One day, I was paranoid enough to make a red circle in my room with red chalk. Then, I laid down right in the middle of the circle with my Mac OS. The Mac OS was seemingly sitting on my chest. I struggled to look at the screen, but I could. Anyways, I booted the whole thing up, typed in my password, and bam, everything was there, and fine. An .html file with all of my fanfics was still there, as always. I went to the Mac' s web browser, Safari, and I searched fanfics. All of my results were Frozen fanfics, The Fault in our Stars fanfics and Harry Potter fanfics. I was in a rush of excitement. The FrozenDB apparently had three new stories, and they were lengthy novellas suggested by the creator, Moshposh, who e - mailed me to notify that, and yadda yadda yadda. Now, I saw what those fanfics more or less were : exactly what I was thinking. The names were " Olaf in Greenland ", " Hubble Land " and " For All Time' s Sake ". I was drooling all over my chin. My eyes were wide and open, and I felt more or less the same thing when you are in a sugar rush. But they were low rated, and I thought those were awful. I went to the best section of the site, the random section. So, I [[clicked]] it.The story I read was a small story, three paragraphs long, and it was titled : " Elsa' s New Kingdom of Snow ". Honestly, being a Frozen addict, I was literally hypnotized by that. How cool could that be ? I mean, Frozen ! All of that just makes me drool all over my room, all over my body ! I was also humming gently. I read it whole. I thought it was an excellent fanfic. From the start to end, you didn' t want the reading to ever end, just to go on forever and ever. I decided to know who was the genius that invented that story. His name was Mickeymousefan. Apparently, he was a moderator at FrozenDB. So, I wanted to know him more. One day, I decided to write a fanfic about him. He personally approved it, and he sent me a friend request shortly after. Of course, I accepted it. We started to talk about writing fanfics, its meaning in life and all of that. Being a girl, I can san I loved to talk with him. All of his conversations were lighthearted, funny, and absolutely lovely. We started to get more attached to each other, and then, it was time. Mickeymousefan came dressed in a tuxedo. We spoke, until he came and said, " LET US KISS SHALL WE YUM YUM ". I was literally pooping my pants. I said, " Yes...", and then, in a bright flash of colors, Mickeymousefan' s profile pic ( someone in a horse mask ) and my profile pic came together. Both of us were with our eyes open as hell, and my back was hurting. But the jealous Mac was connected to me. [[Oh no]].The Mac, that was actually called Steven, looked at me, furiously, and said : " WTF ARE YOU DOING I AM YOUR ETERNAL LOVE ". I was crying. The Mac had connected all of his junk ( those wires, all that ) to my back. I was electrified immediately, at once. The transformation had just begun. I was flinching in complete, disastrous pain, with my body spinning violently. My tongue was sticking out of my mouth, the Mac' s grinder had cut off my clothes, and I was naked, with a big hole in my stomach. I soonly noticed that I was bleeding of my head, and, when I touched it, I noticed that my head was now a big screen. Yes, my head was now a Mac OS screen. My legs fell off, and only my torso was left. The torso soonly bursted, with my bones and internal organs exploding out. My torso was now a keyboard. I started to cry, but the Mac OS said, " Don' t cry. You' ll be just like me... ". Then, I felt better, I couldn' t feel my body anymore, and, nevertheless, I discovered that, being a Mac OS is great !