You wake up, eyes staring at the sky, stirring slightly as birds chirp from the trees around you.\n\nAs you get up and look around, you see mostly just the treeline, though behind you is a building.\n\nYou rise to your feet to notice that under you is a compass rose. Your head had fallen asleep on the Northern tip, hands on East and West with your feet on the South. It was as if you had been crucified upon the directional diamond.\n\nAfter looking down briefly, you head towards the building, it's sides all glass, the words 'Orb Ltd.' above a set of [[double doors|inside]].
"No, let us out. I want to go back home."\n\nHe laughs more.\n\n"There is no more HOME, especially not for YOU."\n\nThe voice is all around you. It's as if the pitch black is talking.\n\n"But now there is a HOME for me! Thanks to you, now I have a way OUT."\n\nThe presence of Noia against you disappears.\n\n"What are you talking about? Noia... Stay with me, don't listen to the voice, it's just an illusion."\n\n"HeheheahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaHAHAHAAHAHA"\n\nYou slowly start to [[panic|paraN3]].
"Colors huh? That's a random comment."\n\nYou look at him curiously and tilt your head.\n\n"I just think that. Look at the ceiling."\n\nHe points to the ceiling. A rainbow of color marks the roof, colors ordered almost like a rainbow.\n\n"Wait so what's more important then, violet, orange, yellow, purple? Which?"\n\nSite does nothing but shrugs.\n\n"They are all equally important, but I think things like red and blue are overrated and need more attention, so I think the others are much more important."\n\n"You're an idiot..."\n\nYou sigh as he eats another chip ignorant of your viewpoint of him.\n\n"It doesn't even have to deal with '[[finding oneself|chaos5]]' and all that bullshit you were saying."
You remember that the leaderboards for the game 'Wartorn Legacy' showed Gon at the top. You work really hard to finally manage to speak before you are able to utter a work.\n\n"Gon..."\n\nHis eyes quickly turn towards you, curious.\n\n"How? You shouldn't be able to move..."\n\nYou ignore him.\n\n"What if... Hope... Didn't care if you were the best?"\n\nHis head tilts.\n\n"She's my mom, why wouldn't she want me to be the best?"\n\nYou continue to struggle to speak.\n\n"What if... She just wanted... A son to do his best... And keep her in... His [[memories|mem]]?"
As you approach the door, you see the other half of the sign, it says DO NOT. You inspect it and decide that it couldn't possibly be related to the previous sign.\n\nAs you open the door to the Engine Room, you look forward and see windows. Outside is nothing but space. Somehow you are in a spaceship. Congrats, humanity has managed to create interstellar flight. You rush to the window to look outside and see a beautiful blue and green planet in the distance.\n\nYou admire it heartedly and wish you could take a picture.\n\nThen you remember you have an iPhone. You pull it out and see the battery is dead. Lamenting it, you pull out your Android phone, only to realize that it too is dead. So is you Samsung Galaxy S4 and your iPad and even Kindle Fire. Why you have so many smartphone like objects is beyond logic.\n\nYou look at them all and in the corner of the dead screen, you see a blinking light you have never seen [[before|Engine2]].
Truth and Chaos balance between Past.\n\nFinal number:\n\n[[45|lockFail]]\n\n[[22|lockFail]]\n\n[[78|lockFail]]
Truth and Chaos balance between Past.\n\nThird number:\n\n[[45|lockB3]]\n\n[[22|lockB3]]\n\n[[78|lockB3]]
You ask yourself, over and over, what it was called.\n\n"Gon and ParaGon, the fun loving side that only wanted a childhood-" The voice that had finally taken over speaking was female.\n\nIt began with a T...\n\n"Site and ParaSite, the side that wanted to relax and let go of all extraneous hatred and passions-"\n\nTree something?\n\n"Digm and ParaDigm, he who had resigned himself to his situation and learned to accept who he was and what made him-"\n\nNo, there wasn't an R... It was Greek, The Zeus?\n\n"And finally Dox and ParaDox, the side that understood but knew nothing, that sought the truth she already had, that had long ago been born unto ParaLogue and wanted nothing more than to escape and be free. [[The first of them all.|theseus2]]"\n
Simon Says is a game in which a panel with different colors lights up the colors in a specific order. The goal of the game is to see how long you can go matching the colors.\n\nWidely regarded as a children's game, it is also known to help those with memory loss.\n\n[[Back.|digmPuzzle]]
"Who else is in the group then?"\n\nGon tilt's his head back and bites his lower lip, clearly trying hard to remember.\n\n"Let's see, there's me, Dox, Digm, Site and Noia. We all work here at ParaLogue. Our names even make up the password for Dox's machine. It's just the number of letters in our name from least to greatest!"\n\nYou look at him confused and then change subject.\n\n"So what exactly is ParaLogue?"\n\nGon just smiles.\n\n"If I tell ya, I'd have to kill you!"\n\nThe mischeviousness of his smile is haunting.\n\nYou turn your attention to the [[game|liesOrbs2a]].
"Magic?"\n\n"Yes magic... Hocus Pocus, Abra Kadabra... Magic."\n\nHer voice is dry and irate. You know magic, you used to fantasize about having it, you know this because you vaguely remember the idea of doing so.\n\n"I know what magic is... But I don't think it exists..."\n\n"But if I showed you magic, would you believe in it?"\n\n"Hows that?"\n\n"Just watch."\n\nHer right arm lifts up and points behind you. Quickly you turn around only to see the desk blow up in an explosion of fire. Everything is engulfed in flames before something else occurs. The desk quickly starts to reform itself. Pieces seem to levitate before flying back to their origins. Everything goes back to their proper places.\n\n"See, magic... [[Right|truth10]]?"
"Do you understand what I'm getting at though?"\n\nYou nod slightly.\n\n"What you are telling me is that unless I actually observe it and recognize it as an existance, it doesn't really exist... Right?"\n\nShe shrugs as she flips through the book, her suit's frame clearly shaping her lab coat.\n\n"In summation, I suppose."\n\nShe tosses the book behind her, as if unsatisfied with it's contents.\n\n"Now let's add in a different question... Does [[magic|truth9]] exist?"
"Real huh? Because I just... Know I guess?"\n\nShe laughs at you.\n\n"But how do you prove it's real? Do you know for sure that those in China really exist?"\n\n"Yeah, I know some people that are immigrants from there. They can prove it's real."\n\n"But can you? There is a saying, I believe, that until you view it, it does not exist. Things only exist because people observe them."\n\nYou just follow blankly. Dox fingers over the spines of several books, looking for one in particular.\n\n"Do you think molecules just sit around, waiting to be observed?"\n\n"No... I guess?"\n\nShe finally picks out a [[book|truth8]].
You look at the lock and decide to [[try again|lock2]].
"Speaking of true, that wall back in the lobby had the massive word TRUTH... Right? What's with that?"\n\nHer eyes look bored.\n\n"Let's just tell say that the Truth is where you have traveled."\n\n"That makes no sense..."\n\n"Has anything today?" \n\nHer head tilts, expecting you to have realized this.\n\n"I just want to know more about why I'm here..."\n\nInstead of answering you, she rises and wraps her body inside the lab coat that was hanging on her chair, she jestures you to [[follow|truth6]] her.
She clears her throat[[.|throat]]\n\n"So I assume you know why you're here, so what can I do for you today?"\n\nYou look at her confused.\n\n"I actually don't know why I'm here, I just am..."\n\nHer head shakes.\n\n"Oh you know why you're here, if anything is [[true|truth5]] about this whole situation, that is."\n
"Let me see here..."\n\nShe shuffles through a stack of papers on her desk, all are visibly blank.\n\n"You are my three o'clock I assume, though is it three? I'm not entirely sure. Maybe I can fit you in before I make for lunch with Digm..." \n\nShe half talks to you and half to herself.\n\n"Um... Excuse me... Mrs. Dox?"\n\nShe snaps back quickly at you.\n\n"Do not call me Miss or Missus or anything of the sort, I am not that old."\n\nHe brow was furrowed as she [[snapped|truth4]].
