\n\n\n<b>@@color:yellow;*please do not copy any part of the story without giving credit to this site*@@</b>\n\n!<b>[Story Description]</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Ah, prestige is something to die for."@@</b>- MC\n\nDespite being a shallow and egoistic bitch the MC has somehow miraculously landed herself the #1 job in Charles, future princess of Charles. Prince Edward doesn’t seem so happy about it but she doesn’t give a **** what he wants. All she cares about is the perks and money that comes with it. \n\n<b>@@color:purple;“I’ve fallen deeper into hell. What have I done to deserve this? I’m sanking and unlike those tropical fish, I can’t swim back up. I can’t breathe...”@@ </b>- Edward \n\nThe MC tags along when Edward goes to visit his CLOSE and yet rich friend at a high class hotel on a gorgeous island for Christmas. Edward hates the idea of going on the trip with her and his friends doesn’t seem so keen in meeting her too but despite their malice towards her, she’ll use all her skills, tactics and beauty to get what she wants.\n\n<b>@@color:grey;(I’ll be his princess...whether he likes it or not...So that I can stay by his side to indulge myself in luxury.)@@</b>- MC\n\n<b>Sprites taken from:</b> [[Fortykoubuns|http://fortykoubuns.tumblr.com/]] \n\n<b>@@color:yellow;HINTS!!@@</b>\n<b>@@color:yellow;*The ending is determined by your answer so choose wisely.*@@</b>\n\n<u>[[CONTINUE]]</u>
The beautiful sea gleamed like scattered blue jewels. The limousine drove slowly down the white corridor road above it. Eventually, I saw a modern, sophisticated building with windows 360 degrees around it.\n\nI sighed, thinking it's a pitty that the sight is so beautiful yet we're not enjoying ourselves.\n\nWe got out of the limousine, and I gazed again at the sophisticated and beautiful hotel.\n\n@@color:grey;(If only I can get a permanent room in that hotel. That would be a dream come true.) @@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"How beautiful....It's like a floating city..."</b>@@\n\nUnfaded, Edward responded with minimal effort.\n\n!@@color:purple;<b>"<<print either("Yeah.", "Great.", "Sure.", "Hmm..")>>"</b>@@\n\nAs Edward took my hand and yanked me towards the entrance of the hotel; a young strong looking man came through the entrance, holding his arms out.\n\n!<b>"Oh Edward! Long time no see... Thanks for coming, baby." </b>\n\nEdward all of sudden looked so happy.\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o2_400.png]]\n\n@@color:gray;(What the heck one minute ago he looked lifeless.)@@\n\n!@@color:purple;<b>"Andre!"</b>@@\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Thank you for inviting me. You look like you're doing VERY well."</b>@@\n\nI noticed that Edward was doing a little bit too much inspection of Andre's body. \n\nThey hugged each other tightly and looked back at me.\n\n@@color:grey;(Oh boy...)@@\n\nI felt like I shouldn't have been there and as though I was invading their privacy.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"This is Andre. The second son of the owner of this hotel, Duke Gregory, and my old friend." </b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Friend?? I don't believe it... they were more than friends.)@@\n\nEdward then pointed towards me.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"This... is my fiance"</b>@@\n\nEdward almost choked on the word fiance.\n\nAndre didn't seem pleased at what he saw.\n\nI tried to sound polite anyhow.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"So nice to meet you, Andre."</b>@@\n\nAndre didn't make an effort to acknowledge my existence.\n\n@@color:grey;(Knock knock! I'm here you know!)@@\n\n<b>"Don't waste your time on formalities. Make your way inside the hotel."</b>\n\nAndre waved his hand towards the hotel while he spoked to Edward once again. \n\n<b>"Enjoy tonight's pre-party, and tomorrow's reception party, to your heart's content." </b>\n\nEven though it's obvious that he didn't appreciate that I am here but I should still show my gratitude even if I have to fake it. \n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Thank you for everything."</b>@@\n\nI then bowed.\n\nAndre gave a signal to the hotel manager.\n\nHe then showed us to the most luxurious Imperial Suite room.\n\n<u>[[INSIDE THE HOTEL]]</u>
Back at the party we continued to discuss about what had happened between Jack and I in the hanging garden.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I feel like...It would be cruel to leave him this way..."</b>@@\n\n<b>"Cruel...? Do you sumpathize with him losing his wife? Or you're lying through your teeth again."</b>\n\nFrom the way Ryan spoke to me, I am sure that Edward had told him everything about who I am.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I...I am appalled by your false accusations."</b>@@\n\nWith teary eyes...\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I'm a very sensative person and I believe that nobody can change what's already happened. If we leave things as they are, I feel as if everything, his wife, his memory of white roses, snow. Jack's love for her, would all be lost."</b>@@\n\nMore tears rolled down my face.