The yelling echoing off of the trees started to [[wake->3.]] Sare from her sleep. While the hard ground was not the most comfortable bed Sare had ever slept on, the compulsion to [[go back to sleep->2.]] was a hard want to ignore. So was the yelling. Sare's eyes opened and darted side to side as she observed the guards who were ordered to protect her. She noticed an arrow pierce one of the soldiers on her right. His body jerked at an angle from the force of the arrow. Sare quickly got out of her makeshift bed on the forest floor. As she turned around to grab her weapons laying next to the blankets, Sare flinched when the arrow struck the ground piercing the blankets she had been previously laying on. The shock of seeing the arrow that could have ended her life caused Sare to contemplate trying to [[slip away->5.]] unnoticed in order to save herself. While the idea was tempting, part of Sare knew she should [[stay and fight->4.]]Sare allowed herself to tone out the panicked yells and fall back into sleep. The rest didn't last long as Sare curled up into an upright position. Sare's hand gripped the arrow shaft protruding from her torso. She could feel the warm blood seeping through her fingers. Sare's head started to swim as the blood quickly left her body. It surprised her to find her eyes already feeling heavy. Sare welcomed the drowsiness. Once Sare's eyes closed, her breathing slowed, her finger's loosened their grip on the shaft, and her head lolled to the side, dead. Sare grabbed her backpack and weapons. She ignored the yells of the soldiers as she sneaked deeper into the woods. Sare didn't get very far before the enemy soldiers spotted her retreating form. She heard the arrow before she felt it. The distinct wiz of the arrow splitting through the air alerted her of it. Sare tried to duck in order to avoid the hit; but, instead of the arrow missing, it embedded itself in Sare's neck, ending her life instantly. Sare knew the guards depended on her. Not that Sare was an amazing fighter, but she was the reason that they would fight. Without Sare, there would be no reason to fight. All of the soldiers recognized Sare as the rightful heir to the throne. The throne had been unrightfully stolen from Sare's father and mother when she was just a young child. She had been raised by many of the soldiers fighting to take back the throne from the tyrant that was now ruling over the land.