[[You->Who Are You?]] awake to the sound of screaming [[alarms->Where are you?]]. You go for your gear in your [[yellow bag->Gear]], and run to the [[door->Intro part II]].You are a soldier. You remember a time when human kind only lived on one planet. A time when people grew weak with age. Now, in the new age of the Galaxy, humans live forever, but war, it never seems to change. Death comes to all.Metal walls surround you, red and orange paint. Outside the window you see the black of space, enlightened by the distant stars, and blasts of electricity from the space fighters, swarming like mosquitoes in an Alaskan summer. You are on a star ship, in the middle of battle.In your bag you find an outfit with a red jumpsuit, goggles, a face mask, a pistol, and a first aid kit.You slip on your gear, ready for battle. You run into your [[commander->Commander Smith]]. She tells you to head to your [[space fighter->Combat Intro]].Commander Smith is tall and slender. She too is a pilot. You look up to her, both figuratively and literally. She has green eyes, and short brown hair.You meet up with Dave, your partner pilot. You both get into your [[fighter->The Star Fighter]] and [[take off->Battle]].The Star Fighter is used for air and space flight, thus is aerodynamic. Your's is red and orange with blue stripes from front too back. The fighter takes two people, a pilot, and an engineer. The pilot (you) flies and shoots the main guns, and the engineer makes sure the fighter stays in shape. Also, the engineer uses the secondary weapons, and missiles.The Fighter zips off into space. Debris floats all around you as you shoot at your [[enemies->Enemies]]. You flip and roll, evading the electric bursts from [[other fighters->Green Fighters]], while shooting your own weaponry. A blast from the enemy mother-ship sends everything [[flying towards the nearby planet.->Crash]]"Who are your enemies?" you wonder. You've never seen their faces, you're told to fight so you do just that.Your enemies fly in vivid lime green fighters. Their surfaces are shiny, almost as if the color is the metal, not paint. They, as your own ship does, fires electric bolts of plasma. This is the same technology that most weapons use, even your sidearm.Explosions all around you, you excel to the land below. Flames surround you, and you hear Dave screaming behind you. You hope to live but the [[echo of the past->life and death]] comforts you. [[Maybe it's time.->NO!]]You remember a family member, your father maybe? Or brother? You can't remember all those centuries ago, but you hear a voice, "I'd rather die now than live a thousand life's watching death over and over."But no! You deny death. Dave makes no noise, you see the blood in reflections behind you. You hit the eject button, flinging you out of the fighter. A green fighter zooms by, and you land on it, using your pistol to blast open the cockpit. You look your alien enemy in the face, gnashing fangs and sharp claws, you are rightfully terrified. You toss it out with all of your strength, and [[pilot the fighter back to the alien mother-ship.->End]]You bash in, your fighter shreading into pieces as you land on the enemy star-ship's floor. You race to the [[engine room->Engine room]] or the [[bridge->Bridge]].You fight your way to the engine room, killing the clawed enemies in your way. You destroy the engine, sacrificing yourself to save other humans.You make it to the bridge. The alien captain attacks you with it's claws, cutting into you'r flesh. Your pistol runs out of energy, you have to kill it with your own hands. When the captain is dead, you look at your wounds, they are lethal. You can [[pilot the star ship into the planet->Destroy]], guaranteeing it's immediate destruction, or [[set it to explode->Jump]] in the count of one hundred seconds, an amount of time you don't even know whether you can or can't make it to safety in the condition your wounds are in.You pilot the star ship to the ground, setting the nearby area ablaze. You are killed in the destruction, but you have destroyed the enemy.You set the star ship to explode. You fall to the ground in pain. Can you make it? [[Yes?->Nope]] [[No?->Fall]]You dash to the hangar, hoping to catch an enemy fighter. As you limp your way there you wonder if you made the right decision. You make it to the hanger, ten seconds. [[Their are no fighters left.->Nine]] You toss yourself out the window in the bridge. You descend to the earths, feeling more alive than ever. You feel the electric blast of a star fighter against your ribs. You pull out you'r sidearm, it's recharged by the blast! You stun a fighter using an electromagnetic pulse, and hijack it. You fly of into the sunset.[[Nine.->Eight]] You fall to your knees.[[Eight.->Seven]] You try to crawl to the edge, to jump out.[[Seven.->Six]] Moving seems impossible.[[Six->Five]] You reach to the edge.[[Five->Four]] You try to pull[[Four.->Three]] Sound grows quiet.[[Three.->Two]] You barely hear.[[Two.->One]] You feel like you are falling.You don't hear [[one.->Zero]]You open your eyes and see the star ship's explosion as you fall to your inevitable death. You feel that you have now truly [[lived->Life]].You wake up to the sound of alarms, this time different. Your right arm is numb, as if not their, and you see other injured around you. You sit up ready for more.