It's kind of Ironic. She sends me home like a dog so she can go hang out with her friends WHO ARE FUCKING DOGS. It's probably my fault. Maybe I wasn't friendly enough. I mean, I meant to say "I'm sworn to carry your burdens" with a cheery "I'd-love-to!" tone but I think it came out kind of sarcastic. I could go back to [[Breezehome in Whiterun]], but I'm not sure I'm welcome there. Soha treats me alright but...I don't know. I just end up waiting anyways, except now the kids and the bard and her wife are there and they're like "so where is she?" and I just have to be like "I don't know, with some werewolves I think?" and it seems like I'm not doing my one job. Which I'm not. Maybe I should go to [[Proudspire Manor in Solitude.]] A fitting place for me I guess."Hey, kids! No, just me. Mom's not coming for a visit. Not today. She's, uh. with some friends. No, I'm not her friend, just her housecarl. Um, don't tell your other mom I said that. She gets intimidated by that title sometimes, I'm honestly not sure why. Gifts? sure, I have some, uh, gifts." [[boiled creme treat]] [[cabbages]]Wow. That was a much longer walk than I thought it would be. And I was attacked several times. I mean bandits just straight up come running at me and I just leave several dead bodies in the road. God, I'm tired. A bed, maybe a book by the fireplace sounds perfect. A little alone time in an empty, fully furnished house is exactly what I need. [[...]]"Don't tell your mom, but I got you guys some Boiled Creme Treats! Here." They look happy. "do you guys want to play a game? How about hide and seek? Yeah? great! I'll [[hide]]""Got you rascals some apples!" Where are they going? Don't they want their apples? Shit. I don't get kids. I'll just sit in the corner and wait. For how long? who knows...I don't care anymore. I don't care about anything. But then again, I'm not supposed to care. Just carry. Carry burdens. [[The End]] [[Oh, fuck me.]]Does she ever even come here? I mean why even buy it if you're not going to do anything. I get that I'm sworn to her, but a little appreciation or acknowledgement of all that I do would go a long way. No, I'm being selfish. [[wait]] [[window]][[hours pass]] Just Solitude. She's not here. If she does come, it won't be for a while. I should have just said I wanted to go on the adventure with her elite cliquey "companions". I mean what kind of a name is Companions? Stupid. [[wait]]There she is, strutting in because she just helped someone out or got some money or some artifact or some shit like that. And I have to act like I don't care. Like I've been waiting attentively for 9 FUCKING HOURS and have no problem with that. You know what, Lydia? No more trying to be cheery. From this moment you will speak like the worthless emotionless piece of shit you are. Why should she appreciate you? There aren't even any books in this house. No bed for Lydia. When I inevitably die, she'll just hire a new one. It's too late for me. Love doesn't come to housecarls. [[The End]]This was my first twine game. You can follow me on twitter for absolutely no reason @elib206 This story is based off of a series of tweets from Soha Kareem (@sokareemie), an incredibly talented writer/designer/director of wonderful non-profit Dames Making Games Tornoto (, who you should check out immediately. Thanks for playing.I shouldn't have given them those treats. That's breaking a housecarl's oath to stay out of personal lives. I need to leave. Find myself. The kids will stop looking for me after a while, and the dragonborn? While, she probably won't even notice I'm gone. [[The End]]