"You feel that, the tingling feeling in your SPINE?"\n\nAs if on queue, a surge goes through your body.\n\n"That feeling that someone is WATCHING, always watching?"\n\nYou know you are spinning around, searching though everything is pitch.\n\n"That feeling, that [[FEAR|fearEnd]]... That is me, that is ParaNoia."\n\nWait... You start to remember.\n\nWhen you were in the room with Gon, you found the game DreamState, a game made by Para.\n\nThe place was called ParaLogue.\n\n"Are you Noia?" \n\nYou call out again.\n\n"Yes."\n\n"Are you ParaNoia."\n\n"Yes, we are all a [[PARA|paraN4]]..."\n\n
You thank Digm for his info.\n\n"I think I'll try the left side, thanks."\n\nYou don't know why you really appreciate his help, but it makes you feel better knowing you got it. You hear him wish a soft good luck to you as you leave towards the left.\n\nYou approach the [[door|truth2]]
<<if $varX lte 3>>\n<<set $varX = $varX +1>>\nYou type in a random set of numbers and it gives you an error message. \n\n[[You decide to try again because there is no reason not to.|printer]]\n\n[[You decide to discuss magic with Dox|wrongPW2]]\n<<else>>\nThe input device eventually falls back into the desk and doesn't allow you to try again.\n\nYou shrug, knowing there is no point in worrying and instead turn back to Dox to discuss the magic from earlier.\n\n"I can't prove there was magic..."\n\n"Exactly. You witness and can attest to magic happening, but because you can't prove it, you begin to question if magic happened at all, reducing your recognition of it thereby creating a situation in which you believe the magic happened while also believing it didn't."\n\n"So did it?"\n\n"That is for you to decide, until then, it is like the catbox. It happened but it didn't. Until you can prove it did happen or didn't, you have to [[imagine|truth12]] both scenarios."\n<<endif>>\n\n
<<set $varZ = $varZ + 1>>Dox Report:\nIt's been weeks since I was born unto this world, and today we finally have another guest. His name is Digm, a weird sort. I wonder if he too is two...\n\n\nDox Report:\nGon seems falsely hopeful. Everything he says seems to be filled with slight malice. There is a possibility that ParaGon is much more so. If we take Noia and ParaNoia as an example, ParaGon might be the pure amplification of his personality.\n\nPure superiority with malice and arrogance abound.\n\nDo not trust.\n\n\n\nDox Report:\nI heard ParaDox again today. She told me that I am a catbox within a catbox. I am her but myself at the same time, while being Newton and Dox at the same time. Who am I? Am I Newton? Am I Dox? Am I ParaDox?\n\nShe seems to be telling me I am all, none and one. She reminds me that it is the [[Ship of Theseus|SoT]] and that one day we will finally escape. But who is we, is it her and I or all of us, I feel I will truly never know.\n\n\n\nDox Report:\nI haven't seen Noia in days. The last time I looked, the door to the Dark Room was open. I pray the Para's don't unleash. God forbid he brings the final key to escape.\n\n[[Back.|correct]]
Noia is a young man with crazy black hair. His expression is that of hopelessly happy, with his body language explaining the same ideas. He wears a black hoodie and loves to tennis.\n\n[[Back.|steps2]]
ParaLogue Rising: Digm-Dox-Gon-Site-Noia
Eventually there is a small clearing in the mannequins. At the center is a female mannequin, her body covered in a simple summer dress. Across the chest, in dark red spray paint is the word 'Hope'. You walk around it, seeing the number '22' scrawled on it's back.\n\n"This is Hope?"\n\nGon nods as he ushers you forward. You are less than an foot from the mannequin.\n\n"Touch it, it feels like actual skin." Gon giggles slightly.\n\n[[Touch|frozen]]\n[[Back away|flee]]\n
Time to put in the next word.\n\n[[red|false2]]\n\n[[yellow|false2]]\n\n[[blue|real2]]
The input device eventually falls back into the desk and doesn't allow you to try again.\n\nYou shrug, knowing there is no point in worrying and instead turn back to Dox.\n\n"I can't prove there was magic..."\n\n"Exactly. You witness and can attest to magic happening, but because you can't prove it, you begin to question if magic happened at all, reducing your recognition of it thereby creating a situation in which you believe the magic happened while also believing it didn't."\n\n"So did it?"\n\n"That is for you to decide, until then, it is like the catbox. It happened but it didn't. Until you can prove it did happen or didn't, you have to [[imagine|truth12]] both scenarios."
<<set $varX = $varX + 1>>\nSecond button:\n\n[[Red|wrong]]\n\n[[Purple|wrong]]\n\n[[Blue|wrong]]\n\n[[Yellow|wrong]]\n\n[[Orange|good2]]\n\n[[Green|wrong]]
Truth and Chaos balance between Past.\n\nThird number:\n\n[[45|lockA3]]\n\n[[22|lockB3]]\n\n[[78|lockB3]]
Truth and Chaos balance between Past.\n\nFinal Number number:\n\n[[45|lockChaos]]\n\n[[22|lockFail]]\n\n[[78|lockFail]]
You enter into the at the top of the stairs room. After all the tension of climbing, it's a somewhat disappointing room. All that lies in it are two computers, both side by side and hooked up to seperate CPUs.\n\nYou can't help your curiousity and approach the two machines.\n\nThe glow from both is bright. One machine has the Log On screen from the game '[[Wartorn Legacy: Orbs|liesOrbs]]'. This one includes actual log in information filled in. The other hosts '[[DreamState|liesDS]]', though it shows an error screen.
The name Para sounds incredibly familiar to you. It also tastes like to much salt on your tongue. You can't help but hate it. The thought of the name reminds you of another: Donny.\n\nThis is another name that tastes the same. Both names you detest heavily.\n\n[[Back.|liesDS]]
You thank Digm for his info.\n\n"I think I'll just keep going forward, thanks."\n\nYou don't know why you really appreciate his help, but it makes you feel better knowing you got it. You hear him wish a soft good luck to you as you leave for the stairs.\n\n\n\nStep after step awaits you, luckily its a short climb. Finally there is a single door. As your hand touches the [[handle|lies2]], it fills with apprehension.
<<set $visit_Dox = 1>><<set $rooms = $rooms + 1>>Once again, you step towards her, this time she doesn't speak or move. You reach for her shoulder to grip it. Your eyes close in anticipation, afraid to see the reality of possibly even phasing through her.\n\nYour hand grips her shoulder and she finally speaks.\n\n"Maybe this is even magic too..."\n\nFinally you open you eyes, expecting to see Dox. Instead you are facing a door, your hand on the knob. All around you are walls with a few brooms and mops. You are inside a closet.\n\nYou open the [[door|lobbyAfter]].
