You spin on your heel to face the offender (yawner?), but to your surprise, there is no one there.\n\n"Hey, buddy, I'm over here." \n\nYou turn again, but still, you see no one.\n\n"Up here, above you."\n\nYou look up. There is a [[very fat chihuahua|Pet the Doge]] nestled in a lavender cloud hovering just over your head.
[img[magoda.gif]]\n\n"Geez," she scolds slyly, "that only took all day!"\n\nYou briefly consider [[pinching yourself|Pinchy]] as you stare wordlessly up at the talking, levitating dog. She rolles her unnervingly-large eyes.\n\n"Listen buddy," she starts. [[You listen obediently|Listen]].
[img[magoda.gif]]\n\n\n\n[img[windrat.gif]] [img[earthbat.gif]] [img[icecat.gif]] [img[waterpig.gif]] [img[lightningsnake.gif]] [img[fireduck.gif]]
White.\n\nYou blink. More white.\n\nIt's dazzling; no, bright; no, searing; no, blinding; yeah, that's the word - blinding.\n\nYou blink again. Less white.\n\nActually, now that you can see, there's very little white at all.\n\nYou stand in the center of a large, round plaza of sorts. The marble beneath you is a deep, deep black. In fact, almost everything around you is black - how did you mistake this for white, you wonder?\n\nSilver stars speckle the horizon, but it's impossible (at least, it is to YOU) to tell where ground meets sky. At least you're sure there's nothing obstructing it.\n\n[[A loud, rumbling yawn echoes through the flat, open space|Yawn]].
[img[magoda.gif]]\n\nShe hums curiously and walks slowly around you. You tug at the hem of your top in a sudden fit of self-consciousness.\n\n"Well, this is quite the rarity," she says. You're not sure if she's frustrated or surprised, and expression doesn't really give much away. "I'm not sure of your element quite yet! Why don't you just tell me which of [[these creatures|Starters]] tickles you juuuuuust right?"
[img[magoda.gif]]\n\nShe blinks benevolently, staring up at you through her ridiculously long lashes. You didn't think dogs even had eyelashes. "Hmm? Weren't you listening?"\n\nFor a moment, you think she's angry, but she just yawns and summons a cloud to lounge on. "This, as I said, is the Celestial Court. I'm guessing you found one of Keputu's chocolates, right?" She pauses. \n\nYou nod. After all, you THINK you were unwrapping a chocolate coin before you woke up here. The dog dips her head in response and continues.\n\n"Very few people can see, let alone TOUCH, those chocolates," she says mid-yawn. "You're a Celestial, child."\n\nYou are fifteen years old, and as such do not appreciate being called a child. You tell her as much; she laughs jovially.\n\n"I don't think you realize how old I am!" is her reply. She takes a moment to calm down. "You really must stop interrupting me; you didn't even listen the first time," she chastises.\n\nYou huff and motion for her to continue.\n\n"Well, anyway, Celestials have a certain duty to the universe, and your commitment to that duty was sealed the moment you touched that chocolate." Her eyes wrinkle in joy. "It's okay, though, you'll have your [[very own partner|Starters]] to help you through it."
[img[magoda.gif]]\n\nYou pinch the inside of your wrist viciously between your thumb and forefinger. \n\nOw.\n\nYou don't know what you were expecting, but the portly chihuahua's unimpressed stare makes you think she's seen this before.\n\n"You done?" she asks. [[You nod sheepishly|Listen]].
[img[magoda.gif]]\n\nShe clears her throat and dramatically rolls off her cloud, landing with an odd, echoing, tinkling sound that reminds you of windchimes. It's so far from the thud you expected that it takes you a moment to focus on what she's saying again.\n\n"... and anyway, that's all you need to know about us, I guess!"\n\nShe has a huge, unsettlingly human grin on her face. Purply-pink clouds whisp around her almost playfully. She waits expentantly for you to respond.\n\n[["Okay, got it, thanks."|Okthanx]] you say. | [["Uh, can you repeat that?"|Sayitagain]] you ask shamelessly.