Just so you understand the gravity of the situation, the ship is about to come under attack from raging Prophylaxians, and you want to read a //tabloid//? \n\nOkay, fine. Have it your way. \n\nYou skim over the main headlines:\n<html><blockquote>// Weyland-Yutani heir to do time in Butcher Bay for large-scale Materia smuggling,\n<Br><BR>\n// Holographic Spice Girls reunion being planned on Arrakis,\n<Br><BR>\n// Xenu investigated over dubious use of ecclesiastic donations,\n<Br><BR>\n// Aria T'Loak in rumored high-powered affair with Arcturus Mengsk -- dismisses accusations as "Lensman propaganda", \n<Br><BR>\n// Black Bolt, Lyn Minmei to judge final season of <I>Thanagarian Idol</i>,\n<Br><BR>\n// Sen. Binks (R - Gungan) mulls production of 'vintage style' Replicants to aid New Republic troops in occupied Mongo.</blockquote></html>\nThere... Are you happy now?<<set $tabloid = true>>\n\n\n}} [[BACK|Infirmary]]\n\n\n
It's a lewd video adaptation of an Earth-That-Was narrative game called //Leather Goddesses of Phobos//. \n\nThe featured actress was evidently some notorious Terran-era performer named Sasha the Grey -- presumably, she filmed it before she became one with the Phoenix Force. \n\nYou don't recall the specific details, at this point -- admittedly, you never really paid much attention in Terran History class.\n\nRegardless, if you're going to die today, you want the image of Sasha-as-Elysia to be the last thing to pass through your mind.<<set $ego = true>>\n\n\n}} [[BACK|Quarters]]\n\n
<<if $cargo2>>Are you some kind of wizard?\n\nBecause if not, it would stand to reason that no useful supplies will just magically appear, since the last time you checked in here.<<else>>You open the container to reveal a non-functioning Doomsday Device, belonging to a certain H.J. Farnsworth.\n\nAccording to our manifest documents, this fell off the back of another inter-planetary cargo ship. Riiight.<<set $cargo2 = true>><<endif>>\n\n\n}} [[BACK|Bay]]\n\n\n\n\n
It reads "WHAT HAPPENS IN MOS EISLEY, STAYS IN MOS EISLEY".\n\nOh, the memories!\n\nYou're //still// not quite sure how that night ended. You woke up the following morning with an Orange Power Ring, a Na'vi "companion", and an unconcious Imperial Psyker in the trunk of your rented Space Cadillac. Good times.<<set $self = true>>\n\n\n}} [[BACK|Quarters]]\n\n\n\n
The access codes to the cargo bay doors seem to have been reset to their default after the power failure. \n\nUnfortunately, the folks in Maintenance seem to have misplaced the engineering manuals containing all the security data. \n\n<<if $multipass = true>>Luckily, you've got that handy Multipass!\n\nYou hold it up to the aetheric scanner and declare, "MULTIPASS!"\n\nAnd wham bam thank you, ma'am -- the [[bay doors open|Bay]], just like that.<<else>>It could take hours to locate the documents, and you don't have that kind of time to spare. \n\nSurely, there must be some other way to over-ride the access codes -- whether or not it fits the usual Federation operating standards.<<endif>>\n\nYou may head back to the main [[Hull|Hull]].