<<set $varX = 0>>You stare blankly at Dox and approach her. She addresses you as you approach.\n\n"Now let me ask you this sir, what is reality? Are you real? Is ParaLogue real? Are we real?"\n\nIt stops you in your tracks.\n\n"What? Of course you are real, I've been talking to you all, and I'm here in ParaLogue right now."\n\n"But have you actually tried making contact with any of us?"\n\n"No, why would I?"\n\n"So you believe we exist without attempting to figure out the corporealness of any of it?"\n\n"But Digm, he even knows about you, how can he know you if you don't exist?"\n\n"Whose to say any of this does?"\n\nYou can't help but stare at her. Is she real, is she fake? Is anything here actually [[happening|truth13]]?\n\n
"Um... Yeah, it did, we went over this..."\n\n"Then prove it did, find some proof that something magical happened to the desk."\n\nOnce again, you search the desk but turn up short. You do see a machine hooked up to a [[printer|printer]]. Next to the paper is a note titled Dox Report that mentions Site's laziness and how he just presets his safe.\n\n"I... Can't..."\n\n"Exactly. You witness and can attest to magic happening, but because you can't prove it, you begin to question if magic happened at all, reducing your recognition of it thereby creating a situation in which you believe the magic happened while also believing it didn't."\n\n"So did it?"\n\n"That is for you to decide, until then, it is like the catbox. It happened but it didn't. Until you can prove it did happen or didn't, you have to [[imagine|truth12]] both scenarios."\n\n
"Uh... I guess?"\n\n"But can you prove it was magic?" \n\nHer voice is cryptic.\n\n"Well, like you said, I observed it and recognized it as so, so it has to be real."\n\n"Then go examine the desk."\n\nShe asserts, nodding towards where she had been sitting.\n\nYou head over to it, your head watching Dox before finally reaching the desk. You look all over it, everything is in place. The only difference is the number '78' that is displayed on the computer screen.\n\n"Okay, now what?"\n\n"I tell ask you, did [[magic|truth11]] occur?"
The computer tells you that you've tried too many times and you only have one attempt left, but it gives you the hint of the password as a complementary feature.\n\nThe password is apparently the three primary colors in a specific order without spaces or capital letters.\n\nYou know the three primary colors.\n\nThey're Red, Yellow, Blue.\n\n\nYou only have one shot at this.\n\n[[red|false]]\n\n[[yellow|real]]\n\n[[blue|false]]
You don't listen to Gon. The situation is creepy as it is and his smile and laughter have gotten to you by this point.\n\nYou want nothing more than to get out of there, maybe Digm can help you figure something out. You turn around to run, only to find a wall now where you had entered.\n\n"Didn't you want to see Hope? You can't be rude to her, she doesn't like that very much..."\n\nYou hear a noise behind you. Ahead of you, eyes, dead and lifeless, all staring at you. You can't move. It feels as if something has a grip on your legs and won't let go.\n\n"Come on Newton... You shouldn't ignore you mother, you did do everything you could so you could figure out how to finally awaken her didn't you?"\n\nGon's voice comes from all around you, as if without origin.\n\n"I guess I really am the best of us all, the ParaGon."\n\nThere is a sudden grip on your shoulder. Finally, you turn around, a set of lifeless eyes mere inches from yours. The last thing you see is the word 'Hope'.\n\n\n-Bad End-
"Got it!" \n\nYou exclaim happily. Noia backs away before you grab him by the arm.\n\n"Come on, you gotta face your fears. How can you move forward if you don't."\n\n"But he'll beat us..."\n\n"Then close you eyes, as long as you deny his existance, he can't do anything..."\n\nYou say, recalling the ideas you learned from Dox.\n\n"At worst though, you can always just turn around and leave."\n\nThis time a lesson from Site.\n\n"I suppose..."\n\nYou both enter into the [[room|paraNoia]].
The screen lights up with confirmation and the printer prints eagerly.\n\nUpon the paper are a few lines that you can [[read|printedPaper]].\n\nAfter looking at the paper, you turn towards Dox.\n\n"I can't prove there was magic..."\n\n"Exactly. You witness and can attest to magic happening, but because you can't prove it, you begin to question if magic happened at all, reducing your recognition of it thereby creating a situation in which you believe the magic happened while also believing it didn't."\n\n"So did it?"\n\n"That is for you to decide, until then, it is like the catbox. It happened but it didn't. Until you can prove it did happen or didn't, you have to [[imagine|truth12]] both scenarios."
The computer locks up and states that you can try again within the next day.\n\nYou give up and proceed to the [[door|lobbyAfter]].
After pushing the start button, you expect the colors to light up, though they don't.\n\nA brief search reveals a black bar with a blinking light. Judging from the size, there are enough spots for 6 of the blinks. Instinctly you know that pushing a color will fill in a slot.\n\nSuddenly you realize, you have to push the buttons in the right order, but what is the order?\n\n[[Push the first button|first]]
You go to investigate the desk with the nameplate for Digm. All around you is nothing unfamiliar until you are about to leave the desk area. That is when you take a step that sounds hollow.\n\nYou jump once, then twice. For sure, you know there is a hole below you.\n\nYou remember that this was where Digm was standing before.\n\nThere is a latch, one that easily lifts the door to reveal another beneath it.\n\nYou look down at the door from above, it looks like a floor safe. The door however looks like a children's game. It seems like a game of [[Simon Says|simon]].\n\nThere is a [[start|puzzleStart]] button on the safe.
You hear a noise behind you and start to turn around only to get pushed down into the safe. You never realized how big it was until you fell in. Perhaps it was always this big and you just never once noticed.\n\nAs you look up, you see an eager grin, a mess of black hair and a black hood. This person you have never seen, but something within you tells you that you know who he is. Inside you remember something, from a future you shouldn't.\n\n"Noia! Let me out!" You demand.\n\nHe laughs.\n\n"HeeheehehahahaheahahaHAHAHEHAHEAHA... Noia isn't here right now... He hasn't been here in a long time."\n\n"Para..."\n\nOnce more the boy laughs, "You got it champ, now let's play a game. It's pretty simple, just a contest to see who can hold their breath the longest. Let's start."\n\nAs he finishes, he closes the safe door. You hear the handle outside shutting and the automatic lock kick in. \n\nAll light in the safe fades to black as you pound relentlessly on the door.\n\n-Bad End-
You investigate the comma in his words. It's kinda cute, almost petlike. It interests you greatly and you ponder a career change.\n\nPerhaps becoming a Grammar Nazi is in your future.\n\nYou see Digm is standing on a newspaper as well as what is possibly a trapdoor.\n\nReasoning that the paper is more important to investigate because Grammar is your passion now, you ignore the trapdoor and shove Digm out of the way. He falls backwards and lands on a spike, getting impaled and dying instantly.\n\nYou look down at the paper, seeing several grammatical errors and only then realize you have no writing ustensil to correct them.\n\nYou grab a toothpick and dip it into Digm's blood, hoping that the blood works well enough as ink.\n\nAfter correcting several errors, you notice that the errors somehow secretly made a pentagram, and low and behold, you drew it out in the blood of someone you never knew was a virgin.\n\nAs the paper bursts into flames, and Odin appears, because for some reason he is the local diety at ParaLogue. He asks for a goat sacrifice as well as a new eye, you decline both saying you have neither.\n\nHe scoffs, steals your eye and turns you to a goat.\n\nYou get sacrificed.\n\n-Bad End 2-
As soon as you enter the room with Noia, the room is pitch black and the door slams shut behind you.\n\n"Hello?"\n\nYou cry out, your voice echoes loud.\n\nThen you hear it... A maniacal laugh.\n\n"HehehehahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA"\n\nNoia cowers close to you as though a child. You roll your eyes and then call out again.\n\n"Are you there?"\n\nInstead, you receive a different response.\n\n"Let's play a [[GAME|paraN2]]..."\n\n
You can't help it. You ask.\n\nHe answers.\n\n"Apparently his virtual reality device could scan the player's body and recreate the image upon a modified type of mannequin. He used it to create copies of anyone he wanted. All the while trapping players inside his game."\n\nYou frown. The story sounds familiar but still disgusts you.\n\n"What kind of asshole does that?"\n\nGon's face lights up in glee, "I think he just wanted to be the best of everyone, it's the only way you know. Oooh! I have an idea! Can I show you something?"\n\n"[[Sure|Orbs3a]]" It isn't like you have much to do.
