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Choose Your Own Adventure

by Sayana Bogati

Ethan is a 16 year old boy in grade 10, he’s been dating a girl named Steller for almost a year now, she is 17 years old and in grade 11. They both go to Trudale high which is a high school in Florida. Ethan being a year younger felt vulnerable and less in charge at times. It’s spring break and Stellar and her friends are going to a nearby cottage for 3 days. Ethan is going along with her although he feels uncomfortable with her friends since there were rumors about how they do drugs, but he always chose to not believe that since Stellar said it wasn’t true. A day has already gone by at the cottage and on the second day Ethan see’s empty vodka bottles on the tables and Stellar’s friends smoking cannabis. The smell of the cannabis fills the entire room. Stellar and her friends ask Ethan to smoke with them, they keep telling him that it’s really good and he’s too much of a scaredy cat if he doesn’t take it. Should Ethan take the offer and smoke cannabis?
Yes Ethan should take the offer and smoke cannabis.
No Ethan should decline the offer.
About 200 words