<<if $healthy>>You would rather not be subjected to that //procedure// again, if you can help it at all.\n\n}} [[BACK|Infirmary]]<<else>><html> <embed type="audio/x-mp3" \nsrc="beep.mp3" autostart="true" loop="true" width="2" height="0"></ \nembed> </html>The Doctor begins his full-body scan by casually inserting a decidedly non-holographic Vitalometer into your blackest of holes. \n\nYou can swear that he just barely stifled a yawn, as he collected his readings. [Do solid photon constructs even need to yawn?]\n\n<html><table><tr><TD><img src="images/doctor.png"></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><td><U>Doctor Archimedes Hard-Light</u>\n<BR><BR>\n"All bio-systems stable. Physiological integrity at 87.43%. Detecting trace amounts of Synthehol, Ditrellium Triptocaine [Snow Crash], and Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster -- contamination level: negligable. Internal homeostasis is within permissible range. I'd say you're good to go. \n<BR><BR>\nOh, and please don't forget to give your insurance details to the Health Administation Droid before you leave."</td></tr></table></html>\n}} BILL OF HEALTH is now in your inventory.<<set $healthy = true>>\n}} [[BACK|Infirmary]]<<endif>>\n\n\n
<<if $cargo3>>No other items have suddenly materialized since your previous search.<<else>>You were meant to sell these goods to some isolationist colony up in Zelazny's Landing. That is, until the place got over-run by Revenants.\n\nThe crates are filled with all the basics: stim packs, Energon cubes, Phlebotinum... even a precocious companion drone. [Inactive, thankfully.]\n\nThere seems to be a little of everything //but// spare parts.\n\nWhich begs the question: how were they supposed to construct additional pylons?<<set $cargo3 = true>><<endif>>\n\n\n}} [[BACK|Bay]]\n\n\n\n\n
<html><table><tr><td><u>Science Officer Carlton R. Jackson, PhD</u><br><br>\n"This little critter is a Martian Arachnid, a gift from my esteemed associate, J'onn K'artrr of Barsuum.\n<br><br>\nI opted to name him Ziggy."</td><td><img src="images/professor.png"></td><tr></table></html>\n}} [[BACK|Bio]]\n
You cautiously examine the device.\n\nInside the main holding chamber, you find chocobo dung, Mi-go droppings, bantha fodder, and luckdragon stool.\n\nFrankly, you are not quite sure what might be done with all this crap.\n\n\n}} [[BACK|Infirmary]]\n
<html><img src="images/title.gif"><BR><BR></html>\n\n}} [[START|Mission]]\n}} [[CREDITS|Credits]]\n}} [[QUIT|http://tvtropes.org]]\n
<<if $thruster>><html><table><tr><td><u>Engineer Bofuul Echuta</u>\n<br><br>\n"Oh yes! Excellent work, Ensign. This is just what I needed.\n<BR><BR>\nWith this kind of resources, I can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to repair the FTL Drive.\n<BR><BR>\nNow go tell the Captain and Cid to prepare the systems for a hyperjump!\n</td>\n<td></td><td></td><td><img src="images/engineer.png"></td></tr></table></html>}} [[SOME TIME LATER... |Warp Drive]]<<set $engineer = true>><<else>>\nThe ship's Chief Engineer is here, tweaking at doodads and gizmos with feigned busyness. S/He continues to unfurl a length of duct tape, even while speaking to you.\n\n<html><table><tr><td><u>Engineer Bofuul Echuta</u>\n<br><br>\n"The FTL Drive's lateral Warp Thruster was damaged in the attack. If we can restore its functional integrity, i'm positive that Cid will be able to safely force a jump.\n<br><br>\nI hope the spare parts in the Cargo Hold are enough for me to jury-rig a workable replacement."</td>\n<td></td><td></td><td><img src="images/engineer.png"></td></tr></table></html>\n<<set $engineer = true>>}} [[BACK|Bridge]]<<endif>>
With all the safety "features", known bugs, and lawyer-friendly nerfing, this entry-level Federation lux blade is really just a glorified laser pointer, only useful for identifying perps during foot chases.\n\nBesides, it's not even charged.\n\nIt would just be dead weight against a Prophylaxian boarding party.<<set $me = true>>\n\n\n}} [[BACK|Quarters]]\n\n\n