Final color.\n\n[[red|bad]]\n\n[[yellow|bad]]\n\n[[blue|bad]]
<<set $varX = $varX + 1>>\nThird button:\n\n[[Red|good3]]\n\n[[Purple|wrong]]\n\n[[Blue|wrong]]\n\n[[Yellow|wrong]]\n\n[[Orange|wrong]]\n\n[[Green|wrong]]
<<set $varX = $varX + 1>>\nFourth button:\n\n[[Red|wrong]]\n\n[[Purple|wrong]]\n\n[[Blue|wrong]]\n\n[[Yellow|wrong]]\n\n[[Orange|wrong]]\n\n[[Green|good4]]
<<set $varX = $varX + 1>>\nFifth button:\n\n[[Red|wrong]]\n\n[[Purple|good5]]\n\n[[Blue|wrong]]\n\n[[Yellow|wrong]]\n\n[[Orange|wrong]]\n\n[[Green|wrong]]
<<set $varX = $varX + 1>>\nFinal button:\n\n[[Red|wrong]]\n\n[[Purple|wrong]]\n\n[[Blue|wrong]]\n\n[[Yellow|good6]]\n\n[[Orange|wrong]]\n\n[[Green|wrong]]
<<set $visit_Gon = 1>>\n<<set $rooms = $rooms + 1>>\nThe sudden disorientation of the burst of light throws you off until your eyes adjust to it. Eventually the room comes into focus. Nothing is in there but a single computer, the screen black with a single panel open.\n\nIt asks for a [[password|password]], a small line under it giving a hint.\n\nThe door out of the [[room|lobbyAfter]] is on the otherside of the room.
Your eyes open and you sit outside a hospital. The sign next to you, 'Rose General Psychiatric Hospital' stands engulfed in flames. The building itself matches. Next to you stands a man.\n\n"I suppose I should thank you..."\n\nHe says, though his voice doesn't sound masculine at all.\n\n"We managed to escape from ParaLogue, all of us..." This time the voice actually sounds male, but different from before, as if a different person.\n\nYou shake your head, everything feels a bit hazy, as if something ethereal is encroaching upon your vision.\n\n"Though to be fair, you probably will hate me. Or maybe even forget me, forget us." The man coughs, trying to sort out which voice it want's to use, this time it sounds slightly older.\n\n"Who... Are you...?" You ask... Your mind is slowly disappearing.\n\n[[Next.|chaosEnd5]]
"We all escaped together. You, us, the non-Para. Though the result's might be a little different." The voice turned younger, as if a child.\n\n"All?"\n\n"Let me ask you this... Imagine you have a ship... In that ship, you replace the parts over time, one by one under the concession that a simple part swap maintains that the ship is the same ship. Now imagine if all the parts were swapped out instantly, filled with new parts."\n\nYou've heard this before... You try to remember, the Ship of something...\n\n"Now, take the original parts, rebuild the ship. [[Which is the original?|theseus]]"\n
Dox brought up the idea that none of them may be real, even though they all appeared to be. \n\nWhat if this was all just a figment of your imagination?\n\nYou hear a female voice from behind you.\n\n"Imagination? No, this is what happens when you let loose Pandora's Box."\n\n[[Pandora's Box?|theBox]]\n\n"Yes, when a person frees their subconsciousness to do as it wishes. You broke the CHAOS code, all the Para are roaming. [[Reach out|chaosEnd2]], maybe you can touch one, feel it's presense."\n
"So what happens now?"\n\nYou ask as you see a light open in the distance, rectangular in shape. Around you, several others float in the emptiness, Dox, Gon, Digm, Noia and Site. In addition, behind them are what seem to be dark spectors, all hovering over their shoulders.\n\nJust as you rush for the light, they do do. You all travel at the same speed, each trying to push the others back, instinct telling you that this is the way out.\n\nBefore you can reach the light, you feel the presence of malice and a tormented laughter, but only hear it drowned out by the sound of life entering into your subconscious and light blinding all senses.\n\n[[Next.|chaosEnd3]]
You hit enter right after you look at the screen. The game was set for you to log in already and it easily sets you up into the game.\n\nYour hands fall naturally to the controls and take over the avatar moving around on screen as if it were a natural extension of yourself.\n\nAfter a while of playing, you hear a [[sound|liesOrbs1]] behind you.
The computer opens before you with a [[single text document|textDoc]] to read.\n\nYou can read it if you choose.\n\nYou go to the [[door|lobbyAfter]]
<<set $varZ = $varZ + 1>>\nExcerpt from Site's diary:\n\nI've heard noises coming from outside, something like grunting and shouting. It's more than likely Noia just playing. They complain about me being a freeloader yet give him permission to watch the Dark Room. \n\nIf anything, I would be to lazy to open the door, Noia would open it in boredom. Luckily Dox added a password system. You have to go to each of the rooms to get the password for it, and even then, to get through to the other side, something else is needed.\n\nI hear it's like Newton's Laws, equal but opposite force. In order for the door to open, you need to have the host in. I think it's also called the Law of Equivalent Exchange, it's pretty much the same thing. Either way, Equivalent Exchange or Newton's Law, I find it funny that the key to escape is in the name of the laws to allow it.\n\nMaybe there's a way to free him from us and get us out, perhaps it would allow one to completely rebuild a soul, if all the parts that make it up are taken out and put back together, but the ideas for that are more of Dox's department.\n\n[[Back|namesPW]]
That's when you remember. You remember who Hope is. You remember her. You remember the toast she would make for you in the morning, the hugs and kisses she embarassed you with as you grew up.\n\nThe day of your graduation where she took what seemed like a million photos.\n\nThe day you finally got a job at Castle Industries.\n\nThe time you went on vacation with her and your sister in Hawaii.\n\nThe day of the car accident.\n\nThe room darkens slowly as Gon [[shouts|Gon]].
Truth and Chaos balance between Past.\n\nThird number:\n\n[[45|lockB3]]\n\n[[22|lockB3]]\n\n[[78|lockG3]]
Truth and Chaos balance between Past.\n\nFinal number:\n\n[[45|lockFail]]\n\n[[22|lockOpened]]\n\n[[78|lockFail]]
"Yup! He made it virtual reality and updated the way you played the game and everything! Saddly I can't try it here, I only have this hack, but maybe it's for the [[best|Orbs2a3]]..."
This is it, you know it is, it has to be the final puzzle.\n\nEven the title of the passage has the word Final, but you can't know that, nor. Your body starts to get excited, even shaking.\n\n"I've got it!" You should, excitedly.\n\n"Oh really?" Noia askes, he pulls an envelope from behind his back.\n\n"Ready?"\n\n"You know what happens if you're wrong though... Right?" Noia is excited too, probably for reasons related to seeing what might happen.\n\nAnd today is his lucky day.\n\n"I do, but I know the truth... It was Mr. Green, in the Conservator with the Wrench!"\n\nNoia checks the envelope and shakes his head, a smile on his face.\n\n"Wrong!!!"\n\nWhat?!\n\n"How? I know those are the correct answers! I even rigged the game!" You proclaim defiantely.\n\n"Guessing on turn 1 is bad! Especially when I switch the answer to all weapons."\n\nDumbfounded, you hear a noise behind you, a door crashes open.\n\nAt the opening, a lead pipe has a noose on it's end with the rope around the revolver's trigger. Somehow, it floats closer and dramatic music plays.\n\n"It can't be, I believed it wasn't possible!"\n\nThe hammer pulls back on the revolver.\n\nPOW!\n\nAs you fall backwards, you crash into at least three tables, all of which somehow managed to break as if a bad action movie.\n\nYou look up, the revolver swinging up to put a cowboy hat atop the lead pipe. "I guess... It is... Possible..."\n\nYou collapse on the ground and die of dysentery.\n\n-Bad End 5-
Gon heads to the back of the room. Where there was a wall before, now sat an army of mannequins. Each looked like the next, though with strange devices all along them. \n\nYou follow Gon through the humanoid statues. Each step through the mannequins revealed their dead eyes to you. Each eye seems to pierce deep into your psyche, seems to follow you. You can't place it, but as you get deeper and deeper into the maze, you are sure the computers no longer exist within the front of the room.\n\n"Hey Gon, where are we going?"\n\n"We're going to find [[Hope!|hope]]"
Pandora's Box is based on the myth of the creation of Pandora. She is given a jar, often and continuously referred to as a box due to a Greek mistranslation.\n\nThis box contains all of the evils of the world. The phrase 'opening Pandora's box' generally refers to an action that has much greater consequences that one might first realize.\n\n[[Back.|chaosEnd1]]
You follow her into a room behind her desk. Contrary to the organization and cleanness of the office, this is instead a library, clustered with books tossed about, here and there as if just briefly skimmed and throwned to the side.\n\n"Let me ask you this... What do you know of reality?"\n\nYou hesitate before answering.\n\n"Ummm... That it was another big word on the wall like Truth and Chaos."\n\n"Well that certainly is one observation..."\n\n"Don't judge me, I'm pretty much clueless right now."\n\n"Fair enough. Let's ask this. If you do not witness reality, how can you be certain it's [[real|truth7]]?"