\n\n@@color:grey;(Just think of money being burnt and tears will come naturally)@@\n\nRyan shot me a sharp glance.\n\nWhile Edward rolled his eyes. \n\n<b>"Then what can you do about it, <<print $playerFirstName>>?"</b>\n\n<b>"How can a girl who's somehow managed to become a princess, Be of any help, sticking her nose into other people's business?"</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Well..."@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Like you said, I somehow managed to become a princess... isn't that a huge achievement already?)@@\n\n@@color:grey;(I want Ryan to acknowledge how amazingly talented I am. He should feel inferior to me.)@@\n\n@@color:grey;(I could use Jack's pitiful situation for my own benefit. Even a feeble widowed old man can't resist my charms.)@@\n\n@@color:grey;(With my skills and beauty, there is no limit to what I can achieve.)@@\n\nJust then, my right hand was grabbed firmly.\n\nEdward stood to the right of me, and held on to my hand tightly.\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o4_400.png]]\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"Haven't you done enough damage already. You have already ruined my life. Must you ruin another person's too."</b>@@\n\nEdward faced forward, and said in a whisper that only I could hear.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>{{{"I beg of you, leave Jack alone. He's innocent."}}}</b>@@\n\nI put my face close to Edward's face and whispered back.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>{{{"Ed...does that mean he's one of your many lovers? Or perhaps it's his dead wife?"}}}</b>@@\n\nI moved away and made sure Edward could see my face and smirked.\n\n[IMG[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o8_400.png]]\n\nEdward blushed furiously and opened his mouth, ready to spew balls of fire at me but he did not dare make a sound.\n\nAfterwards, we had nothing to say and Edward simply glared daggers at me.\n\n<u>[[At long last, the reception party began.]]</u>\n
<<set $playerFirstName = prompt("Please choose a First Name for the main character","This cannot be changed later on, please choose wisely")>> \n<<set $playerLastName = prompt("Please choose a Last Name for the main character","This cannot be changed later on, please choose wisely")>> \nOnce outside the airport, the bright tropical sun shone down from the green sky. The fresh breeze blew against my face.\n\n@@color:grey;(Ah, prestige is something to die for.)@@\n\nThe purple hair moving in front of me stopped, and its owner slowly turned around to look at me. The deep and emotionless amethyst colored eyes that engulfed me with its beauty looked at me and coldly said.\n\n[IMG[http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o6_400.png]]\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I'm tired from the long flight. I'm going to rest in the lounge a little before going to the hotel." </b>@@ \n\nI didn't want to waste another moment and urged him to continue to our destination.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I'm fine. I'm really excited to be on this trip."</b>@@\n\nEdward didn't seem interested in my response so I continued with my small talk.\n\n@@color:pink;<b> "I've never had a summertime Christmas...And I get to have one with you, I can't wait." </b>@@ \n\nMost of that was true. It's not always that you can spend your time with a beautiful rich guy on a luxurious trip.\n\nEdward sighed and opened his mouth.\n\n@@color:purple;<b>"I'm not here for work but on the invitation of a very CLOSE friend."</b>@@\n\nHe emphasized the close friend part on purpose.\n\nEdward continued.\n\n!@@color:purple;<b>"I can't wait to finish this tropical Christmas trip with you, <<print $playerFirstName>>."</b> @@ \n\n@@color:grey;(He didn't have to say it like that.)@@\n\nEdward didn't seem so pleased to be on the trip with me.\n\n@@color:grey;(Well, what can I do. No way in hell am I cancelling this trip.) @@\n\nI tried smiling back but he didn't do the same.\n\nThen I heard a snigger behind me.\n\nWe turned around blankly, and Louis was trying to hold back his laughter, but failing.\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_meff512FDY1rung62o3_400.gif]]\n\n!@@color:green;<b>"I, I'm sorry..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:green;<b>"But you two looked like you're not enjoying the trip already when it haven't even started."</b> @@\n\n@@color:green;<b>"Your expressions looked so indifferent."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(You sure are observative, Louis. *sarcastically*)@@\n\nWe looked into each others' faces and Edward frowned while I tried to smile.\n\nEdward then sighed again and reluctantly held his hand out to escort me.\n\nI took that hand went into the limousine. \n\n\n<u>[[OFF TO THE HOTEL]]</u>\n
rewritten by C.L
