When Tiffany said you looked busted, she meant it.
//I had to pack it up and leave, baby. You know how it is.// he says, holding you gently.\n\nYou push him away with all your strength as the rain begins to fall even harder. \n\n//No, I don't!// You yell. \n\n//It's a long story. Please, baby. Give me a chance,// he begs.\n\nWith years of anger towards him coming back tenfold, all you can say is: \n\n<html><IMG SRC="http:/25.media.tumblr.com/26b610745858c6e1c83db64db4185bbd/tumblr_mp2vxbU0HW1qawaymo7_400.gif"></html>\n\nBut as you see a sadness in his eyes, you agree to meet with him after work. He walks you to the office, and you dodge his kiss as you go [[inside|office]].
<<set $beat_up = "yes">>\n\n<html><IMG SRC="http:/24.media.tumblr.com/2c8c6b8cc3ed22e6722736a18e014990/tumblr_mp2vxbU0HW1qawaymo8_500.gif"></html>\n\nYou turn towards this hellish man as he attempts to pass you, and jab your umbrella right into his side. That'll teach him to quit being so fucking rude.\n\n//WHAT THE HELL, WOMAN?// the bastard yells in response, knocking into more disgruntled city people as he turns to take a [[swing|swing]] at you.\n\n<html><IMG SRC="http:/24.media.tumblr.com/68a44471e30914f2969b675c0f1c9d32/tumblr_mp2vxbU0HW1qawaymo5_500.gif"></html>\n
//Jeffrey, is that you...?//\n\n//Yes baby, it is. It's me. Oh lord.//\n\nYou throw caution to the howling wind, flinging your arms around him and planting a fat one right on the lips hiding behind that disgusting mustache. \n\n<html><IMG SRC="http:/25.media.tumblr.com/31d8dac53b0b225d0e7da9394a750fc3/tumblr_mp2vxbU0HW1qawaymo3_500.gif"></html>\n\n//Jeffrey, I haven't seen you for years. What happened? Where did you go?// You ask him, wondering in your head, //Why did you leave me?//\n\nHe sighs and looks you straight in the eyes, as he begins to tell you his [[story|jeffrey]]...
Walking through the glass doors of the office, you are immediately greeted by the company's receptionist, Tiffany. She also happens to be your closest friend.\n\n//Girl, what happened to you? You look busted...!// she whispers excitedly, looking concerned but still giving you the stink eye.\n\nThis is your response: \n<html><IMG SRC="http:/24.media.tumblr.com/5e5c639c911f14d0520b31665b930174/tumblr_mp2vxbU0HW1qawaymo9_400.gif"></html>\n\n//Listen girl,// you say as water starts to drip from your hair and clothes onto the shiny tiled floor. //Something crazy happened to me.//\n\n<<if $beat_up eq "no">> //You remember Jeffrey right? The man I told you about?// you tell Tiffany, and her eyes widen.\n\n//Yeah, what about him?// she says skeptically. \n\n//Well, I just ran into him.//\n\n<<else>> //Some douche punched me. Long story, but I fell down and he didn't even wait around to see if I was alright.// you tell Tiffany, and her eyes widen.\n<<endif>>\n\n//Well girl I don't know what happened but you need to see yourself in the mirror right now,// Tiffany says, sounding horrified as she ushers you towards the [[washroom]].
You now find yourself battling two very strong instincts.\n\nOne part of you screams, [[You're not gonna take that shit, are you?!|hellnaw]]\n\nBut another, equally powerful inner voice tells you, [[Calm down. Everyone's a little under the weather...|oknvm]]
It's a cold, rainy day in late Autumn. The type of day that makes you wish you hadn't gotten out of [[bed]] after overdosing on the "snooze" button. The type of day that seems to be never-ending. \n\nYou walk down the street, shoulders haunched, your bare hand sacrificed to the biting wind as it holds up your slightly worthless umbrella. What a piece of crap, you mutter as the wind inverts your umbrella once again, causing you to careen carelessly into the oncoming traffic of the surprisingly many pedestrians that have joined you in this battle of man versus nature. \n\nHEY, GET OUT OF MY WAY! yells a [[gruff man|gruff]], the tips of his overgrown mustache glistening with rain drops.
You could have stayed in bed all day, probably.\n\nBut you decided to go to work anyway, and now the six-block walk from the employee parking garage to the office building is going to cause your make-up to run, which will furthermore cause you to look like this:\n\n<html><IMG SRC="http:/24.media.tumblr.com/e06ab7f4f69d31545b8d9e3e1bf9c510/tumblr_mp2vxbU0HW1qawaymo10_500.gif"></html> \n\nBut I guess it's too late now... Time to [[begin]] your adventure.\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $beat_up = "no">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\nTime for [[work.|begin]]\n
<html><IMG SRC="http:/25.media.tumblr.com/c4f6c46a055968ef1608a943d778dec8/tumblr_mp2vxbU0HW1qawaymo4_400.gif"></html>\n\nYou give him a sheepish smile, both praising and cursing yourself for being so damn passive. \n\nAt any rate, you wonder if your toes will ever feel dry again...\n\n//Hey, wait a second-// you hear as a heavy hand is placed upon your shoulder. \n\nYou turn, bracing yourself for a violent impact. \n\n[[But then...|love]]\n\n<html><IMG SRC="http:/24.media.tumblr.com/a2dfbf294f786057cfa4e40c84702974/tumblr_mp2vxbU0HW1qawaymo6_400.gif"></html>\n
<html><IMG SRC="http:/24.media.tumblr.com/459044a3d02777225a5735e26f9d055a/tumblr_mp2vxbU0HW1qawaymo1_250.gif"></html>\n\nYou fall to the ground in an instant. The shoes of those in passing (who have somehow not noticed the scene taking place) unknowingly kick rainwater into your face. Your brand spanking new black work slacks are muddied. //Oh god, why did I get up this morning?// you think to yourself as you work up the strength to get up and continue towards the office. \n\nYou look up to see the man who has injured you, but he's already gone.\n\n//Wow, you think a guy'd at least make sure a girl was okay after he beats the shit out of her. People have no decency these days...//\n\nSpeaking of decency, people are starting to give you funny looks. You [[stand up|stand]], although you're not quite ready to.
Your Average 9 to 5
by Jessica Ray
Blood rushes to your head and your eyesight blurs. That doesn't stop you from noticing everyone's glares, however.\n\n//They must not have anything better to gawk at,// you tell yourself as tired, angry eyes examine you from their umbrella oases. //Their lives are probably just as mundane as mine.//\n\nStill, you can't help but be irritated. You make your best attempt to regain your dignity and pride, and make your way towards the [[office|office]], determined to turn your day around. \n\n<html><IMG SRC="http:/24.media.tumblr.com/1b721dffffd2344aa2323508df83b94f/tumblr_mp2vxbU0HW1qawaymo2_500.gif"></html>\n