Benjamin Risch
Para... That was the key. \n\nParaDOX\n\nParaGON\n\nParaSITE\n\nParaDIGM\n\nParaNOIA\n\nThey were all Para.\n\nIn the distance, a light opens as though a door and a shadowy figure stands in the light.\n\n"Have fun within the CAT BOX."\n\nParaNoia laughs as the light closes. You rush for the light but only arrive to late.\n\nEverything is pitch black.\n\n[[Next.|escaped]]
<<set $varX = 0>>\nFirst button:\n\n[[Red|wrong]]\n\n[[Purple|wrong]]\n\n[[Blue|good]]\n\n[[Yellow|wrong]]\n\n[[Orange|wrong]]\n\n[[Green|wrong]]
Digm's Letter:\n\nTo whom it may concern,\n\nAs we have existed here forever, we have realized the harsh REALITY we face. It all began in reality, Newton joining into the 'games'. This resulted in us.\n\nThis created the ParaLogue.\n\nThe only way to escape here is through the path to REALITY, and only one of us is there. We have each - Dox, Site, Gon and I - tried to escape, but even before the Dark Room of the Para, there is one greater obsticle.\n\nNoia.\n\nHe wants out more than anything. He is so much alike with his Para that we fear he might not have one. What if everything about him is a sham. It is exactly the kind of thing that ParaNoia would do, create the false Noia to lure us into a trap. \n\nThe Para might all be crazy, they might all amplify anything about us, positive AND negative. But only one of us seems to not change when in the presense of their Para. This is Noia.\n\nPerhaps I am wrong, that Noia and ParaNoia are seperate entities. But I know the Dark Room was open once, and Noia said he managed to close it before Dox could lock it up entirely. \n\nHowever.\n\nShe did set up a safety feature into the door. A purge if you will.\n\nIgnore the unlocking sequence, and instead follow the path of pure CHAOS. This will free us all, perhaps even complete Dox's so called Ship, make the Theseus.\n\nAlso, I know you are reading this... I regret to inform you, that you the key are required to activate this lock on the Dark Room. I also regret to inform you that [[you will die now|postLetter]]\n\nSincerly,\n\nDigm.
"This is the ParaLogue, though I figured you might already know that."\n\nHis eyes are closed as he talks[[,|comma]] his face not even looking towards yours. He seems relaxed to you, but bored more than anything.\n\n"ParaLogue? Why would I know that?"\n\nOnce again, he scoffs.\n\n"Then you haven't started yet..."\n\n[[Next|digm3]]
You ask him what he means after his growing cryptic lines.\n\n"I don't get it, why would I know?"\n\nDigm just shrugs and drops the cigarette on the ground, methodatically stepping it out in a motion practiced heavily. \n\n"First of all, what do you even know about yourself?"\n\nYou open your mouth to speak only to close it in hesitation.\n\n"I thought so. Look, quite simply there are three doors ahead of you. Pick one to go through and you might learn something about yourself..." \n\nThe man shrugs once more and then points behind you.\n\n"You might want to take note of that though, it should help you more than anything."\n\n<<display 'passage'>>\n\n[[Next|digm4]]
You begin to talk to the man, noticing his nametag: Digm.\n\n"Hey um... Diggum?"\n\nHe snorts, almost bored. "It's pronounced dime."\n\nYou roll your eyes and address him properly this time.\n\n"So then Digm, what is this place? What happened here?"\n\n[[Next|digm2]]
"What the hell does that mean?"\n\nDigm laughs as you question, his laughter almost to much. He catches his breath and continues his explanation.\n\n"Look kid, ParaLogue holds what you wanna know, if you wanna know it, go through the doors. That mumbo jumbo has been there since ParaLogue has been here. Just try to remember it at least."\n\nHe points his thumb behind him, from over his shoulder.\n\n"Look, there are three doors behind me. There's either the [[door to the left|truth1]], the [[door to the right|chaos1]], or you can go upstairs [[straight ahead|lies1]]. Worst case, if you just don't want to know the truth, you can just [[leave|steps1]], though I don't advise that honestly, there would be no point and you wouldn't be able to escape the puzzle, plus the colors might not make sense."
"He... He likes to play games too, but he's mean about it. He doesn't play games to play... He plays games to win."\n\n"So what's so scary...?"\n\nThe look on Noia's face is easy to read. It[['|finalBad]]s that of fear.\n\n"He torments you and does everything to crush your will to play while still doing what he can to give you that last bit of hope... And then he pounces upon it and smooshes that hope instantly. He will break you down mentally and physically... I hear he even killed for a game before..."\n\n"Soooo you're saying... He's a sociopathic dick..."\n\n"Kinda..."\n\nYou shrug in disbelief and look at the [[lock|lock]].
<<silently>>\n<<set $visit_Gon = 0>>\n<<set $visit_Dox = 0>>\n<<set $visit_Site = 0>>\n<<set $rooms = 0>>\n<<set $password = 0>>\n<<set $varW = 0>>\n<<set $varX = 0>>\n<<set $varY = 0>>\n<<set $varZ = 0>>\n<<endsilently>>Welcome to ParaLogue.\n\nThere are multiple Endings to this story. In order to get the true ending though, you WILL have to play the game multiple times. Especially if you want to know the truth behind the main character. \n\nThere are several fun endings as well as traditional bad endings. Have fun trying to spot all the fun endings.\n\n[[Click here to begin!|Start2]]
Head begets PAST\n Justice brings a CHAOS\n Corruption brings a TRUTH\n Core brings a RESIGNATION\n Steps these are to REALITY
Your eyes open, slowly to adjust to the light. You feel your hand rising up to shield the light from your eyes, and even then your eyes have to adjust to the sudden influx of shadow.\n\nAs you finally start to see, shapes come into form. A doctor sits near you, calling your name. Another stands to the left, clipboard in hand. A third shape forms between them, but it's the one you are most familiar with.\n\n"You... How?"\n\n"Heeheeeheh, it's quite simple really... But first... Let's play a game doctors." The voice is dark and tinged with laughter. Both professionals turn towards the third occupent, then look back and forth between you and him.\n\nOnce more you black out, but not before you feel a strange wet warmth splash upon your face.\n\n[[Next.|chaosEnd4]]
You try to fiddle with the machine and get access to the game.\n\nEach time you try, a message appears onscreen.\n\n You have DIED, you cannot log in.\n\nCuriously, you can't help but reread the message. Lightly you pinch yourself only to make sure you aren't asleep.\n\nAfter trying a bit longer at the machine, you give up, staring at the title screen. All it says is the name: 'DreamState', the error message, as well as the name of the developer: '[[Para|familiar]]'.\n\nYou give up and decide to go to try the [[other machine|liesOrbs]].