I was a 'commoner' who had always wanted a life of luxury. I wasn't born with a 925 silver spoon in my mouth nor was I able to afford limited edition Prada and Chanel purses. I felt disgusted with how dull my life was. Where's the blinging blinging and excitement of wearing a 20 carat diamond ring? I wanted to visit exotic places and ride on unnecessarily expensive cruises and have servants line up to bow to me. I wanted all of that in my life. I wanted to change my life from poverty to luxury. I can't live like a second class citizen forever.\n\n[IMG[http://cdn.cnwimg.com/gallerySmThumb/a60a67b9add11b58dcff36dcc6eb379b.jpg?a=9f8f53]][IMG[http://austenprose.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/downton-abbey-servants-line2-400.jpg]]\n\nI decided to at least change my outer appearance. I enrolled myself in Academy of Art, majoring myself in Fashion Design. If I couldn't afford brand name clothing, at least I could make my own. So after 3 years of hard work, I finally graduated but without any experience I couldn't land myself in any designing jobs. With each new failure in job interviews, I lost hope till one day it all changed.\n\nMy friend from college called me out for lunch for old times' sake.\n\n<b>"So, how is everything with job hunting."</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Just terrible! People don't appreciate true beauty and talent anymore."@@</b>\n\n<b>"I guess that means your dream of living luxurious is still far far away."</b>\n\nMy friend from college is neither a close friend of mines nor was she a gossiping type so I can tell her almost anything without losing face. All of my close friends were fully aware of my true self. \n\n<b>"I found out from a friend who is a fashion industry insider that the famous fashion giant, Jean Pierre is hiring."</b>\n\n<b>"Jean Pierre is famous for designing for celebrities and even royalty. If you can get a job there, you're all set for life."</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"I have already sent in my resume and samples of my work."@@</b>\n\n[IMG[https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ5wbfSNR12HWzeYA3Vvc4OP3Y8L7sINE8FJXpPvNewoZQWePRi]]\n\nThat day as I walked back home, I spotted a large television screen, where footage of some foreign princes was being broadcasted.\n\n@@color:grey;(If only I can meet my own real prince.)@@\n\nWhen I arrived home that day, my ticket to prestige had arrived.\n\n[IMG[https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ6JStP6i5pRaUb2cHI5Ycfr65W4t3zbRs8zz5sf4KZcicaI9xL]]\n\nJean Pierre accepted my application.\n\nIt was like a fairy tale come true. I made my best efforts to stand out from the rest of my co-workers even if I had to lie and cheat my way. Of course I had skills to back up my back-stabbing tactics. Anyhow, Jean Pierre was really impressed with my work. To make my story short, Jean Pierre naively sent me to Charles castle to assist the royal family with their outfits for some special occasions. There I met the famous Prince Edward who was known for being a gentleman. He seemed like the perfect prince, was a thoughtful gentleman who was extremely popular with the ladies yet I felt he was never interested in them. Something was off. My instincts told me he's hiding something behind that fake mask of his. I was right.\n\nOne night as I pulled an all nighter, I heard some weird noise outside my window. I thought it was a ghost but I had always been a curious person. I went outside to investigate. \n\n<b>@@color:purple;"Keep your voice down."@@</b>\n\n<b>"Wait, Prince Edward..."</b>\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"I told you not to worry. I'm the prince so I can get away with anything. No one would suspect the perfect prince."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"Now, shut up."@@</b>\n\nI followed the voices in the garden and stopped at where there were vines surrounding a wall.\n\n@@color:grey;(Weird, I could clearly hear voices beyond this wall but behind this wall there shouldn't be anything.)@@\n\nI rummage around the vines and felt something clicking.\n\n[IMG[https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRGAekcKhIRtip-gvBwkFOe_GA5eNNTqjsYtlxRo3g9PkoOq0jxeQ]]\n\nA door opened and to my surprise I see Prince Edward inside.\n\n[IMG[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o10_400.png]]\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"Who..."@@</b>\n\nI was in shock from what I saw and so was Prince Edward seeing me there.\n\nThe rest of the world would be in shock if they found out what I had seen. \n\nTo keep my mouth shut, Prince Edward was forced to make a deal with me.\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Edward dear you're going to do as I say or else..."@@</b>\n\n[IMG[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o3_400.png]]\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"You!"@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"Maybe I should just youtube what I saw tonight."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"I guess you can't tell a book by it's cover."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:pink;"What was that?"@@</b>\n\nI threaten him by pressing a few buttons on my iphone.\n\n[IMG[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_medkw36gGr1rung62o9_400.png]]\n\n<b>@@color:purple;"Nothing."@@</b>\n\nEdward hang his head down like a powerless dog towards his master, unable to bark loudly afraid of being whipped.\n\nBut we still bickering at one another now and then.\n\nSo, that's how I came to be who I am today.\n\n<<display 'CONTINUE WITH THE STORY'>>