You slide the indicator from 'OUT' to 'IN'.\n\nYou hear a faint electronic crackle, as the ship's holographic medic, [[Doctor Archimedes Hard-Light|Medic]], materializes at his desk.<<set $doctor= true>>\n\nIf you're not ready for a check-up just yet, you can leave now -- at least you know he's still on board the //Invisible Hand//.\n\n\n}} [[BACK|Infirmary]]\n\n\n\n\n\n
The infirmary is as sterile as one would expect.\n \nOn a table in the reception area is the latest issue of the [[Galactic Enquirer|Tabloid]].\n\nThere's a [[Bio-Purification Unit|Unit]] next to the main Sick Bay.\n\nBeside it is a conraption labelled [[Pathogen-0-Matic 2099|Machine]] -- you assume it's for processing bodily matter from sentient beings.\n\n<<if $doctor>>The ship's physician [[Doctor Archimedes Hard-Light|Medic]] sits at his desk, reading the //New Londinium Journal of Medicine//.<<else>>There is no force field surrounding the physician's clinic. A [[sign|Sign]] on the desk reads THE DOCTOR IS OUT.<<endif>>\n\nA door in the waiting room leads out to the [[main hallway|Upper Deck]].\n\n\n
<<if $multipass>>At this point, Stoh-narr is waaay too blazed to be any help to you. \n\n}} [[BACK|Quarters]]<<else>><html><embed type="audio/x-mp3" \nsrc="beep.mp3" autostart="true" loop="true" width="2" height="0"></ \nembed><table><tr><td><img src="images/roommate.png"></td><td></td><td></td><td><u>Ensign N00b Stoh-narr</u>\n<BR><BR>\n"Duuude! You're never gonna believe what I picked up on the ground at the dock in Nibiru: some chick's Multipass! 'ACCESS ALL AREAS'. Think of all the mayhem we can get up to if this baby's legit.\n<BR><BR>\nI've got a feeling it might be a counterfeit though. I mean, what kind of lame made-up alias is ''Leeloo Dallas'' anyway? \n<BR><BR>\nHey, i'm gonna roll us another fattie. Hold this for me, will you?"</td></tr></table></html>\n}} MULTIPASS is now in your inventory.<<set $multipass = true>>\n}} [[BACK|Quarters]]<<endif>>\n
__So-Called "Achievements"__ [x/005]\n\n<<if $death>>}} ''001: I WONDER WHAT THIS BUTTON D...AAAARGH!''\nExperience at least one death by curiosity.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $tabloid>>}} ''002: NOISE TO SIGNAL''\nRead the tabloid in the Infirmary.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $me and $self and $ego>>}} ''003: METHOD PLAYER''\nLook through all of the Ensign's personal items.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $cargo1 and $cargo2 and $cargo3 and $thruster>>}} ''004: CUSTOMS OFFICER''\nExamine all items in the Cargo Bay.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $comm and $security and $healthy and $alien and $first and $multipass and $engineer>>}} ''005: EMPLOYEE RELATIONS''\nInteract with every crew member.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $redshirt>><html><div id="player">\n<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="player_mp3_mini.swf" width="100" height="20" autoplay="1">\n <param name="movie" value="player_mp3_mini.swf" />\n <param name="autoplay" value="1" />\n <param name="bgcolor" value="#000000" />\n <param name="FlashVars" value="mp3=gorgocomehome.mp3&autoplay=1" />\n</object>\n</div><a href="http://soundcloud.com/circuit83">Circuit '83</a> - Gorgo Come Home</html><<endif>>\n\n\n}} [[CREDITS|Credits]]\n}} [[RESTART|http://clusterzeta.netii.net]]\n}} [[QUIT|http://tvtropes.org]]\n\n
<<if $alien>>Among the fauna in the Bio-Systems zone are a spider-like [[creature|Spider]] and a vauguely canine-looking [[beast|Dog]].<<else>>Among the life-forms in the Bio-Research Area are a spider-like [[creature|Spider]], a vauguely canine-looking [[beast|Dog]], and a sentient glob of [[ooze|Lumen Fish]].<<endif>>\n\n}} [[BACK|Lab]]\n\n\n
You turn the handle several times, with no apparent effect, other than a soft hissing noise.\n\nSeveral moments later, you are hurled, quickly and violently, into the open airlock.\n\nOh well. You suppose the rest of the crew will just need to rescue themselves without you then.<<set $death = true>>\n\n\n}} [[GAME OVER|Achievements]]\n}} [[RETRY|Hull]]\n\n