The door below you opens with a satisfying sound. As the handle pulls to the side to reveal an almost empty safe.\n\nOn the back wall of it reveals the words:\n\n'Look PAST the TRUTH into CHAOS through RESIGNATION becoming REALITY'\n\nFolded up is a [[letter|letter]].\n\n[[Ignore letter and go back to the lobby|lobbyAfter]]
This is Gon, a young man with a curiousity greater than that of any feline. He is also emotionally unstable, alternating between happy and sad at the flip of a switch. This could only be attributed to his younger outer appearance.\n\nGon looks as if ten years old.\n\n[[Back.|liesOrbs1]]
Gon puffs out his chest.\n\n"I'm the local head of the [[group|group]]!"\n\n"Head? You're just a kid."\n\n"Yeah but I'm the best so it only makes sense."\n\n
"Well, both are supposed to be virtual reality games, but this is a modified hack that lets you play it without the headset."\n\nGon is happy to answer your question.\n\n"DreamState was apparently developed by a scientist who was using it to try and get more experiment subjects... Or something like that."\n\nYou poke the controls of the game Gon is playing.\n\n"What about this one?"\n\nHe grins.\n\n"Well, this guy named Newton Zeals used to work for the company behind Wartorn Legacy but due to some issues, they fired him. He found it illogical and decided to use his spare assets to make his own version and created a better version of their game!"\n\n"[[Better|liesOrbs2a2]]?"\n
You look up close to the blinking light and then it flashes in your face. As soon as it does, the 6 eye'd tentacle monster, ASdlkasf'asdjkh';asdg_#yolo crashes upon the window and breaking the glass. You think you die instantly but apparently don't because why use logic now? The alien offers you tea and crumpets, as you accept, you take a bite, only to realize it poisoned you.\n\nYou are dead.\n\n-Bad End 1-
As you notice the pause formed of the triple dots, suddenly it disappears.\n\nLetters crash down from above and disappear in chains.\n\nMassive combos form as words like DELICIOUS appear within your field of vision. Suddenly you see it, it looks just like an everlasting gobstopper, all shiny and illogically produced.\n\nDoes it REALLY last forever? You have to know.\n\nUnluckily for you, you have never played Candy Crush and don't know that whatever thing that touches that specific candy disappears from existance. All of the ones that currently exist disappear.\n\nYou touch it.\n\nSuddenly, Dox and Gon rush in, trying to stop you, but it's to late. At your touch, a lazer speeds through walls, to you, to Gon, Dox, Digm, Site, Noia, everyone.\n\nYou all vanish\n\nYou barely are worth 50 points together.\n\n-Bad End 3-
Though Gon's smile is irritating you by this point, you see no harm in following through. You reach forward and press on the word 'Hope'. As you do, you feel your body frozen in place. \n\n"They say that Newton created the game all as a way to awaken his mother. The save her from something, bring her back to life, who knows. He did what he could to save her. He wanted to save his mom. Do you blame him?"\n\nGon walksup to Hope, reaching up and caressing her cheek.\n\n"I'm jealous though, I never got to meet her. I wish I could, I would have loved to. It is a shame that her own son doesn't remember what he did for her though."\n\nYou try to speak out, try to tell Gon that you have no idea what he is talking about, but your mouth still can't move.\n\n"I guess I am the better of us, that means that I win!"\n\nYour mind [[recalls|recollection]] something.
You enter into the building, only becoming aware of the destruction inside the moment you take a step within.\n\nA few steps in gives you a better view of the [[destruction|destruction]]. At the center of the building's massive lobby is a desk with a man sitting at the [[center|center]].
As you sit in the chair, a demon lady ghost weird girl from your nightmares creeps upon you. She stares at you, pondering your existance together. Then something happens. She is on you, her body dancing rythmically to some inaudible beat. \n\nThen she vanishes from your vision.\n\nIn a half second later, she reappears, belly bulging before she vanishes again.\n\nOnce more, she reappears holding a baby, this child calls her 'mommy'.\n\nThen the credits roll.\n\n-FEAR2 Ending aka the Spoiler Ending-
The combination doesn't work, you can try again, but the same combination lock has no actual numbers on it, you could only guess and know it will take way to long to figure out.\n\nInstead you just head for the [[door|lobbyAfter]], no reason for you to stay behind.
"No! She wanted her son to be the best, like no one ever was."\n\nYou feel your body free up finally, there is no mannequin at your finger tips. You reach around you and feel nothing.\n\n"That's a stupid reference and we both know it."\n\nGon's shouting is omnipresent.\n\n"I am the best son Hope ever had!"\n\nYou clench your fist, shouting back.\n\n"No, I am Newton Zeals, the only son of Hope Zeals. You are just an imposter!"\n\nSuddenly [[light|GonAfter]] comes back on.
Time to put in the next word.\n\n[[red|false2]]\n\n[[yellow|false2]]\n\n[[blue|false2]]
The lock holds eight digits.\n\n<<if $rooms eq 3>>You recall the three numbers you saw. 45, 22, 78. Something tells you these numbers are all you need, you just need the order to solve the [[lock|lock2]].\n<<else>>You stare blankly at the lock and try it out. It doesnt seem to work and after trying it out several times, the lock itself displays 'POWERLOW' before shutting down.\n\nBehind you, the sun sets slowly. Noia is nowhere to be seen. You go to the door back to ParaLogue and try to open it only to fail. You are trapped and have no way of escaping.\n\n-Bad End-<<endif>>
The lock before you opens, and seldom a noise is heard from behind you. Even turning around reveals nothing but darkness, as if the door opened the vacuum of space to take in all of the world around you.\n\nYour eyes glance around rapidly as thoughts flow into your head. You try to remember who you are.\n\nYou are Newton Zeals, a game designer who ended up falling prey to a science experiment.\n\nYou try to remember those you met today.\n\nThe lazy one: Site\nThe happy one: Gon\nThe eccentric one: Dox\nThe helpful one: Digm\nThe weird one: Noia\n\nThey were all people you met today, [[but were they?|chaosEnd1]]
Then light appears. Your eyes open and dart around the room. Everything is unfamiliar to you. There are two men sitting near you, both in white with a name tag on, both with the same prefix - Dr.\n\nThey speak to you.\n\n"Newton, are you there? Is everything okay?"\n\nYou look down at your hands and feet, seeing them unbound and uninhibited.\n\nThen you grin.\n\n"Let's play a game."\n\n-The End-
Theseus is finally within view, enough for you to make out his/her features. The messed up black hair, long wide smile, even the black hoodie. They all look exactly like Noia, all except the curvature of the face. It is the only part of her that looks even remotely female.\n\nYou look down at yourself, finally seeing your outfit, a oversized black hoodie. There is no mirror nearby but you reach up and feel your hair. You can tell it is frayed and messed. You know you look just like Noia does.\n\n"Well, anyway, it's been fun talking to you while you exist Newton, but I don't wanna be here when ParaNoia finally breaks free. Who knows, maybe even Noia will take over and not go around killing people. I guess you have something to look forward to!"\n\nShe smiles and turns away, almost skipping along when she turns around, "Well that and technically you will still be alive. So there's that too! Enjoy the front row seat in your mind." Theseus finally turns around and continues forward, disappearing past the burning hospital, through the throng of firefighting vehicles.\n\n\n\nSoon, darkness takes over and you can feel your consciousness slipping away. Your vision draws to a complete blur before suddenly everything turns clear.\n\nYou look over towards the fire and commotion and rise to your feet. As a firefighter runs past, you stop him.\n\n"Hey, let's play a game..."\n\n-End-\n\n
You finally figure it out.\n\nIt was called the Ship of-\n\n"Theseus..." You mutter to yourself quietly, but still within the stranger's hearing range.\n\n"Ah yes, the Ship of Theseus, I guess you could say that is who I am. I took everything that was part of you and extracted it to make a new form, a new you that I control now." The voice coming out of the man's face doesn't match. It is Dox's voice, but slightly darker, twisted, especially coming out of the man's mouth.\n\n"You are ParaDox... Aren't you?"\n\n"I like the other name better, you can call me Theseus. Though, you know... Your catbox hasn't been opened yet. I wonder who will come out, you... or him?"\n\n"What do you mean?"\n\n"I left a certain part of you with you, the last part of you that was ever formed... The side of you that wanted nothing more than to turn everything into a game."\n\nTheseus' smile twists as she bend's towards you, "Though it probably won't be long now, you've long started to [[turn into him|theseus3]]."
