Once opon a time, there was a medival boy who lived in a medival house in a medival village just outside of a medival kingdom. The boy spent his young days playing with wooden swords, looking at the medival moutians, and reading stories of mighty quests. [[Go into town]] The medival boy walked into town one day, he was looking to buy some bread. Upon reaching the marketplace, there was nobody there. The bread was being burned, the food was being thrown out, and people ran from the marketplace. They weren't under attack, but there must have been something else wrong. [[Go back home]]The medival boy walked back home. He played chess under the torchlight with his dad, who was his best friend, since all of his other friends died early in their lives during an attack by a nearby evil kingdom. [[Explore house]] Looking out the window once again, the medival boy saw the Wizard's tower, he was told by many people in the village to never go to the Wizard's tower. As the wizard was supposed to be a crazy man who knew everything about dragons, and the old ancient magical ways of living. He also saw a few rats, they're common in the medival house, but something seemed strange about these rats. He figured he was just imagning things, and went to bed [[Sleep]] The medival boy had a dream about a dragon. A dragon so powerful, it could burn the whole village. A dragon so large, once it got to full size, it couldn't fit in his house. [[Wake up]]The boy remembered his dream but, of course, dragon's were said to be extinct, driven out by all the medival kingdoms. After opening his eyes, the boy witnessed a terrible scene, people outside were screaming, and his parents both looked very dead. They also looked very sick. The boy obviously began to feel incredibly sad, as they were his only friends. [[Leave house]] The town was much different then it was before, people were lying dead in the streets, their skin looked like a black ink. Some sobbed, some yelled, the boy was so young that all this chaos looked liked the end of the world he'd read so much about in his books. [[Enter house again]]He decided to go back home, he spent the next few days cleaning the mess of his dying parents. The village wasn't very friendly, and threw them into a mass grave with all the other sick people. It was filled with more then half the village's population. [[Be sad]] The boy's friends were killed in an attack, and now your parents are gone. Nobody can take care of the boy, the town's attention is on controlling the terrible plauge. The boy decided to just [[explore the forest]] He looked around the forest for days, wondering where to go next. One day, he came to a clearing, and saw a strange egg in the middle of a glyph drawn on the ground. [[Take egg]] The boy took the egg, it was the largest egg he'd ever seen by far. About the size of a watermelon. He had to leave behind his food and water to carry it. Where did the boy go with the egg? [[Wizard's tower]] [[Home]] He set off for the wizard's tower, and arrived starving, freezing and tired the next day. [[Enter the wizard's tower]] He hid the egg in his house, drew somewhat of the same glyph he saw on the ground, but the egg never hatched. Maybe he could bring it to the [[Wizard's tower]] to see what's wrong. The Wizard was amazed, the boy had found a dragon egg. Dragons are incredibly rare near the kingdom, and live in the moutains, for they fear the humans will kill them for entertainment. The wizard tought the boy the dragon language so the boy could communicate with the dragon when it hatched. He also gave the boy the tools to build a hatchery in his house. [[Take the long journey back home]] The boy made the long journey, (careful never to drop the egg)back home. [[Build hatchery]] The boy spent many, many months making the hatchery, he spent all of his days and nights building it, the egg in a makeshift heated iron pot. Eventually, the hatchery was finished. [[Put egg in hatchery]] The boy sat by the egg, waiting for it to hatch. He eat bread, drank water, didn't sleep, didn't leave the house. He just spent his days staring at the egg. [[The egg hatches]] It had been 8 years since the boy was born. 5 years since his friends died in an attack. 3 months since his parents died, and 2 months since he first sat down infront of his hatchery, staring at the egg. He was almost in disbelief as the egg started to crack, a small dragon, about the size of a sword walked out. He had a long snout, red scales, leathery wings with yellow tips. The most prominent feature, was a green crest above the head, this not only shows that he was male, but the green would make him stand out from other dragons. [[Live with dragon]]Since the boy was taught the draconian language, and was the only one who knew it in the village, he could communicate with the dragon. They played and hunted day after day. The boy would help the dragon, and the dragon would help the boy. Togehter, the became closer friends then anyone else in the kingom, and possibly the world. Their lives depended on each other, and they never though for a second about splitting up. [[Untill one day]]Yes yes, there came a day when they did split. The boy was in the market one day, doing a show with his dragon, amazing audiences with amazing mostly safe (other than once incident in which they were nearly responsible for burning a local spellmakers shed) displays of incredible flames. During one such show, he met a girl. The boy and the girl began to eat dinner together in the market, the now large-dog sizedd dragon was there of course, but he wasn't getting as much attention from the boy as the girl was. The boy even began to forget the dragon language. [[The family]] Medival girl moved into medival boy's house. The boy did eventually have a healthy child. Medival boy, medival girl, medival child and dragon lived together. But the problem, was the now horse-sized dragon became too big for the house, and he was forced to move out. [[The Dragon Moutains]] The dragon lives lonley, and but is an expert on humans. He tells the other dragon's stories of majestic castles and friendly humans. Now, these dragon's were not the usual western "evil fire breathing monster" dragons. These were an ancient reptillian race that grew along side the humans. [[The Famine]] Back in the village, a drought spell was cast by an evil wizard. A disease also killed off all the animals and the people got very hungry. Due to his knowledge of dragons, the boy, was appointed the lead dragonslayer. Dragon meat was very tasty, and also magical. [[Hunt dragons]] The boy killed so many dragons he ended the famine. The people now had tasty dragon meat to eat. He never saw his green-crested companion. [[The Dragon King]] The dragon king, was a massive golden dragon, the size of a small castle. After his people had been slaughtered, he found the dragon with the most knowledge of humans. He had a long snout, red scales, leathery wings with yellow tips. The most prominent feature, was a green crest above the head,the green would made him stand out from other dragons. He had one goal: Avenge the dragons and destroy the human village. [[The Attack]] The boy woke up one morning to see the fields in flames, and heard a roar. He saw a dragon, with a green crest flying in the sky. The king was knocking on the boy's door, screaming at him to kill the dragon. The boy put his iron suit on,which covered his face, and walked outside. The dragon was on top of his house now, so blinded by rage it forgot it used to be it's house. Or maybe he was upset he no longer lived there. Either way, the boy was faced by his best friend. Does the boy obey the king, or does he spare his best friend's life? [[Kill the dragon]] [[Spare your best friend]]The boy jumps onto the roof, and stabs his sword straight into the dragon's heart. He's crying as he does it, remembering that he's killing the friend who raised him. The village thanks him, he's deemed a hero. But he will always remember the day he killed his best friend. Thanks for playing By Kronosaurus. The boy takes off his helmet, and climbs atop his dragon. He decided to become one of the dragons, losing his best friend instead of his village would be devastating. The dragon destroys the village, innocent terrified citizens being burned to crisps. So the boy and the dragon went back to the caves, where they lived for the rest of their lives. Thanks for playing By Kronosaurus.