After graduating high school, there are no rules that tells a person that they have to attend college and earn a degree. Yes, there are many benefits an individual experiences once receiving a degree, but there are other ways to go about ones life. For me, I thought of three different possibilities that can occur after graduating from high school. Each life that came to my mind has their positive and negative sides. Life number one is the life that I am currently living and I talk about the possibility of what this life may turn into. Life number two is a different route that I could have taken with my life and that is to just stay in my hometown and start work right away. Life number three sounds the most exciting to me and it is to not attend any type of schooling and to just travel the world. Each life has an outcome that is different to the other and I use my knowledge to the best of my abilities to determine how things will turn [[out.->Life Number 1]] The second option I could have taken for my life would be to stay in the town that I grew up in, which was Barrow, Ak. Once completing high school, I could have gone straight to finding a job and working. The good thing about this is that last summer, I worked at the Wellness center and was paid about twenty-two dollars an hour. Eventually, I would be paid even more within the years of working at a specific job. A negative aspect to this is that it wouldn’t really be a job that I am passionate about and could end up becoming boring and repetitive. Also, everything in my hometown is expensive and this is mostly likely due to its location. Barrow is located above the arctic circle and is the northernmost city in the United States. Fortunately, there are more positives about this specific life option. I would have no problem of figuring out where I would be able to stay considering my parents still live there. That means not having to worry about the bills and I would be able to live in the comfort and familiarity of a home environment. I would, however, not mind helping my parents out with bills and everyday spending costs until I am able to save enough money for my own place. In my eyes, I will unfortunately end up alone with no kids or a husband. This is due to the fact that my hometown does not have many choices in males and I would not want to feel like I would have to settle for a [[partner.->Life Number 3]] The other two options of living are still open to me and at any given time, I can chose to stop my current life to pursue one of the other two. Although there are many positives and negatives in all three, I believe that the current life I am living is the best for me. Being able to start a job to earn money or have the luxury of traveling all sounds great, but getting a degree in nursing would make not only me, but my parents proud. So as stated before, life number one is of me attending college. My days are spent going to my classes while trying my best to stay awake and concentrating on the lectures my professors are giving. My evenings and late nights are filled with completing assignments and studying for upcoming quizzes and tests. This often leads me to lose hours of sleep each night in order to maintain good grades, which then causes me to feel even more sleep deprived every following morning. I also experience the loss of my hair and an increase in gray hair, but all of this will hopefully pay off within six to eight years once I graduate and earn my degree in nursing. As of right now my mind is set on the nursing field, but this could change in the near future. Unfortunately, having this happen will most likely set me back on the time I graduate. Once I do earn my degree, I will be able to go out into the world and apply for nursing positions. That is if I do end up pursuing this major. Hopefully the job that I get chosen for is one that I enjoy going to everyday so that when the day comes for me to retire, it won’t seem so far away. During this time, it would also be nice to be married and eventually have children that I can help raise and watch grow into young [[adults.->Life Number 2]] The third option of my life would be to not attend college or any other type of education after high school and to just travel the world with my older sister. Doing this would most likely teach my sister and I life lessons that we may not easily learn while attending college. A stressful factor that we would face is not fully knowing how we would pay for all the traveling expenses. We could apply for random jobs along the way, but doing so could possibly take away from the experience of the place that we are in. On the other hand, it could give us a better outlook of the lives of individuals who live there and there would be many things to experience. Also, since we would not be attending college, we would both have enough money in the bank to last us a while. Now family wise, I will most likely not be able to start or have one due to traveling from place to place unless I get to a destination that I really see myself living in and make it my permanent [[residence.->Which one would I choose?]]