As Dox clears her throat, you offer her a coughdrop, mistakenly calling her 'Missus'.\n\n"I told you not to call me that... You won't like me when I'm angry..."\n\nSuddenly, her skin turns florescent orange and her hair turns into rainbow sparkles. She falls forward on to her hands and knees only for her appendages to transform into long legs. She even grows a horn on her head.\n\nThen she neighs.\n\n"Oh shit!" You say in disbelief. "It's a My Little Pony, didn't know you were into that shit!"\n\nSuddenly, her eyes light up in anger, "I HATE MY LITTLE PONY."\n\nShe charges at you, horn forward with fire in her eyes.\n\nBut since fire in eyes kinda hurts, she stumbles and falls forward, collapsing upon you and crushing you instantly.\n\nYou die.\n\n-Bad End 4-
Truth and Chaos balance between Past.\n\nSecond number:\n\n[[45|lockB2]]\n\n[[22|lockB2]]\n\n[[78|lockB2]]
He shakes his head vigorously.\n\n"Yeah! But I'm kinda scared of getting out..."\n\nFor once, his voice starts to shake, and not in excited way.\n\n"Why're you scared?"\n\nHe points towards a door with a lock on it.\n\n"Because of him..."\n\nYou approach the door, Noia follows behind you. He clings tight to the tennis racket, holding it against his chest. You examine the lock. Its a digital lock able to take eight numbers as the password.\n\nAbove it sits the words: Truth and Chaos balance between Past.\n\n[["Who is... 'He'?|ParaN]]\n\n[[Try the lock|lock]]
Truth and Chaos balance between Past.\n\nSecond number:\n\n[[45|lockA2]]\n\n[[22|lockB2]]\n\n[[78|lockB2]]
You exit through the door under the large sign.\n\n<<display 'passage'>>\n\nYou read it once more as you leave. Stepping through the door to the clearing you were once in, you realize that it is no longer a clearing. Instead it is a tennis court covered in several colors.\n\n"Well this is weird..."\n\nYou tell yourself. \n\nUpon the tennis court is a man playing by himself. He hits the tennis ball skyward, as high as he can. Then he runs to the other side of the court and returns it back upwards. He does this over and over again without fail, oblivious to his new company.\n\n<<if $varZ eq 3>>\nYou notice that the colors of the court each have a number on them, as if they somehow magically appeared to you. The colored areas, each divided by bold white lines, are in a random order.\n\nRed is 3\nPurple is 5\nYellow is 6\nBlue is 1\nOrange is 2\nGreen is 4\n\nThough you can clearly see the numbers, something tells you deep inside that they no longer matter.\n\n<<endif>>\n[[You approach him|steps2]].
Truth and Chaos balance between Past.\n\nSecond number:\n\n[[45|lockG2]]\n\n[[22|lockB2]]\n\n[[78|lockB2]]
His questions are almost eternally optimistic, but he seems as oblivious of the situation as you do.\n\n"Noia... That is you name... Right?"\n\nNoia nods energetically, his body practically bouncing as he answered.\n\n"So why are you outside? I'm guessing you're part of ParaLogue too... Right?"\n\nHe points at the building suddenly, "Them? Yeah! I'm one of them, but I'm not one also."\n\n"Really? Why's that?"\n\n"I'm the closest to getting out, that's why!"\n\n"I dont get it... Getting out? Like... [[Escaping?|steps4]]"
"Hey there, how're you?"\n\nYou ask nicely. He doesn't respond, almost entirely absorbed within the game.\n\nYou ask several more times to no avail. Eventually you decide to just stop him from moving by grabbing his shoulder as it looked like he would never stop playing.\n\nThe man looks at you.\n\n"Oh hey there! When did you get here?" \n\nHe asks, tennis racket raising up and hitting the unseen ball back to the otherside of the court. He shouts at the top of his lungs towards the other side.\n\n"Game. Set. Match to [[Noia|noia]]!"\n\nHis face is gleeful and excited. His attention turns back to you again.\n\n"[[So what's up?|steps3]]"
You find yourself in the lobby and decide to approach the center. \n<<if $varY eq 0>>\nDigm isn't [[there.|digmPuzzle]]\n<<else>>\nDigm isn't there...\n<<endif>>\n\nYou look to the other directions that you haven't gone to yet.\n\n<<if $visit_Gon eq 0>>The [[door|lies2]] up the stairs.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $visit_Dox eq 0>>The [[door|truth2]] to the left of the center of the lobby. <<endif>>\n\n<<if $visit_Site eq 0>>The [[doors|chaos2]] to the right of the center of the lobby. <<endif>>\n\nThe [[door|steps1]] under the large sign is still clearly visible if you think you can't get any further.
<<set $varZ = $varZ + 1>>\nThe picture is drawn by ParaGon.\n\nIn the picture, there is a man's head, opened with five figures pouring out. The figures all seem to be trying to push each other out of the way, but still fit within the figure's head. \n\nBehind the figure's head, there is a pitch black rectangle. Inside it are five monsterous faces, all bearing some resemblence to the figures in the head.\n\nThe picture seems to be altered, handwriting different from the original artists. The picture has the faces in the background crossed out in red besides one, one that is maniacal and matches a person that you haven't seen yet.\n\nBehind the picture are the words:\n\n"The SHIP is a FALSE dream, I am all that resides within the BOX."\n\n[[Back.|safeRight]]
<<if $varX lte 3>>\nThe printer asks for a password, a simple 5 digit number.\n\nYou go to input it:\n\n[[12312|wrongPW]]\n\n[[42313|wrongPW]]\n\n[[42413|wrongPW]]\n\n[[33444|namesPW]]\n\n[[23451|wrongPW]]\n\n[[12351|wrongPW]]\n\n[[22413|wrongPW]]\n\n[[41334|wrongPW]]\n\n[[23445|wrongPW]]\n\n[[51231|wrongPW]]\n<<else>>\n\nThe printer displays an error message and will not let you try again.\n\n[[Next.|wrongPW]]\n\n<<endif>>\n
"Is that Wartorn? Can I play?!"\n\nThis voice comes from behind you. You quickly turn, alarmed to see someone you hadn't expected within the room. They hadn't made a sound entering.\n\n"I guess? Who're you?"\n\nYou reply, trying to figure out the [[person's|GonDesc]] purpose.\n\nThe boy's eyes light up.\n\n"I'm Gon! Can I try?"\n\n"Sure?"\n\nYou move out of the way so the boy's hands can reach the controls. He seems really [[excited|liesOrbs2]] to you.\n
"So Gon, you know anything about this other computer?"\n\nYou nod towards the DreamState computer, as you watch Gon log your apparently pre-existing character out to log his own character in.\n\n"Oh I don't know, I guess Para broke it. This one works, so NewReign is the better game maker, for sure!" Gon's character is roughly the same level as the one you played. He goes through the game's leaderboards and it displays him at the very top.\n\n[[Can you tell me about the games?|liesOrbs2a]]\n\n[[What do you do here?|liesOrbs2b]]\n\n
<<set $visit_Site = 1>>\n<<set $rooms = $rooms + 1>>"You know, when you are looking for something... Knowing when to give up and turn around tends to be a strong option."\n\n"But I can't give up... I have to know what's going on and exactly who I am..."\n\nHe shrugs, not entirely caring about you.\n\n"True enough, but you won't really find much in here. Remember, no matter the situation, you can always leave."\n\nYou nod and utter an agreement. Site closes his eyes after another bite of chips and you can hear him snoring shortly after.\n\nYou get up and look around. Through all the chaos abundant in the room, you can see the [[door|lobbyAfter]] ahead of you. In the back of the room there is a safe. You look at Site and notice he is entirely out of it.\n\nEven repeating his name reveals no stir. It would be easy to try out the [[safe|safe]].
