I spent the next hour in the worst anticipation, pacing back and forth, waiting for [[her|she]] arrival.
[[Devil.|every word]]
Time felt like it stood still. I was sweating, from both anticipation and exertion. I felt everything coming together as I flawlessly executed my plan to perfection.\n\nUpon completion, I took a step back and admired my work. My heart swelled with pride, as if I was witnessing a symphony I spent years composing being brought to life by the finest orchestra.\n\nIt was [[beautiful]].
There were close calls. On more than one occasion, she came within seconds of catching me with my pants down, deep in one of my practice sessions.\n\nI shudder to think of how poorly things could have gone if I had failed to keep discrete during those crucial planning stages.\n\nIt had to be [[perfect|what needed to happen]].
She looked me square in the eye and [[told me I was the devil]].\n\nAnd for the first time in my entire life, [[I agreed with her|YES]].
[[Oh God]].
Her sobbing was drowned out by my cries of elation. It sounded wicked, an evil laughter reserved for the most malevolent of human beings.\n\nWithout warning, my laughter was squelched by a [[ghastly shreak]].
Her scream pierced through everything.\n\nSilence followed. She couldn't raise her eyes to meet mine. I wasn't sure if it was out of anger, disbelief, or just exhaustion. Maybe all of it.\n\nFinally, after what seemed like an eternity, she let out a [[long sigh]].
Every tear that fell, every exasperated wimper, every pitiful shudder filled me with a sense of glee.\n\nA sense of [[accomplishment|everything fell into place]].
Her eyes were swollen and red. She had been crying. Her rapid, shallow breaths cut between [[every word]], stacatto and hurried.
A monster that shits on pillows.
I practiced every night. Memorized my lines, ran through every action over and over.\n\nIt had to go off without a [[hitch]].\n\n
"Why? Why on earth would you shit on my pillow?"\n\nIt was at that moment, when she put my actions into words, I realized that what I had done might have been a tad disproportionate as revenge for eating the last of the pizza.\n\nIn my [[defense]], it was really good pizza. \n\nAnd it was mine.\n
When the time had finally come, I was overcome with worry. I was terrified of my plan falling apart in the [[final moments|starting]].
At some point, during her sobbing, I gave up pretending.\n\nI broke out in a wide smile. It widened with each and every one of her distressed gasps.\n\nFinally, when I couldn't hold it back anymore, I [[laugh]]ed. I [[laugh]]ed the way a villain would [[laugh]].
"[[You]]. [[Are.|You]] [[The.|You]] [[Goddamned.|You]] [[Devil.|You]]"\n\nThe words cracked in my ears, each one hitting my ear drum harder than the last. \n\nThey rang of the [[truth.|YES]]
It took months of planning. Careful planning. The kind with charts, outlines, and [[rehersals]].\n\nNothing could [[get in the way|hitch]] of [[what needed to happen]].
I had not seen it coming. I could not have imagined that she was capable of wronging me in such an enormous way.\n\nIt cut deep, and from that day forward, my mind was laser-focused on [[payback]].
I'm a [[monster]].
She meant everything to me. When that all [[changed]], I could think of nothing more than what I was going to do to exact my [[revenge|payback]].
I kept my mouth still, [[holding back a wicked grin]].\n\nI couldn't believe how well [[everything fell into place]].
Once I had started, my fear gave way to [[concentration|final moments]].