14 year old Tony is a normal teenager. He loves football, eating, and staring at girls while pretending he isn't really doing so. His parents, Margret and Thomas, used to argue a lot until their divorce. They get along better than ever now. Margret got remarried and was very happy and in love with Bill. Tony loved Bill, he even occasionally called Bill "dad". Thomas dated around but hadn't found anyone worth settling down with. A drunken night left Thomas with another monthly child support check and twin girls. Tony's [[birthday]] was in a week and he was very excited.Tony's birthday is today, he can't wait to see all of his friends. Tony's mom moved out to the sticks when his parents got divorced. He didn't get to see his friends much during the summer because, well they were all 14 and couldn't drive. He occasionally biked to town and would stay with friends over the weekends, but he didn't get to recently due to extreme heat. In an hour all of his friends from school would be coming over. His mom moved around the house, picking up every last speck of dirt. She cleaned like a professional when it came to having company over. Being 14 and a boy, Tony didn't think that a small layer of dust on the guest room table was a big deal, but evidently it was. The doorbell rang 30 minutes later and Tony ran to answer it. Awaiting behind the door were six of his friends. He invited them in and they started chatting loudly. What felt like 10 minutes later, everyone's parents started arriving to pick up the party goers and the loud roar became an uncomfortable quiet as Tony picked up cups and plates. He went to [[bed early]] that night after helping his mom put away the extra food.Tony is sound asleep in his room in the basement when a loud bang erupts through the house. He startles awake and turns on his bedside lamp. He grabs his phone and sends a text up to Bill to make sure he heard the noise. A text comes back a few minutes later reading 'what noise? u must have been dreaming. go back to sleep.' How was he the only one who heard? It sounded like the fridge fell over. Deciding that it was just his [[imagination]], he fell back asleep a little while later. The next day was uneventful and boring. Tony stayed downstairs and played games on his Xbox before calling it a night around 3 in the morning. Two hours later, there was a loud noise coming from the kitchen that woke him. He picked up his phone and texted Bill again. 'Im telling u kid. ur hearing things. go back to bed. if this happens again tomorrow ur grounded.' Tony sighed and fell back on his bed. BANG! BANG! Now he knows he definitely heard something. Grabbing his bat, he slowly walked upstairs. Heading straight for the kitchen where the sound came from, he raised the bat up like he was about to hit a ball and rounded the corner. There was a mess in the kitchen. Cans and bags of food lay everywhere. There was silverware all over the floor. He yelled for Bill. "God damn it kid. I swear if you aren't bleeding or dead. I'm going to-" Bill stopped. "What the fuck did you do?" Bill eyed the baseball bat in Tony's hands and took it forcefully. "Go to your room. Your mother is going to hear about this. You're grounded until school starts." Tony tried to protest, but Bill threw the bat at his head and told him to go to his room or else. Tony knew what or else meant and he booked it down the steps. He missed the last one and tumbled down. His head hit the edge of the stairs and he fell [[unconscious.]] The next morning, Tony awoke with a pounding headache. He realized he was in his bed. He startled up and looked around. Tony climbed out of bed and walked upstairs. Bill couldn't ground him from eating or using the restroom. As soon as he reached the door to the kitchen he could tell something was off. The mess was still there. He yelled for Bill and his mother. A police officer walked into the kitchen and told him what [[happened.]]Evidently Bill fell on a knife that was laying on the ground. Tony's mom was sitting on the back porch with a cup of tea. He sat beside her and put his arm around her shoulders. She cried into his chest for over an hour before deciding to go back inside and sleep. The police asked me a few questions. If I heard anything, whether or not I knew how the knives and food and everything got on the floor. I told them that I heard a noise so I came upstairs then woken him and he grounded me because he thought I made the mess and then threatened me so I ran down the stairs and fell. The officers thanked me for my time and game me their condolences. The forensic teach cleaned up and [[took the body]] out. Two months later, Tony was packing his bag the night before the first day of school. A loud crash came from somewhere in the basement and he went to investigate. His mom had slipped and knocked over the cleaning supplies. She was sitting on the floor crying when he came in. Two hours later, he managed to calm her down and get her upstairs. When he left her room, the door slammed shut. He turned and banged on it, hoping his mom hadn't fallen again. He heard screaming coming from the other side of the door. It didn't sound like his mom. He banged harder. The screaming turned blood curdling then stopped. The door opened slowly and Tony looked down at his dead mother. Her body was turned completely inside out. Her intestines littered the floor and walls. He looked up and saw his father. "What the fuck did you do?" Tony ran at his dad, but just as he was about to tackle him, his body vanished. "What the..." He ran out the door and looked around. All the doors slammed open and shut repeatedly. A blood curdling scream rang out through the house and an eerie voice echoed saying: "Your mother cheated. She deserved to die. I'm helping him do what he's too pussy to do himself." Everything went quiet after a loud [[laugh]]. Tony ran downstairs and grabbed the gun he kept hidden in the broken washer. He loaded it quickly and slowly went back upstairs. He walked through the house looking for Thomas. As he rounded the corner to the den, he discovered Thomas standing at the window. He took two shots, one to Thomas' head and one to his lung. The thing in Thomas wasn't going to give up that easily. It's head turned around slowly, so slowly each bone cracking and muscle tearing could be heard. "You're next boy."