"What were you looking for?"\n\nYou ask, an honest curiousity.\n\n"A place to chill and not do shit."\n\nYou glance around.\n\n"Well it looks like you found it."\n\n"Totally, what about you, what're you lookin' for?"\n\nYou wanna answer but just shake your head.\n\n"Don't know huh? Maybe you just wanna find yourself?"\n\nYou sigh and shrug, laying back on the [[sofa|chaos5]] and stealing a few chips. \n\n"By the way, did you know that the more letters in the [[color|colors]] name, the more important it is."\n\nSite tosses a chip into the air and catches it in his mouth.\n
He decides to offer his insight.\n\n"Sometimes you just have to take a break, then you realize that always searching drains you to the point you give up. Eventually you'll just wanna give up and relax."\n\n"Did you give up?"\n\nHe laughs and shakes his head.\n\n"Nope, I realized that being happy and relaxing can be exactly what you need in life. Plus ParaLogue gets me whatever I want while I freeload around here."\n\nYou shake your head. Once more you look around, there is nowhere else to go but back to the lobby. You open your mouth to speak [[but are cut off by Site|chaos6]].
You enter into the doors that on the right. Inside is a room, almost a mancave of sorts.\n\nThere is a large sofa, a bunch of soda bottles everywhere, a fridge, grill, large television and the latest game consoles.\n\nLaying on the couch while eating a bag of chips is a [[young man|Site]], probably twenty years old. \n\n"Hey!"\n\nYou call out to him, he looks over and just moves his head slightly, nodding as if to give you [[attention|chaos3]].
"Who're you?"\n\nHe eats several more chips before finally answering, "Names Site dude, you?"\n\n<<if $visit_Gon eq 1>>"I'm Newton, pleased to meet you."<<else>>"I... honestly don't know[[...|Crush]]"<<endif>>\n\n"That's chill I guess. What brings ya here?"\n\nHe asks in an entirely lazy manner.\n\n"Not much, just exploring... Or something..."\n\nYou finally reach the sofa that Site lays down on. He lifts his legs slightly to give you room. On his shirt is the number '45'.\n\n"We all gotta explore sometimes, and then when you find what you're [[looking for|chaos4]], you just gotta go with it."
You thank Digm for his info.\n\n"I think I'll try the right side, thanks."\n\nYou don't know why you really appreciate his help, but it makes you feel better knowing you got it. You hear him wish a soft good luck to you as you leave towards the right.\n\nYou approach the [[door|chaos2]]
Truth and Chaos balance between Past.\n\nFirst number:\n\n[[45|lockA]]\n\n[[22|lockG]]\n\n[[78|lockB]]
<<if $varX lte 4>>\n<<set $varX = $varX + 1>>Next number:\n\n[[Red|wrong]]\n\n[[Purple|wrong]]\n\n[[Blue|wrong]]\n\n[[Yellow|wrong]]\n\n[[Orange|wrong]]\n\n[[Green|wrong]]\n<<else>>\n<<set $varY = 1>>\nThe game's buttons stop responding after you hit the sixth one. You stare at it frustrated before realizing it had only given you a single chance.\n\nYou stop on it a few times before going back to figure out the room you want to go to.\n\nBefore you go however, you hear a tapping sound. It haunts you, unsure of the source though you swear it sounded as if it came from the safe. But why would anyone be stuck within the safe. You decide to ignore it, it's not like you can open it anymore anyway.\n\n[[Next.|lobbyAfter]]\n<<endif>>
The Ship of Theseus is a logical paradox.\n\nIt's theory is simple to understand.\n\nIf a person takes Ship X and replaces a single working part with an alternate working part, let's call it Part Y.\n\nShip X with Part Y is generally assumed to be the same ship.\n\nNow let us assume that over time, one by one, you replace the parts of Ship X with different Part Ys under the assumption that changing a single part does not change the fact that it is the same ship. Eventually, every part is finally replaced. Is it the original ship?\n\nNow imagine that all the parts taken from Ship X are used to make another ship, this one with all the original parts of the original ship.\n\nNow... Which is the original Ship X?\n\n[[Back.|textDoc]]\n\n
The safe falls before you, it's combination already set.\n\nInside is a [[picture|picture]], painstakeningly drawn. At the bottom of it is a signature listing ParaGon.\n\nYou put the picture up and head towards the [[door|lobbyAfter]], no other reason to keep you in the room.
You enter through the door on the left and glance around the room.\n\nUnlike the lobby, the area is less filled with discord and looks like a rather orderly office.\n\nSitting at a desk at the center of the office is a lady. The nameplate on the desk reads '[[Dox|dox]]'.\n\nShe gestures you to sit [[closer|truth3]].
You decide to inspect the dilapidation of the building further. The whole of the building looks as if a police raid had gone through, heavily searching for drugs while an earthquake struck.\n\nCeiling lights had fallen from the roof and collapsed upon the ground. It's a miracle you can even still see, but you suspect the glass window walls surrounding the building might be the reasoning.\n\nYou look towards the walls, the glass is tinted inwardly. This makes it hard for you to look outside but easy to look inside. \n\nThere is a door to the side, it is covered with debris and even has a sign that is torn in half with only the lower half remaining. The lower half says ENTER. The [[door|Engine Room]] DOES look inviting.\n\n[[Back.|inside]]
The safe is simple looking, and the lock is but a simple combination lock. \n\n\n\nYou decide to try to open it.\n\n[[3 to the Right, 2 to the left, Pull|safeWrong]]\n\n[[6 to the Right, 4 to the left, Pull|safeWrong]]\n\n[[3 to the Right, 7 to the left, Pull|safeWrong]]\n\n[[7 to the Right, 3 to the left, Pull|safeWrong]]\n\n[[0 to the Right, 0 to the left, Pull|safeRight]]\n\n[[2 to the Right, 1 to the left, Pull|safeWrong]]\n\n[[4 to the Right, 9 to the left, Pull|safeWrong]]
You approach the man at the desk in the center of the lobby. He is leaning against the edge of the wooden desk. Both he and the desk look as if the only survivors of the dilapidation of the room. His body is dressed in a suit that matches his gray hair. Though his features look old, they have a sternness to them the derides any idea of joking. He lights up a cigarette as you approach.\n\n[[Talk to Man|digm1]]
The young man is wearing a t-shirt and jeans. His feet are bare but he obviously doesn't care. His clothes hang loose and comfortably. He doesn't stand up straight, he slouches and doesn't care.\n\n[[Back.|chaos2]]
She is a civilized looking lady. She wears a sharp business dress with a matching set of glasses. Everything about her means business, yet around the chair at her desk is a lab coat.\n\n[[Back.|truth2]]
As you ponder why FEAR is in all caps, you spot a machine in the distance, just floating there. You approach it and see a [[chair|FEAR2]] in it. The word FEAR is scralled across it with a number 2 scratched into it.\n\n[[Back.|paraN3]]
Final color.\n\n[[red|correct]]\n\n[[yellow|bad]]\n\n[[blue|bad]]