You're in the main corridor of the ship's Upper Deck.\n\nThe [[First Officer|First Officer]] is here, <<if $upper>>//still//<<endif>> pacing back and forth in agitation.\n\nFrom here, you may visit the ship's [[Quarters|Quarters]], the [[Lab|Lab]], and the [[Infirmary|Infirmary]].\n\nThe portal at the far end of the hall leads to the [[Bridge|Bridge]].<<set $upper = true>>
The cannister is filled with Bug-B-Gone Xeno Repellant.\n\nThe label reads:<html><blockquote>Proven effective against most types of Formics, Zerg, Brood, and infant Tyrranids. \n<br><br>\nFor external use only.\n<br><br>\nNot licensed for sale in the Celestial Protectorate.</blockquote></html>\nThis could have been helpful... if the Prophylaxians weren't crystal-based life-forms.\n\nBetter to keep searching, yes?\n\n\n}} [[BACK|Hull]]\n\n
<<if $thruster>>Wala. Rien. Inda. Nada. GONE.\n\nYou have taken all the spare parts worth using.\n\n[[BACK|Bay]]<<else>><html><embed type="audio/x-mp3" \nsrc="beep.mp3" autostart="true" loop="true" width="2" height="0"></ \nembed></html>A-ha! You flip open the chest to find exactly what you needed: a metric shit-tonne of Contrivium Narrate.\n\nYou've seen this miracle alloy in use plenty of times before. Common but indispensable, this versatile substance mixes with the barest minimum of logic to move a plot forward, with relative ease. \n\nIt's arguably the most effective resource with to repair an improvised Faster Than Logic Drive.\n\n\n}} SPARE PARTS are now in your inventory.<<set $thruster = true>>\n\nFrom here, you may go on exploring the [[Cargo Hold|Bay]] or return to the [[Bridge|Bridge]].<<endif>>
<<if $alien>>The Lumen Fish glows with xenoluminescence, brightening the Hull long enough for you to enable the generator.\n\nYour new alien friend seems all too happy to be exploring the ship. (You sure are gonna miss the little fella, once you hit Mesopotamia-XI.)\n\nBut for now, the mission comes first!\n\nThe bay doors of the [[Cargo Hold|Cargo Hold]] are now in sight. \n\nThere's a [[cylinder|Bugs]] mounted on the opposite wall, next to a [[rotating handle|Handle]] of some kind.\n\nYou may also return to the [[Bridge|Bridge]] from here, if you please.<<else>>The entire rear Hull is pitch black. It was cut off from the ship's power grid as a defense measure while fleeing the Prophylaxians.\n\nThe back-up generators can be turned on from inside.\n\nBut first you will need to find some kind of light source.\n\n}} [[BACK|Bridge]]<<endif>>\n\n
<html><table><tr><td><U>Captain Jake Starlin</U>\n<BR><BR>\n"But don't lose heart! We can repair the damaged FTL drive, and deliver the package to the Sheikh, within the agreed timeframe.\n<BR><BR>\nThat is, if the Prophylaxian armada doesn't catch up to us first.\n<BR><BR>\nSo <I>that's</I> why I need everybody's help to get us out of here A-SAP. As far as i'm concerned, there's no role too small on <I>my</I> ship.\n<BR><BR>\nNow hop to it, team! Double time! Let's figure out what can be done to get this hunk of junk running again."</td><td valign="top"><img src="images/captain.png"></td></tr></table></html>\n}} [[TO THE BRIDGE|Bridge]]\n}} [[REPEAT|Captain]]\n
<<if $healthy>>The Lab is partitioned into controlled research sections, based on different fields of study -- Science Office Carlton R. Jackson is omnidisciplinary like that.\n\nRight now, he's at work in the [[Bio Systems|Bio]] area.\n\nIf you have no urgent reason to visit the Professor, you may return to the [[main hall|Upper Deck]].<<else>>You are stopped by the //Invisible Hand//'s burly Security Officer.\n<html><table><tr><td><u>Security Officer Yelena Baclava</u>\n<br><br>\n"<I>Nyet</i>, <I>Tovarisch</i>! The Professor say very rare xeno specimen inside -- must not contaminate. Even Yelena is possible risk; after check-up from Medic, he say I am like walking Petri dish. \n<BR><BR>\nI suspect Professor is egghead <I>suka</i>, but that is just me. What does Yelena know, right? Am only mercenary <I>blyat</i>, <I>da</i>?\n<BR><BR>\nAnyway, if you want enter, you must prove that you are healthy."</td><td valign="top"><img src="images/security.png"></td></td></table></html><<set $security = true>>}} [[BACK|Upper Deck]]\n<<endif>>
