My computer was filled with Adventure Time stickers. Those stickers were varied : from Finn kissing Princess Bubblegum, from Jake stretching out his long arms. This won' t matter for the rest of the story, though. I was searching for some [[fan fics]] when I heard this loud bang in my door. It was my [[mom]]. She was shouting : " KYLE, GET OUT OF THERE NOW ! WE GOTTA GO TO BLAKEY' S BIRTHDAY PARTY NOW !!! ", and I was having this feeling that she' d probably throw me there just to contemplate the view of Burghlies, the place where Blakey lives. Burghlies looked like a dump to me, but it looked like a poetical dreamscape to her. Well, I scanned through my favorite Tumblr blog, Fan Fic Time, when suddenly, mom opened my door agressively, and grabbed my hand. She rushed outside, threw me in the car, and we went to [[Blurghies]].FANFIC SITE FAMILY : THE FAULT IN OUR FANFICS, TWIFICS, HARRY POTTER FANFICS, YOUTUBER FANFICS *****FANFIC TIME !***** ++ADVENTURE TIME FANFICS++ ///TOP RATED/// Finn gets punched by Dr4keLasinborro : Rated 4.9 stars by 1k users Lol Time by 5817 : Rated 5 stars by 999 users ///BROWSE YOUR FAVORITES !/// Adventure Horror Parody Action Romance Porn *********************************************** Provided to you by Tumblr. A really thin, blonde woman probably in her 40s. Loves to bark orders to her sons and daughters. Her husband is Garry, a hippie. They go along pretty well and rarely argue.Ah. There they are, all of those losers. They were playing in the stones near the sushi bar, where, surprisingly enough, was the only place in Blurghies I could enjoy. They were skipping happily, squirming, whimpering... How unpleasant. When I went near the rocks, Blakey horrifyingly looked back to me. I was terrified, because it looked like a scene from " The Exorcist ". I was speechless. My face could only be described in one way, and that way is : " OMFG !!! " However, I said only " Hi " to Blakey after that. His reply was huge. I thought he' d go breathless by his annoying speech, but he went on just fine. I sighed some 20 times during his speech. This means, he spoke a lot. After those tedious minutes that passed by like hours, he gave me a piece of paper. The piece of [[paper]] flew away shortly after it reached my hand. [[What a day]].H H HHH H H E Y, I discovered a Tumblr page filled with fanfics from various books, and, since you love those things, I decided to give this address to you : Cheers, Blakey.I knew some serious crap would happen today. I lost the paper, so, what use does coming to Blurghies have right know ? I decided to keep calm. I took a big breath, and I rushed to Blakey' s house ( that reminded me of a Swedish fanfic, by the way ). I climbed the staircase violently, and I broke into Blakey' s room. There, I opened his [[ Mac OS ]], and I typed in the [[Tumblr blog that I remembered the name]].A normal Mac OS. The Mac was black, and it looked like a normal Mac, with the Apple symbol still glowing from its back.++++FANFICS FOR LIFE++++ DAILY FANFICS FROM DIFFERENT AUTHORS KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THESE FANFICS !! [[NEWLY ADDED]] [[BEST FANFICS]] [[BROWSE THE GENRES]] Reviews "I simply love this." - Clark Klark "Wonderful writing." - The New York Times *//*/*/////*/*///*///*//////**/**/*//*/ AUTHOR OF THE WEEK Moshposh, an aspiring writer, is one of this blog' s favorite authors. His amazing writing, superb storylines and breath taking descriptions are what we enjoy the most in Moshposh' s fanfics. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ AUTHOR BLOG ( recent posts ) I am on Mac OS... - posted by Moshposh"THE MONORAIL" by Moshposh "TADA" by Clark Klark "THE NEW YORK TIMES PRESENTS THEIR FIRST FANFIC" by The New York Times"THE FAULT IN MARS" - by Moshposh, DarkRaven9999 and Gochedroit "PARSE GUPPLEY" - by StevenArizona78787878When I clicked this page, Blakey entered the room. I was kicked out of his birthday party. Mom was still in the car, with a smile on her face. I entered the car, and she only looked at the waves hitting the stones. I slapped her face. She then returned back home. +++THE END+++