The Three Lakes Mystery

Text and Graphics by Bonnie


  The autumn turned cold very quickly.  Yesterday was sunny and warm and today it is cold and we have snow.  I live in the higher elevations of Colorado near the convergence of three lakes.  For many years, I have heard the stories about a mystery concerning these lakes.  Maybe this is the year for me to find out what is going on and solve the mystery!

  Since it is terribly cold and snowy outside, I will put on my fleece lined parka and boots and warm gloves.  Now it is time for me to go exploring.  I walk to the front door of my home, open it and walk onto our front porch.  Down the steps I go, looking around as I descend.


Will I go Left?

Will I go Right?


                                 Title: A picture of my house. - Description: My house is painted brown with a grey roof.  On the front of the house is a window to the left and a door to the right.  Along the right side of the house is a long picture window.  The sky is blue and there is green grass with piles of snow scattered about.     Title: A picture of me. - Description: I am wearing a light blue parka with white fur on the bottom and cuffs.  The hood is partially covering my blonde hair.  I am also wearing brown mittens, blue jeans and black boots.