<<if $spiel>><html><table><tr><td><u>First Officer Akeelah St. Ilian</u><BR><BR>"You just want to see me gesture to my chest area again, don't you?"</td><td></td><td></td><td valign="top"><img src="images/first.png"></td></table></html><<else>><html><table><tr><td><u>First Officer Akeelah St. Ilian</u><BR><BR>"Let me tell you something, Ensign.\n<BR><BR>\nI'm not sure what they teach you in the Academy these days, but contrary to popular belief, this job is not <I>just</i> about the experience.\n<BR><BR>Take it from me. I've spent Diwali on a Turabian asteroid depot, subsisting on instant haggis and powdered Kickapoo. When I got back to the core worlds, the only things I had to show for it were a mysterious rash and some work comp benefits.\n<BR><BR>You don't need to stare into the Abyss, or topple empires, or watch c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate.<BR><BR>\nAll you need to get ahead is right <I>here</i>."\n<BR><BR>She motions to the side of her temple.\n<BR><BR>"And <I>here</i>."\n<BR><BR>She taps the space where the heart is. Well, normally, anyway.\n<BR><BR>She might have been referring to the sub-thoracic combat upgrades that she got on Nova Sparta. You're really not sure. \n<BR><BR>In any case, you think it's best to leave it at that.\n</td><td></td><td></td><td valign="top"><img src="images/first.png"></td></table></html>\n<<endif>>\n}} [[BACK|First Officer]]\n\n\n<<set $spiel = true>>\n\n\n\n
<html><img src="images/pjc.png" align="right"></html>\n\n}} Written and Designed by [[PAOLO JOSE CRUZ|http://sites.google.com/site/paolojcruz/]]\n}} Authored with [[TWINE|http://gimcrackd.com/etc/src/]]: A Tool for Creating Interactive Stories\n}} All images licensed under [[CREATIVE COMMONS|http://creativecommons.org/]] and sourced from [[WIKIMEDIA COMMONS|http://commons.wikimedia.org/]]\n\n<<if $start>>}} [[RESTART|http://clusterzeta.netii.net]]<<else>>}} [[CONTINUE|Mission]]<<endif>>
.passage { width: 720px !important }\n#sidebar {font-family:Fixedsys, Courier,"Lucida Console",Monaco,monospace;}\nbody {font-family:Fixedsys, Courier,"Lucida Console",Monaco,monospace;}\nbody {font-size: 66%}\n.passage .body .internalLink {color:#FF0000;text-decoration:none;} \n.passage .body .externalLink {color:FF0000;text-decoration:none;}
<html><img src="images/first.png"></html>\n\n__First Officer Akeelah St. Ilian__\n\nTalk to her about:\n\n}} [[MONEY|Reputation]]\n}} [[BARTER|Reputation]]\n}} [[CAREER ADVICE|Wisdom]]\n\n\n}} [[BACK|Upper Deck]]<<set $first = true>>\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
Escape from Cluster Zeta
<<if $cargo1>>Hey! There's a dead cat in this box.\n\nYou didn't know that before, when the lid was closed.\n\nThere's //still// nothing that you could possibly use here.<<else>>It's an old wooden box with a flimsy deadlock seal.\n\nThe label on the side is frayed but you're able to identify its intended recipient: some kind of Doctor, from the Sanctum Chronus on Galli... -lee, maybe? -poli? -leo figaro magnifico-o-o-o?\n\nYou pry open to reveal a handheld device. From what you can tell, it appears to be some kind of highly advanced skeleton key. Or it //would// be, if its control system hadn't been entirely consumed by mildew.\n\nIn any case, you've got something waaay better, for now, at least: your Multipass.<<set $cargo1 = true>><<endif>>\n\n}} [[BACK|Bay]]\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
<html><br><a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/"><img src="images/by-nc.png"></a><img src="images/spacer.png"></html>\n
<html><table><tr><td><u>Science Officer Carlton R. Jackson, PhD</u><br><br>\n"No! Don't go near that, you damn fool cheesehead! \n<BR><BR>\nThat may <I>look</I> like an ordinary Wink Dog but that's a class-0 Hound of Soladnit."</td><TD></TD><TD></TD><td valign="top"><img src="images/professor.png"></td><tr></table></html>\nBut the Professor's warning comes too late: you've already unleashed the fell creature from its rounded enclosure.\n\nIt begins to slip into the angles between dimensions, undoing the localized space-time continuum, as it feeds on the psychic energies of the ship's crew. Within minutes, everyone on board have been reduced to dessicated, mindless husks. Well... //almost// everyone.\n\nYou somehow manage to survive the Hound's wrath long enough to scrawl a final dire warning to the salvage crew that will inevitably go off in search of the //Invisible Hand// -- assuming the Prophylaxians don't blow up it up, on sight.\n\nUnfortunately, if they //do// arrive, they will merely find the mad ranting of a deranged crew member. \n\nGreat job, Ensign!\n\nBut hey, look on the bright side: at least if that Prophylaxian boarding party ever shows up, they're gonna be in for one hella nasty surprise.\n\n\n<<set $death = true>>}} [[GAME OVER|Achievements]]\n}} [[RETRY|Bio]]\n\n\n\n
A quick scan of the [[Cargo Hold|Cargo Hold]] reveals some forgotten [[bulk items|Crates]], a neglected [[container|Container]], <<if $thruster>>an empty<<else>>a mothballed<<endif>> [[old chest|Thruster]], and a [[box|Box]] gathering dust.\n\n[Clearly, those Maintenance people haven't been very thorough lately.]\n\n\n
<<if $wuffie>><html><table><tr><td><u>First Officer Akeelah St. Ilian</u><BR><BR>"What part of 'reputation-based economy' did you not understand, Ensign?"</td><td></td><td></td><td valign="top"><img src="images/first.png"></td></table></html><<else>>You bring up the ship's resources. You've seen the ledger recently. While it's hardly in the black, there has to be //something// we can trade for repairs, or at least a temporary safe haven from the Prophylaxians. \n\n<html><table><tr><td><u>First Officer Akeelah St. Ilian</u><BR><BR>"Negative, Ensign. \n<BR><BR>You see, Cluster Zeta is off the usual Federation trade routes.\n<BR><BR> For the most part, it's a post-scarcity economy, all exchange is based on favors and reputation, something the locals refer to as 'wuffie'.\n<BR><BR>And right now, after the job we pulled with the Lumen Fish, our rep is shot from here to Gluteus Prime. Every last backwater planetoid with a working ansible feed considers us hostile, desperate fugitives. \n<BR><BR>Our credits are effectively useless here."</td><td></td><td></td><td valign="top"><img src="images/first.png" ></td></table></html><<endif>>\n\n}} [[BACK|First Officer]]<<set $wuffie = true>>\n\n\n\n\n
With a sense of accomplishment, you latch the safety harness on your module and get ready to enter warpspace.\n\n<html><table><tr><td><u>Captain Jake Starlin</u>\n<br><br>\nI must admit, you did good, Ensign. I wish more of the newbies had the same level of moxie as you.\n<BR><BR>\nIf you keep on showing this kind of initiative, I figure we might just have a place for you on the Ground squad in the very near future.\n<BR><BR>\nHere, kiddo, take this -- you've <I>earned</i> it.\n</td>\n<td></td><td></td><td><img src="images/captain.png"></td></tr></table></html>\n}} CRIMSON SHIRT is now in your Inventory.<<set $redshirt = true>>\n}} [[YOU WIN|Achievements]]\n\n
You're now on the ship's cathedral-esque Bridge.\n\nA panoramic window above the bow offers a stunning view of the Mentula Minor star system.\n\nOn the port end of the room, Communications Officer [[Gayle O'Dare|Array]] fidgets with a signal array, beneath a massive view screen. \n\nFrom here, there are access vents leading to the [[Engine Room|Engine Room]], the [[Hull|Hull]], and the [[Upper Deck|Upper Deck]].\n\n\n
You are the newest Ensign aboard the //Invisible Hand//, an official commercial vessel of the Laissez-Faire Trade Federation. The crew are dedicated to answering market demand for consumer goods across every known galactic system, legality be damned.<<set $start = true>>\n\nAnd right now, you're all completely screwed. \n\nThe ship's [[Captain|Captain]] has assembled the crew for an emergency meeting to bring you up to speed...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
<<if $room>>Yup, this is still your room, alright.<<else>>You head back to the [relative] solace of your dorm, hoping it will inspire some clever ideas.<<endif>>\n\nAmong the detritus in the cozy mess of your capsule is a trainee-grade [[lux blade|Lightsaber]], a Milky Way bar, an infrequently washed souvenir [[T-shirt|Shirt]], and a rather [[vulgar holodisc|Porno]].\n\nYour room-mate, [[Ensign N00b Stoh-narr|Stoh-narr]] is lying down on his bunk, partaking of some quality Venusian xennobis. He appears oblivious to the impending Prophylaxian threat.\n\n<<if $room>>You're beginning to feel light-headed from all the second-hand vapor.<<endif>> If you've had enough, there's an exit to the [[main corridor|Upper Deck]].<<set $room = true>>\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
<html><embed type="audio/x-mp3" \nsrc="beep.mp3" autostart="true" loop="true" width="2" height="0"></ \nembed><table><tr><td><u>Science Officer Carlton R. Jackson, PhD</u><br><br>\n"Well, here it is... I am truly afraid this adorable piece of goop may well be our undoing."\n<br><BR>\nThe Lumen Fish slides over to you. It looks hesitant at first, but quickly snuggles up to you. It becomes more entusiastic as you respond to the playful blob. It starts to emit a brilliant polychromatic glow, cooing enthusiastically. \n<BR><BR>\n"Will you look at that? It seems to really like you!"</td><TD></TD><TD></TD><td><img src="images/professor.png"></td><tr></table></html>\n}} LUMEN FISH is now in your inventory.<<set $alien = true>>\n}} [[BACK|Bio]]\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
Paolo Jose Cruz
<html><table><tr><td valign="top"><img src="images/comm.png"></td><td></td><td><u>Communications Officer Gayle O'Dare</u>\n<br><br>\n"Our telemetry shows the Prophylaxian armada closing in fast. \n<br><br>\nAh'm counting 69,105 <I>Gainax</i>-class gunships in their fleet. And that doesn't even include the ones that may have cloaking devices beyond our present range.\n<BR><BR>\nAt this rate, we'll be up to our Bonos in shock troopers quicker than you can say <I>potato famine</i>.\n<BR><BR>\nIf we dinnae get the Warp Drive working soon, they're gonna finish us off like a hardy pint o' Guinness."</td></tr></table></html>\n}} [[BACK|Bridge]]<<set $comm = true>>\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
<html><table><tr><td><U>Captain Jake Starlin</U>\n<BR><BR>\n"Okay, team... First of all, i'd like to congratulate the Ground squad for successfully 'retrieving' our latest quarry. I'm proud to report that we are now in the possession of the Lumen Fish, a precious wad of sentient goo that's worth a Sultan's ransom in credits on Mesopotamia-IX.\n<BR><BR>\nThat bounty is ours to claim, just as soon as we deliver it to the Sheikh in one piece.\n<BR><BR>\nWhich brings me to the, uh, not-so-pleasant news. The Lex Evisceratum on Prophylaxis became aware of the fact that we were 'extracting' the Lumen Fish. Needless to say, they responded as one might expect. And that's how we ended up here... stranded in Cluster Zeta after a botched FTL jump."</td><td valign="top"><img src="images/captain.png"></td></tr></table></html>\n}} [[CONTINUE|Captain 2]]\n
The machine emits a low, whirring hum. \n\nYou feel a queasy rumbling in the pit of your stomach, just by approaching the device.\n\nYou keel over, writhing in the throes of induced rectal prolapse. \n\nLuckily, it can be fixed with some extensive molecular rearrangement.\n\nHowever, given the present situation, your treatment is not exactly priority #1 at the moment.\n\nYou must now wait in excruiciating pain while the other crew members escape from Cluster Zeta.\n\nThat is, //if// they escape from Cluster Zeta...<<set $death = true>>\n\n\n}} [[GAME OVER|Achievements]]\n}} [[RETRY|Infirmary]]\n\n\n\n